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Salary Comparison

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I read in Newsday this morning that Nick Macarchuk makes $160,000/per year and Trish Roberts brings in $150,000. That amount practically doubles what Will Brown and Trina Patterson are making. I find this to be really absurd. What were the Seawolves thinking when they made these financial commitments??? The scary thing is that they have several years left on their contracts as well. We are definitely getting more bang for our buck.

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Prof's right about Marachuk. Overall I don't understand the pay structure most of the time. If I'm not mistaken when Hicks was here he was payed about the same as Hewitt was when he left $iena. It was Hicks first D1 head coaching job at the time and made no sense-resulted in a lawsuit.

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To be honest, the most I see UAlbany paying either of their hoops coaches over the next 5-10 years is around $125,000/per year. I am pretty sure they paid Beeten $120,000. Obviously, we got ripped off on that one as we are most likely still paying off that buyout. However, I could see that salary crawling up to $150,000 based on bonuses for conference titles and becoming an established mid-major program (consistent 15-20 win seasons).

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Next year should be interesting for a few reasons.


I think but I'm not sure - next season is Brown's last under his current contract?


If so, and the Danes win next year (double digit wins and let's say .500) what does McElroy do?


Sign him for the long term(4-5 years)?


What does he pay him? Considering, he is probably getting paid much less than Beeten was and had to suffer through 2 really tough years caused mainly by Beeten actions.


Is there or should there be a reward for perseverance and hopefully success?

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Beeten got paid that much because he was an associate head coach at a Pac-10 school and was a Division I assistant for a number of years. You guys act like he didn't deserve the money when he came. Obviously we know he wasn't worth it in the end, but at the time he was leaving what was probably a cushy job with security to become the second head coach at the D-I level for a fledgling program without a conference. He had to get paid that much.


Conversely, if you look at someone like Will Brown, he was a head coach at a Junior College, and then got an assistant's position at our school first. He was paid as such.


I don't see the argument here. What SBU pays their coaches shouldn't be of concern to us.


PS - Stony Brook is on Long Island. $160,000 there is probably about equivalent, if not lower than, the $120,000 we paid to Beeten here.

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Who was developing an argument?


I don't see the argument here. What SBU pays their coaches shouldn't be of concern to us. - 2k3


All I was wondering is IF Brown turns around the program, what will be done to keep him here for awhile or do you just say thanks but you're not worth much more than what you are getting now?????


It would be nice to have some continuity in the program and Brown is young and probably would stay around working on building a winning program and a resume.

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It seems nutty to be discussing salaries during a year in which we just set the school record for losses in a season.

That said if we improve the way most of hope next year I would expect a much better deal for Brown next time. I would include the bonuses Albany Observer mentioned plus maybe a beating $iena bonus. Brown took a chance forsaking the Pitt job to come to Albany and McElroy took a chance hiring a guy with very little D1 experience at the time. The way the first deal worked out it gave Brown a chance to prove himself which we are all confident he will. Once he's done that I don't see McElroy losing a good young coach by not paying him what he's worth.

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Just a minor point, Brown turned down an assistant job at Pitt for an assistant job at Albany. He got the head job after Beeten was fired. - DaneMan


I thought that the above was understood



Brown took a chance forsaking the Pitt job to come to Albany and McElroy took a chance hiring a guy with very little D1 experience at the time. - DP


Most thought McElroy would go out and get a more experienced coach but it's evident he liked something about how Brown handled adversity as the interim coach.


Most fans, including myself figured McElroy wouldn't take a chance on such a young guy especially with this being one of McElroy's first major hires as the UA Athletic Director.


Evidently, a great opportunity for Brown but a big gamble (in more ways than one) for McElroy.

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The fans got behind Brown during his time as interim coach. Really thought that was kind of fun actually as it brought alot of the fans together. For whatever good it did LadyDP, myself and several other fans lobbied for Brown at the AE Tourney that year. We were seated next to Hitchcok and McElroy who probably wished they were sitting somewhere else (actually they were good sports about the whole thing).

I really thought from a fans perspective they would have been taking a chance hiring anybody but Brown.

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