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Hartford Game

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One thing I forgot to mention. I was really impressed with the defensive effort late in the game and actually throughout most of the game, even from Suero. Ended the game on a 16-0 run and the defense was all over the place. Guys were hustling around screen and cutting off passing lanes. Wish they could do that all the time but it was nice to see at the end of the game.

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In a relatively low-scoring game, I like the fact that six players scored at least six points. (I wasn't able to see the box score with less than one minute remaining.) - olddog71


Great tean game 7 guys with 6 or more points - 35 bench points if you exclude Suero's (he didn't start)it was still 21 bench points, also 15 rebs off the bench.


Nice to get 12 pts from the 5 spot on 6 of 8 FGA. Great Power Dunk by Puk!!!

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Some highlights.



Thanks for the link. We weren't able to get to the game because we had other commitments in NYC. Only 4 UA plays on the "highlights" from Hartford's Athletic Dept.. you'd think the Hawks won or something hah.

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Look. For all intents and purposes, Suero is a Freshman. And as he plays more...he will get better. Timmy did this and Jamar did this. Unfortunately, we are in a tough schedule right now so it is just frustrating. Suero has won us more games than he has lost for us. No question. When he is on all cylinders...and passing...driving...jump stopping...we are offensively unstoppable.


Next year, I suspect a MAJOR leap by him is in the cards. So, maybe I am being too hard on him...but at some point he really needs to slow it down a bit.


I like the kid and I want him to be uber successful for himself and this team!


I agree 100%. Not to restart the "we our a young team" or not conversation; but Suero is definitely really only a freshman in DI terms. One year at tech school and some other junior college minimal experience, does not make a D1 star. He will have his good days and bad days and will only get better. As someone else mentioned conference play definitely brings about more scouting and familarity and obviously Suero is drawing much more attention that he did ooc. I think he and the staff will work him through it and he will get better still. I for one wish we had him for 2 or 3 more years, instead of just one after this year. All that being said, I stick with my recent comment, Black is our MVP and a serious candidate as the best point guard in the league and possibly POY.


I was at Hartford and I thought UA played great. It is a tough place to play and we lead through out Mostly; and upped our defense and game when it mattered most. Everyone contributed and I was ecstatic when Iati made 2 of 3 threes, with the third one barely missing.

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Nice job by all...I thought this was a must win for them and they came through now they need to hold service at home...I was in and out watching online so did not see early portions of second half but I felt like the Aronholt three that put them up 64-60 was huge...good discussion by all...hope for the best!

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