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Jeff Goodman

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At this time - I don't think there would be room or time for him next year.


How many players can we have?


McCrea and Raffa seemingly were very immature - maybe one of thiose types could survive but two might be too much to handle. Raffa was given time to think the situation over and he decided to leave and seek a better spot for himself. Scottie decided to stay and try to change his ways.


How many guys can you get time for even in practice.... players need live reps to know how to execute offemsively and defensively in all situations to get that for 15 players is going to be tough and going to extend the amount of practice time.


It's going to be tough to even schedule individual/small group workouts for so many.


Seven total newbies is alot and it should slow down practices early on in the season.


Ambrose, Harris, Johnson, Gifford, Barazza. Allen, Aronhalt, Lindfors, Watts. Black, Tartt, Metcalf, Glanton, Urli and Puk.

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On the flip side, depth is never a bad things especially considering what we went through with injuries last season. For long stretches we didn't even have enough guys to practice 5 on 5, coaches had to step in.


Would it make sense to offer a red shirt one of the new kids? I know at times it can be appealing as the kid gets 5 years of school payed for and a chance at an advanced degree.

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If I were Raffa, the prospect of prepping for a year then playing for a year and then sitting out for a year would seem pretty horrible. I'd rather go Juco. If he does go to the Q then best of luck to him. I'm sure Coach Eaton will have then moving in the right direction shortly. They did just sign two new recruits yesterday so that seems unlikely.


ESPN has a neat list of all the AE recruits and their grades. You can see according to them Tartt is among the top recruits in the league. You can tell who I'm hyping without ever having seen them play!

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KS (a Siena poster) posted that Goodman is reporting that Raffa is headed to Quinnipiac.


Wish Raffa the best of luck, it didn't work out but hopefully he's found what he was looking for.


I do wish him the best but I laugh at all the South Jersey folks who jumped on the TU Blog commenting about how Anthony was going to the Big East or A10.

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Forgot to post this morning. Story about the league policy and how it affects us - League making the road tougher - TU


To me the Vermont trip might be the worst just because there's no highway there (by bus) so it takes longer. Maybe take the train to Port Charlotte and take the ferry across? (kidding, kind of)


No mention if post-season play will go by the same rules. With the AE Championship game at 11:30 AM each year I'm thinking if it's UNH-Vermont somebody's getting on a bus at 5 AM or so for that game.

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