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  1. There was a master plan floating around but at this point, it's probably out dated in some respects? @Clickclack used to refer to it.
  2. No Jets, Heat, F1 or MotoGP today so I had time... Key takeaways: Team is very good OOC, at least at home. Team is VERY bad in conference, home or away, winning only a third of the games. In 8 years, we are 12 games below .500. On average, Gattuso lead Albany teams in the CAA lose by nearly 2 scores, so the constant post-game/post-season mantra of "we were so close" is bogus. Bob Ford, in his lone CAA season, lost games on average by 17.6 points with a bunch of NEC players and a scholarship disadvantage.
  3. Interesting. Thank you Alum! But curious, how exactly does it impact it?
  4. Yes, 2nd quarter. I sincerely apologize Bob 😂. And lol @ the creditability dig 😂. Is that supposed to offend me? I don't claim to be an x's and o's expert lol. Gattuso does. If I was, GG would be the forum hot-taker and I'd be HC 😂. Instead, you'll have to deal with my hot takes (or don't, up to you lol). Whether it should have been an FG or kneel down is irrelevant, throwing the ball was still an idiotic decision and I'm sure we can agree on that. 0-6. That's the only thing that matters at the end of the day. ================= That being said:
  5. Forgot the students-on-vacation aspect. If this is accurate info, that is a terrible decision.
  6. Did I hear DK say during the halftime chat with Wyland that the BPG is 12/11 vs Columbia? Isn't BPG almost ALWAYS against Vermont or another top AE team in conference play?
  7. Last Up: L (17-10) vs Villanova Next Up: vs Maine (2-4, 1-3 CAA) Time/Date: 10/23/21 @ 1:00PM TV/Streaming: FloFootball Local Radio: 104.5 One order for an 0-7 football team, coming right up!
  8. I'm dyin. These posts are gold. Haggy had me in the first half though lol. Roger is absolutely brutal to listen too and the dude is such a homer. I hate listening to other teams' guys when they are homers and I can only imagine how people feel about Roger. This program is such trash. What was that playcall at the end of the 2nd half? Try a long FG, can't be any worse. Instead, we throw it and it gets picked. What if that went for 6? Stupid stupid stupid idiots.
  9. I only watch to see how laughably undisciplined and unimaginative we look with our playcalls. I'll be watching the replay late tonight, going to spend the good part of the day enjoying the lazy river at Adventure Island Busch Gardens. That's how pathetic our program is. I used to set EVERYTHING aside for UA sports (even left church early a few times lol). Now? Couldn't be bothered.
  10. I was basing it on my own experience but that's fair, it should matter to everyone. When I was single, I was far more apt to blow $80 on a game than I am as a married man lol. Now I gotta think about the family and sometimes even get approval lol. But I agree, parking should never cost more than a ticket to a game.
  11. This is OUTRAGEOUS. Shame on Mark Benson and the UAlbany Athletic Administration. I know I'm a broken record but... How do the people in charge not realize they are NEGATIVELY impacting attendance by jacking up prices for things like parking? These people need to register for an ECON 101 class at UA, STAT! People choosing to not go to games because of expensive parking = less ticket revenue = less concession revenue. People going to games because of free parking = more ticket revenue = more concession revenue. How do they not get this? This doesn't matter to the single guy or single attendee but it is CRITICAL for families who want to enjoy football as a family. I guess UAlbany thinks they can recoup all of the lost ticket/concession money with the parking money? I highly doubt it. Highly highly doubt it. I ask myself how much longer I'm going to support the AD...might have to stop until both Gattuso and Benson are gone.
  12. $30 may be easy for you but its not easy for everyone which is why most of us think the pricing that the AD uses for parking is asinine. Imagine having 5-6 people (a larger family) go to a game. $20-30 parking, $60 in food, $100 (?) in tickets...you can see why this is a problem. It's terrible economics. No wonder why our attendance sucks. To me, it's the same thing as taxes in NY vs FL... NY has insane taxes (I was paying $10.5k in property taxes) and people are moving out in droves (high parking costs). FL has low taxes (I'm paying $5.5k in property taxes) and people are moving in in droves (low parking costs). Other costs in both (groceries, utilities, etc.) are pretty close (concessions/ticket costs, etc.). As a result, NY (or UA) has to keep raising the prices on taxes/parking in order to cover the bottom line. Wasn't parking like $5 a few years ago? Now it's $10+. FWIW, I'm going to the New York Rangers vs Tampa Bay Lightning game on 3/19/22 here in downtown Tampa and the most parking will be is $25. FOR AN NHL GAME. UA is out of their mind if they think it's fair to charge that for D1 sports in the Capital Region. (I'm actually going to pay $10 bucks for parking and take the TECO Street Car/Trolley from Ybor City into Downtown)
  13. You didn't know? COVID couldn't enter Rhode Island. That's why they are 5-0. Duh. I thought it was common knowledge...evidently Gattuso is the only one who knows that.
