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Stewart going to Lasalle

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One of the Lasalle fans posted this on the $iena board.


Stewart Joins Explorer Staff

Coach Hahn Adds Former Coppin State Star to Bench Staff


PHILADELPHIA, PA – La Salle University and head coach Billy Hahn announce the addition of Stephen Stewart to the men’s basketball staff.


Stewart, 32, joins the staff after one season at the University at Albany where he was an assistant to Will Brown.


Prior to his stint with the Greyhounds, the Philadelphia native (Parkway High) coached two years at his alma mater Coppin State under the legendary Ron “Fang” Mitchell.


“We are delighted to bring on a talented guy like Stephen Stewart,” said Coach Billy Hahn. “Stephen is a Philly guy who has already shown great ability to recruit at the collegiate level. I really feel that he is a rising star among young coaches and will be perfect for our staff.”


As a player at Coppin State, Stewart’s list of accomplishments is both impressive and considerable. He was a two-time Mid Eastern Athletic Conference Player of the Year (’94, ’95), and a MEAC Tournament Most Outstanding Player in 1993. He averaged 16.6 points and 5.9 rebounds in his final two seasons while leading the Eagles to a pair of NCAA Tournament appearances, two MEAC regular season championships, an NIT victory over St. Joseph’s and a career record of 47-1 in conference games.


Stewart comes from a basketball-rich family which includes his brothers; Lynard, former Temple forward and Larry, who played at Coppin State from 1987-1991 and played six seasons in the NBA with the Washington Bullets and Seattle Supersonics.

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Brown, Driscoll and Barnes.


Two new coaches I heard are going through the State process - I guess their should be an announcement shortly naming the appointment of new staff members.


That's the nature of Low DI Basketball, Assistants are always looking to improve their position.


Frank Ross went the NBA route to work with the new franchise.


Mike Spisto returned to a Full Time position at Dehli (JC).


Steven Stewart to LaSalle of the A10.


All improved their financial position as well as their professional position, in respect to their own goals.

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According to a story in the TU Brown has hired Carey Edwards from UMass as an assistant. Edwards story. Edwards bio from UMass.

In the press release from Lasalle it mentions Stewart's recruiting ability. I had thought he had done a good job working with the big men (not that we had many) and with Janis' increased scoring before his injury.

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LaSalle probably mentioned his recruiting ability because he is from Philly and LaSalle is from Philly. I think he recruited alot of Philly kids to Coppin State.


Coach Mike Spisto did most of the work with the big men this past season. Yes Mike Spisto.


Stewart seemed to be a really good guy but I know that DRiscoll and Spisto were Browns two top guy's.

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How do you know that Spisto and Driscoll were Brown's top guys? From my understanding Stewart was in the 2nd position... From just watching games and reading the board it seemed as though Stewart was the 2nd guy and was doing a good job with the big guys..... It kinda makes you wonder though with 2 of 3 assistants leaving this year if they are worried about being fired next year..... The last thing Brown needs in the last year of his contract is more turnover..... We've already had Jamal Hughes leave, Todd Martin leave, and now 2 asst. coaches.... Hope that Brown can steady the ship bc the more people that leave is a negative reflection of the head coach regardless of what position they take. Stewart had some philly ties and Spisto coached at Delhi before so the jobs were obviously ones that they got themselves.... not ones that Coach Brown hooked them up with to advance their careers.... it'll be interesting to see how the team responds with 2 new coaches and 5 new players.

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Joe...are you kidding? Driscoll and Spisto were brought in w/ Brown. Ross left for the NBA. Stewart replaced him. You dont leave the "2nd position" at an AE school to become the Director of Basketball operations at LaSalle. You leave AE schools to become a head coach, you want to do something better financially, or you are going to be a top asst at a much bigger school. None of the above fit Stewart.


Finally, Spisto left because he liked Delhi...trust me these guys wont be fired. UA wiill not, even w/ some injuries, finish w/ less than 10 wins...maybe 15.


Jamal Hughes was a non-factor...unfortunately his father passed and he had to tend to family business. Todd left because of playing time; this team is so improved he was going to get 2 minutes a game.


This team will be fine. The good news is that this stuff is happening...I would be worried if it didn't. This stuff goes on everyday at bigger and better schools.

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Joe needs to buy a clue! Ross to the NBA. Spisto get's a head job and Stewart goes to the Atlantic 10.


The Danes will be deep and talented! I also think they'll be fun to watch!


I say Brown wins 15 next year! Definitely double digits and will get an extension or new contract.

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As I said earlier just about every coach at the Low DI level is looking for an in roads for the best job for them.


Frank Ross goes to a better deal with a new NBA franchise and alot more money.


Spisto leaves to be a Head Coach and a job which is now full time it was part time when he left and pays more money.


Stewart left to move to the A10 and return to his home ground.


Coaches are going to come and go - who knows how long the 2 new hirees will stay at Albany? For that matter who knows how long Brown and Driscoll will stay. One of the big things is Brown likes the Albany area and his wifes family is fron the capital region.


As for players - Hughes I guess was a flukie situation, Martin left for more playing time and a better opportunity to play.


Who knows what will happen this year with a full roster, alot of guys may be unhappy with their minutes and they will have to make a decision for themselves. It's an individual thing. I don't believe you'll see many more 35 minute + Freshman at UA in the future.

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