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Vermont next weekend

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On 4/3/2019 at 9:15 AM, HOF2013 said:

"The article failed to address what I perceive maybe happening:  historically offensive minded teams are scoring LESS and defensive teams and/or teams with poorer offenses are scoring MORE. The net result maybe more points per game overall, but are we getting better games???

My early, IMHO the shot clock seems to have helped the poorer teams and have made them more competitive. I DO NOT really know if all the upsets and close games and inconsistent play throughout lax is related to the clock; but I would bet it is a factor. Or maybe the gap between the power teams/good teams/poor team is just narrowing naturally???  THOUGHTS OPINIONS??"

Agree 100%.  This is very well stated and exactly what I see happening - MAY be a reason there is so much parity this year in Men's DI Lacrosse!

I was a hockey coach, so I'm not sure this might be a reason.  I've thought that the shot clock has made teams take more shots in general, which they wouldn't have in the past.  We always told players to get a shot on goal, as good things will happen, rebounds, goalie mistakes, deflections, etc.  We've all seen players not take a reasonable shot to make another pass.  The sheer increase in attempts is going to result in additional scoring.

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OT. Maybe this is the wrong spot to continue the conversation about the shot clock, maybe have a separate thread @ some point if people interested. But Scott in today's  TU and UA players interviewed all LIKE the shot clock. That being said, while nationaly goals are up +2 per game, UA down +4 (one of the few schools in the country to show a decline.) Article mentioned obviously different personnel this year.  

IMHO, I think UA is actually playing SLOWER and more deliberate than pre-shot clock. With the switch from 2way middies to one ways; AND the slow downs resulting from multiple substitutions, the pace to me seems slower. My friend who has only been watching lax for about 3 years, goes nuts every possession when UA seems to take forever getting their offense on the field. I respond by saying we are just doing what everyone else has done for years. He screams WHY, when we have been so successful? I'm not sure he is wrong; maybe just don't have the horses anymore. But, I also think the shot clock where UA is concerned has SLOWED their pace and for my friend and I, it is quite noticeable. IMHO, the game is NOT faster overall and the stats that say it is are inconclusive and possibly skewed. Still looking for other THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS.

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6 minutes ago, DaneForLife said:

Our goalie having a great game.

Yes, playing very well.  They are not good on Offense.  taking stupid shots!!

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2 minutes ago, DaneForLife said:

I see what some of you guys have been screaming about all season about our defenders just leaving their man.

YEP!..  Bad slides.  Against good teams they shoot, make the SHOT and we get beat!

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Half time and up by three.  Not playing great. They are just not that good.  Announcers talking about how great they have been this season, especially at home.  They have played NOBODY. No even one top 20 team [wellnow that Hobart is # 20 they have and lost]!!!!!  Give me a break!  We have to come out and play our game and pull away.

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