  14. Yep and if Gattuso even starts to mutter something about "well we were close" someone needs to slap him upside his dome piece immediately.
  15. Guarantee Gattuso hangs his hat on this to keep himself innocent. Almost is good in horse shoes and hand grenades, isn't that the saying? Gattuso needs to stop hanging his hat on almost. No one cares. And it's not good enough. He needs to watch Fast and Furious 1 and live by Dom Torretos moto of 'it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.' The saying isn't 'it doesn't matter if you lose by an inch or a mile, you're still a winner.' Has anyone started working on www.firegreggattuso.com?
  16. Last Up: L (31-24) at William & Mary Next Up: vs Villanova (4-1, 2-0 CAA) Time/Date: 10/16/21 @ 3:30PM TV/Streaming: FloFootball Local Radio: 104.5 Why is Greg Gattuso still head coach of the UAlbany Great Danes?
  17. I too didn't watch this live. It's REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY sad when the diehards are out mowing their lawns or in my case trying "Ford's Garage" food here in FL and shopping at outlets with their wives (things most men hate, especially on football days lol) during the times when our team is playing. Most of us used to schedule our days around UA sports and this is a damning indictment of what Benson and Gattuso have done to at least the football program. I literally just finished watching the replay at 12:15AM. I give Carino gredit. The kid was clearly hurt sometime at the end of the 1st half/start of 2nd half and continued. Same applies to Morfor. The guy did all he could. I don't know what the story is with JUC, but he must have REALLY f'ed up considering we went to our 3rd stringer when Carino first got hurt. He screwed up so bad he wasn't even the backup. If he was sick, he wouldn't have been dressed. So only options are his play is not warranting starting or he screwed the pooch in his personal life somewhere. Watch Gattuso crow all week that he only lost by 7 points or some stupid $iena like that. I can't stand that clown. There is no way GG gets extended...right? Gotta be no way. Part of me is very sad for the kids continuing to lose, but the rest of me is happy they are losing. We don't hand out participation trophies in D1 sports. Play better or transfer to D2 or something. I also hope that GG and Benson lose EVERY game this year and next so it finally puts a nail in that coffin. The only downside of the hope is that going 2 and 20 or whatever over the rest of this season and next may likely do irreparable harm to the program...but at the same time, are we sure GG hasn't done that already? I am not renewing my tickets for FB until GG leaves or is shown the door. I'm done with his program. I watch the games now for sheer entertainment to see how bad we look or how undisciplined we look (like back to back penalties, players throwing punches, etc.). What a joke.
  18. This is precisely my reasoning too...but with my move to FL and possibly only seeing a game every year or two, it's not as critical for me to keep my seat. However, like you said, we suck so bad I doubt anyone will be buying it long term. The second Gattuso is fired is the second I call the ticket office to repurchase it lol.
  19. I should find out where Benson lives and pay some college kid to drive to his house and tape my stats spreadsheet to his windshield every morning. Or, maybe I should write a PowerShell script to email it to him 100's of times a day from random email aliases. It's okay, he has time to manage his junk mail filter in his email client...not like he's doing anything else important...like you know...finding a decent head coach for our once great up and coming football program.
  20. lol @ "not at all". Wonderful. If this guy gets extended...I'm gonna post angry messages on here! Evidently that's all we can do. Benson and co. don't care when die hard season ticket holders email them things like "ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET!?".
  21. Week in, week out...this team is not prepared. Starting with the HC. It's an unmitigated disaster. Benson and Gattuso both need to be calling the New York State unemployment line YESTERDAY.
  22. Things that pop out: Out of 31 stats tracked, we are last in 9 of them. We are 2nd to last in 2 of them. Together, we are bottom two in 11 out of 31 stats (or 35% of them). Our offense has never been worse in the CAA. Ever. Not even when we were first year members. EVER. Our running game is non-existent. Not even close to average a measly 50 yards. Contrary to posts the last few games, our special teams is actually the best part of our team as an overall unit lol. Our opponents have nearly double us up on 1st downs. We allow opponents to convert 4th downs at an impressive rate. We have the ball for less than half the game.
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