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Facility Pictures


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Definately a new link...about feaking time.




Our facilities sorely need upgrades (like we don't know that). Our football field looks like a high school, the lax field stands are too small and the field looks like $iena itself.


BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL- have both come so far since I left school. The field look great!!! Good to hear they are putting pleachers up. The women should get about 500-1000 (to get the tourney here) and the men should not get less than a 2000 seat bleacher section. If the lax field fits 500-750, four of those portions would not be that hard or expensive. They should be smart and also build concessions into the press box.



Jesus, of all the pics for the RACC...that is the one they choose?! The one in the Albany Mag is so much better (or the one from the 1994 Elite 8 squad game).


Very cool that they made the old gym...the VOLLEYBALL GYM. Makes recruits think this is there house!! It is on par w/o bigger schools (2000 seats) I would imagine!


The strenght facility- 7200sq. feet? ARe you kidding? We had to share that gym w/ the students until the RACC was completed. Awesome set up!

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they are putting new bleachers on both the baaseball and softball field compaired to now??? Cause i know they have "bleachers", but are we talking actually stands??? Baseball i know is also sched to get a brand new scoreboard, like they have at the softball field, and new bullpens.


Anyone know when they plan on releasing the information on the evaluation fo the facilities and what the plan is for a new stadium or whatever????


Everything looked good except the LAX/Soccer Field and the Football Field does look sad.

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Anyone know when they plan on releasing the information on the evaluation fo the facilities and what the plan is for a new stadium or whatever????

In the March 4 luncheon announcement they said 'Sasaki Associates, Inc. will be in attendance. The company begins the development of a plan this week that will study the future growth of the school’s athletic facilities with regard to the intercollegiate athletics, recreation and intramural programs. The four-month study...'


Four months would be July 4th. If there's a preliminary report, they could announce it at the Great Dane Golf Classic on June 28. If the brass wants to study or spin it, look for something near the opening of Giants' camp July 30 or UA's football camp August 8.


Sasaki's Website doesn't list it yet under What We Create > Works-In-Progress

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You have to think they would be very reluctant about going public with it until there was some determination as to whether or not the funding existed for the project(s).


You don't want to make any sort of public announcement of "this is what is going to happen", only to have the state and University come back and say "well too bad there isn't enough money to do all (any) of that."


We have to temper our enthusiasm with a healthy dose of reality and try to remember that these are only plans, and that some could come to pass, while others could fall by the wayside. They may choose to upgrade some facilities and not others, or the plans that they suggest may get scaled back, etc.


The initial study I believe is intended to tell us what we should and what we can do (physically speaking), and then it would be up to the University and state to decide exactly how much they did want to ultimately undertake.

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True, this is a study of what we can, should, or would like to do, but without the study almost nothing will get accomplished. The wish list will also let us get past the public reaction of 'Gawd, they want $100 million!!!' (like it's all going to be cash up front in one fiscal year) and start project-by-project fundraising, once there's a goal in sight.


Suggest the report be published along with the above-mentioned photo of the lacrosse (and field hockey) fields, with a closeup of the planks of the football seating.


Dane96, I don't think those lax bleachers seat over 150-200. I'm guessing they're temporary until the whole field is rebuilt. By comparison, the north football stands seat about 800.

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