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Do we have what it takes for a threepeat in the NEC???? We look good on paper but I worry about our losses on the O line. As usual we will have good size but what will the drop off be with Nguti gone? Our skill players are the same or upgraded and our D looks to be in tact from last season. Time will tell.


OOC looks easier then years past. Georgia Southern and UMASS are beatable. I think Maine will have their way with us.

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I agree with you about our O-Line being scary, as in untested. But danefan assures me the replacements are solid.


I totally disagree with your evaluation of the schedule. UMass is beatable, yes I agree with that (they will be coming off a game vs. Kansas, I believe). However Ga. Southern is NOT an easy game...and I wouldnt be surprised if we get tossed around.


Maine, though ranked higher right now, is a much more winnable game IMHO than GSU.

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I agree on the schedule. Maine and UMass are beatable.


GSU will be very tough. The travel and humidity will hurt us and their speed will be killer. We don't match up well against southern teams because of the speed. we'll be bigger than GSU, but they'll be faster.


I'll be dissapointed if we don't beat UMass.


In the NEC I think CCSU is the only team that has a chance to beat us. From what I hear they have ditched the platoon system and have installed the Florida Tebow offense for their QB who was the running threat last year. They were pretty strong last year but their QB's weren't good. I think that was really attributable to the system, not their talent.


I hope these guys can win two against UMass, Maine and GSU and then go undefeated in league play again. McCarty and company really deserve a chance in the playoffs. And next year will be a rebuilding year for sure.....

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The O line next year has some questions, more @ the tackle spots, but the inside should be pretty good. On the inside, you have Sparano (who split time with Richards at center for the last year and a half) playing Guard, Richards @ Center, and then at the next guard position you have a battle between Stevens (who started @ Left guard this past season) against O'Keefe. O'Keefe supposedly looked real good this past spring and took the job from Stevens. At the tackle spots you have redshirt junior Vince Gonzalez stepping up taking one of the spots. Gonzalez is a strong, athletic kid, who has finally started to become technically sound. At right tackle you have RS-SO Keith Peifer, who saw some time last year playing in those heavy double TE sets where they had extra olineman out instead of TE's..i forgot to add Sparano did the same.


Schedule wise I see us taking one of those games again, and I really think it being UMass. First, new coach. Second, new quarterback, who supposedly is totally fresh with no experience. The last two times playing we have played them they had Liam Coen who's been a stud. But just like last year, never count the great danes out of any game.

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Maine might be scary because we have practically NO EXPERIENCE with home games in September! Could be a shock to our system.


I'm putting a lot of stock in our senior leadership who have just about seen everything by now. An Early preview of Georgia Southern from one of the Macon papers.


"At Georgia Southern, we don't cheat. That costs money and we don't have any."

Erk Russell

Georgia Southern.

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