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All-decade Team

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I was wondering if the University was going to start doing all decade teams as part of our ten years at DI. Whether they do or not I figured I'd start.


Here's my stab at an all-decade team:


Jamar Wilson - No brainer. I don't know that a better guy could have come along at a more perfect time in UA basketball history. Watching the first scrimmage with Jamar and Levi they were head and shoulders above anyone we had at the time. Two-time conference player of the year, Two NCAAs. I don't know that we'll have another player who can go by just one name.


Brian Lillis - I admit I couldn't understand why Coach Brown was so taken with Lillis before his freshman season. It didn't take long to figure it out. Granted he's not a 1,000 point scorer but maybe a -1,000 defender? It's also easy to forget he probably hit the biggest three of his career in the closing minutes at Vermont on a day in March, 2007.


Lou Jordan - Admittedly I wanted to put Levi in this spot but I couldn't. When he announced he was coming to UA I knew we were going to have a legit DI team.


Will Brand - A sentimental pick. For most of his career he was probably the only legit DI player on our roster. I can't think of how unbearable those years would have been without him.


Brent Wilson - The guy who crashed into the scorers table. Probably crashed into most of the scorers tables in the America East. I'm not sure I'll ever be as confident watching a three point shooter as I was him - seemed automatic. I'd like to have him back this year.

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I started following Great Dane basketball at the end of Jamar's sophomore year.....I believe the first game I saw was Copenrath (sp?) and Sorentines (sp? last games at SEFCU. So I don't quite go back 10 years but my top five would be...


- Jamar

- Jordan

- Siggers

- Brian L

- Brent

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Based on the small history I have and I remember while covering the team, here is the Top 5 Players of the Decade for Men's Basketball...


Jamar Wilson

Levi Levine

Brian Lillis

Antonio Johnson

Brent Wilson


Next 5 - Jon Iati, Will Brand, Lucious Jordan, Jason Siggers, Kirsten Zoellner

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I' debating Iati needs to be on there...he stepped up when Jamar went down and won that rookie of the year. Lillis and Wilson are obvious locks for me.


I agree with you on Iati. UA became a legitimate Division I team in my mind in the UCLA game two nights after we had a bad game agsinst San Diego State and Iati canned eight 3-pointers and brought us within a couple points in the last minute of the game. To me it showed that at least on some nights we might be able to hang with some of the best DI teams in the country.


Yes, Jamar Wilson and Brian Lillis are definites.

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