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I estimate 200-300 fans showed up for a game dominated by defenses. Gold defeated Purple 10-3.


Didn't see McCarty play.


Kenny kicked about a 40-yd FG, had another blocked.


Dan DiLella threw some nice balls, but had two long ones dropped by Bryon King, one on his hands behind the secondary, another in his stomach.


Everett Tune looked good running the ball.


Andrew Smith ran well but threw an INT and generally looked like a freshman under a heavy rush.


Purple defense made a nice goal-line stand after a Gannon run put the ball on the 1. After the punter then took a safety out of the end zone, Gannon scored from 20 yds out running in a flare pass.


We'll see if the official report matches my memory.

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I thought Booker at tight end looked good, made a nice catch on a 3rd and 25 for a first down. Blasinsky threw the ball well into the wind.

Duane Harper and Everett Tune looked good running. Quite a few dropped balls. Tim Bush made one phenominal catch. I thought all the QBs had some good moments. Buddy Leathley looked pretty good to me, but he's very thin. I had to leave at the 3rd quarter, so as not to miss my tee time.

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I think it is fair and important to acknowledge that Mark Singelais had a pre (Saturday) and post (Sunday) article on the Spring game as well as lacrosse stories on Friday (pre-Syracuse) and today on Mike Banks. His blog also had an entry and now an update of the new men's basketball recruit. Singelais and the Times Union take a lot of heat from some of us (myself included) when we think coverage is unfair or slanted. I'm more than happy to express my appreciation when coverage is the way I believe it should be.

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thanks for all the updates guys. I was down south this weekend and didn't get to read any of the posts or coverage until this morning. Glad to see McCarty didn't play and Gannon got a lot of attention and touches. He's a really solid RB and we're lucky to have him at the #2.


Also nice to see the coverage of the Andrew Smith. Having a local kid as the "QB of the future" will be great for attendance and fan interest.


And statefan you are right. The coverage was very good. I posted a comment on the blog commending Mark. We get on him a lot but he really had some solid reporting this time.

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