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Wow. What a fantastic article on the freshman. I'm a little choked up right now. Talk about the power of sport...and the pressure on this kid. Sounds like he's special and not just with a stick in his hand.

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I have been wondering about the concerns mentioned on inside lacrosse etc about our D. I thought last year (other than ¼ loss to maryland) our D was superb [i.e. MORE than good; a team strength actually, not just an after thought, best man down in the country.] With everyone back in-close D and only Osika gone of two ways; what do those in the know & others think.


Are these concerns just something to talk about, since D has always been an issue in the past for UA?

Do we have some injury issues; for instance I am not sure Sims has played much this fall if at all?

Have we been experimenting with new people/schemes?

Isn't it true D always/usually takes longer than offense to come together?

Is this just preseason/fall ball negative hype; or is there really CONCERNS?

Thoughts Opinions?

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I too am surprised from the comments I have read from some of the pundits in attendance as well as some I saw with my own two eyes.


I don't know what the situation is with Stone Simms. I don't believe I saw him on the sideline at the game I was at, but don't know about at the Baltimore scrimmages.


IMO we have some very scrappy, middies, but Osaka had a Big10/ACC body, and it doesn't look like we have someone right now who can fill that void.


It does look like a lot of guys are getting runs at close as opposed to the core 4-5 guys which can certainly lead to more breakdowns, especially against Hopkins who had quite a few of their front line guys playing deep into that scrimmage.


I think it has to be a bit of a concern. There is going to be a big game where the opposing team figures out TD or shuts down the offense and you have to have a defense that can win a game when the rest of the team isn't firing on all cylinders.

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It is hard, but I try not to ask too many questions, because I have a hard time keeping secrets :-)


I want to say one pole who was recruited in this class did not stick around. I never did ask what was going on with Stone, but he does seem to be healthy.


It is a little frustrating just how quiet things are around the program. I think that is one thing everyone loves about Coach Marr and the other coaches, the humble nature of the program, but I do wonder at times is Albany doing enough when it comes to social media, press, etc., to leverage the current success?

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For what its worth, the 2017-18 Roster is up on ualbanysports.com. All 11 freshman listed in inside lacrosse commit page show on the roster; plus four more freshman not listed by inside lacrosse. I did not notice any glaring departures, but did not really do a comparison to last years roster.


Is the pole who departed still listed??

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