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No way this team does a 180. I'm calling it now, this is at best a 2-3 win team based on the current evidence. If you want to get really cocky, maybe 4 wins.

I'll be happy to eat a ton of crow for lunch at the end of November but my guess is I won't be.

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On 9/19/2021 at 11:56 AM, MRuler 79 said:

Some thoughts thus far in 2021. In no way do I want to come off as an expert because I am not. Playing a million years ago or coaching youth football does not qualify me to be an expert. EVERY SINGLE SEASON I read the exact same crap from the same cast of characters on this board. It is literally exhausting coming to this forum, which I haven't in a while. I am not sure I have ever seen a positive comment including in 2019 when they started off badly and turned it around. I read that UA is DIII or a HS team or a bad NEC team. That is just utter horse$iena!! Or GG can't coach and our play calling is the worst etc. etc. GG is not having a great season(s) and has struggled for some time now. I am not suggesting he is doing his job. His job is to win. His days may very well be numbered. But pump the breaks people. This team probably will not be a playoff team but a good year is not out of the question....yet.

Look at out first 3 games:

NDSU - FCS National Champion 8 times. NDSU would beat Syracuse soundly. We hung with them in the first half and even had a chance to take the lead but fumbled going in on their 20 I think. Who knows what happens from there. A loss probably but it could of been a 24-17 type of game but still 0-1.

Rhode Island was a missed opportunity no question. Our D held a pretty potent offense to 16 points. They are a better team than people realize but it was a winnable game for sure. TWO BOTCHED FG attempts!!!!!! (Dropped snapped  balls) Inexcusable at this level!!!!! I was in attendance for that game and was livid when I left. Hit those two and UA wins. Those mistakes were on the coaches (special teams coach and GG) I will concede that. After the first miss and before the back up QB trots out to attempt the second FG you/coach/GG gather all 3 components together... Center, QB and kicker and basically tell them one is bad enough but dont Bing this up!! Game over 0-2.

Syracuse. Never had a chance. They were just better. I dont care that they are a doormat but they are an ACC team. They were bigger, stronger, faster and better athletes than we are. The OLine were overmatched. End of story. We played horribly on both sides of the ball no doubt. If we played our best game its still a loss. For those of you who actually believe that Syracuse's second and third strings are scrubs you really dont know a thing about football players. Their second and third stringers would start at almost 95% of all CAA schools. Get a grip. They are outstanding players and most them are on full rides. Dont insult the Syracuse players by calling them scrubs. Garbage time counts...dont forget it. Our second teamers and third teamers deserve our respect.

The OLine is a disaster. Needs to be fixed and fast or it will be over. Thats always the case. They are the main problem no question. Fix that and it turns around. If JUC is unhappy and fighting with coaches then let him transfer. You see how well that has  worked out for others in the past....Dev Holmes anyone? JUC may lose his spot to #12 anyway (Carino I think his name is...I love the way this kid plays) I would rotate him and JUC the entire  season in anticipation of losing JUC. JUC has impressed me this year with some of his throws but others not so much. Yes getting sacked like 20 times in 3 games will do that to you but when given time he has been ok. The only player I really fear losing would be the DE #96 he is the real deal!!! The rest can be replaced. Next man up. Its not like we have any game changers on either side of the ball except for #96.

The schedule going forward is favorable. You will find out that Rhody is far better than you realize and Delaware is beatable. A win next week turns this around. Maine, NH, Towson Villanova etc. are all winnable games if we get things fixed. Turnover/penalties are killing us and this is related to coaching. The coaches no question need to step up their game but so do the players. 

Pump the brakes people. Plenty of time to panic later.



Insults the die-hard fans for being despondent about a $ienaty product only to go in for the remaining 80% of the post on how $ienaty this coach and team is. Literally can't even put down a snap to kick a FG multiple times in the same game but it's the paying fans that are mean.

Better than 50/50 chance I won't be renewing my season tickets and won't be back this season after 1 game. Zero chance I'm back if GG is brought back...honestly for all I care, they can scrap the program...this man has killed it anyway and is not held accountable for 8 years of this debacle. For years we've been told about how this will take time to build up...how much time is enough time, 10, 15, 20 years? Many of us will be dead before this program is respectable.  Will Brown had to beg for his kids to have budget to have summer school while GG pisses away millions and Benson just shrugs. 

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