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BU @ UA - Monday 7PM

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We rarely blow anyone out.


6 wins of 17 points or more. A 'blow out' is a pretty subjective thing..but I'd wager a guess that most people would agree that 17+ points counts as one. That's a full 40% of our wins and nearly a quarter of all our games played this season. Also 4 wins of 23 points or more. On the other side..we have just 3 losses of 14 points or more. Those were our games at Pitt, at Cuse and at George Mason.


Not suggesting that your overall point is right or wrong..I'm just not a fan of factually inaccurate statements being used in discussions like these.

That is certainly more than I would have thought without looking it up. I guess I was focusing on the games we didn't do that, that I thought we should have. For example:


Brown, Navy, Siena, Dartmouth, Bing, Hartford, UMBC (although that really was better than the score).

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I can appreciate the altruism in Ms GDG's earlier post but note that it speaks of supporting the students - the very same people who don't support their own. Still seems that most fans are alums and other rubberneckers looking at a traffic accident. Also supporting a team or the kids does not exempt the program from providing some degree of entertainment. As the post itself said, the experience is not only not entertaining but actually "hurts" this year. Why would anyone want to (over)pay for that? I did like the statistics being summarized as a big 0. Whether it's this group of players or the coach or the program, there is enough sustained culpability for all.


Students don't support their own so we shouldn't? I didn't say it exempted the program from providing entertainment or doing something about the product they are producing.


Being a sports fan can hurt, just ask Bob87 it's rough being a Mets fan.. I mean.. haha. Like last year after following the Braves for 6 long baseball months and seeing the collapse they had in Sept after pretty much locking up the Wild Card for the playoffs ..that hurt, bad... very bad for a long time. It's part of being a fan. I'm not going to not go see the team play this spring and summer because of their historic or almost historic (thanks to the Red Sox collapse). But maybe that is altruism or maybe that's me just being a fan... I dunno. But no ones getting hurt so I'll go w/ it until being a sports fan becomes unbearable.




I wouldn't say it is tough to be a Met fan most of the time. It is just when they go out and sign guys I don't like such as Bonilla and Coleman and then still lose 100 instead of bringing guys up though the system and getting better. Today's era that would be signing Larry Jones or Jeter.

Sure it is disappointing sometimes when the Danes lose, but to paraphrase DP I always have another game to look forward to in a day or 2.

yesterday, I wasn't up for a game, but by today I went and saw last place St Rose host 1st place Adelphi. Fortunately I was not "smart" enough to "know" St Rose had no chance and fortunately St Rose did not get that "memo" as well.

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