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I was one of the ones that was down on DiLella from the get go. I thought we were much better off with Leathely and DiLella has made me eat a big plate of crow.


The kid has been phenomenal this year.


He's on track for NEC Offensive Player of the Year honors, IMO.


He leads the league passing yards (1557) and TDs (16 to only 5 INTs) and has a passer rating of an astronomical 154.33.


He's also got 250 yards net rushing on the year.


Great comeback.


Props to Danny.

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Danefan, spot on.


In the game thread, I wrote how I couldn't believe I was saying this...but I am SO PISSED that Dan is graduating. Frankly, with the youth of the squad...and Dan's turnaround...we would be stellar next year...like pre-season Top 15-20.


Dan should be proud of his turnaround...and frankly, it says a lot about his character that he stuck it out...and kept his head down. Kudos to Dan, who is showing why UCONN was serious about him. In my opinion, top QB we have had in years.

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Im very happy for the future even without DI Lella.


Leathely showed some signs off brilliance last year and add on the emergence of a very good core group of young receivers and we could have magic. A lot of DI Lella's magic this season has been due to multiple targets to choose from.

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Lets be sure and give a tip of the hat to the big uglies upfront. I was very critical of them this year and last and have been happy to see the turn around there as well. Also kudos to McCarthy for a revamped offense. As much as I respect what # 12 has accomplished none of it would be possible without them.


Now, without getting ahead of ourselves, we should be able to run the table from here. Every game is a must win. Leave no doubt. Its a 4 game season and we need to be 4-0 in the end. I know we can lose one and still win the NEC but that will slow the momentum.


Defense cant let up 35 points in a game(especially against a 2-5 team) because we may not be able to score 42 every week.


I hope we run the table and get the bid because I am very curious to see how we will hold up against Towson, Lehigh,or New Hampshire in the first round. I would love another crack at Maine. That will tell you where we are as a program. This stadium CANT GET BUILT SOON ENOUGH Ford is not getting younger but I think he seriously could have another 5-8 years in him.


Wait till you see the horses we will get to play here on a full ride with that (NEEDS TO BE ENCLOSED & seat 8000) facility in place. With Ford and Simpson at the helm and a stable of players like we have now but better, we could be on the national landscape for a good long while the way Delaware and Appy State is now. If you think that is wishful thinking just look to how poor of a job Priore @ SBU (he should be kicking ass in the Big South...FBS transfers and FBS money and he is 500% coach...and I like Chuck a bunch) is doing with some of the best facilities at this level in the country. Put Ford at SBU in 2002 and they would be national contenders.

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I was one of the ones that was down on DiLella from the get go. I thought we were much better off with Leathely and DiLella has made me eat a big plate of crow...


When I saw the first couple of games last year he seemed hesitant and uncertain in the pocket, taking even the threat of the pass out of the gameplan.


Watching this year (and CCSU was a great example), there are too many weapons to guard against that one play is always going to be open.


I was hoping somebody could talk about the O-line (and Ruler was good enough to post on the topic), because it seems like DiLella has more time in the pocket, but the transformation from last year to this year is mind-boggling.

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On his Int this week, anyone listening on the radio hear if it was tipped, or was Dan hit while throwing? He was on the move under pressure, but it was a real flutterball.


I thought we watched this together; he was definitely hit. From my view it looked like they were going to get him before his arm went forward, but he did manage to get the motion started.


Anybody else want to verify that I didn't just imagine that? (I know some of you were at the game...)

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I mean, I know that's what we thought we saw, but a radio guy with spotters and binoculars and possibly in-booth video might have been more definitive. Did they hit his legs/body, arm, or just the ball? (The T-U only said it was an interception with no commentary - surprise!)

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