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  1. Ahh! Maybe that was it...maybe I only put the home games on my calendar as that would make sense. Either way, I'm excited for tomorrow. Sucks to hear about Holmes though...some people just waste their God given talents with lack of discipline or getting into trouble.
  2. I could have swore our season start at end of March because I had put the schedule into my calendar. I guess things got moved around.
  3. NCAA gave everyone a waiver because some schools didn't play, some only had like 10 games, etc. so everyone gets an extra year.
  4. Benson was influenced by what he saw at Siena? WTH does that even mean? What does Siena have to do with any of this? Patsos' situation is NOTHING like Browns/Bensons. Can we stop talking about LCC in here? It has zero to do with anything. Good for them that they are relevant again now that Patsos and his 1-year rental are gone...but we don't care about them here.
  5. I think we may see some of the players who got a lot of PT bounce because Brown is no longer coach but I think, other than the kid listed in the OP (who I honestly had no idea existed - sorry bud!) some of the kids at the end of the bench may stick around because this may be their chance to get PT at the D1 level due to the new coach likely not having many recruiting options, etc.
  6. I meant leave Field Hockey, which would only help Title IX.
  7. That's a great letter. Thank you Coach Brown. Unfortunately, I see no way Benson gets fired (unless this new hire doesn't pan out in 2-3 years) or brings Brown back at the direction of the school president, etc. That would be a death sentence career wise and the most awkward working relationship in a very public job.
  8. I've always had a special spot for Peter and IMO his number needs to be in the rafters. That was a great post and 'tribute' to Will Brown. Nailed it. We may not miss Brown the coach as much as we think but we will ABSOLUTELY miss Brown the community member. He definitely built something he could be proud of at UA.
  9. I don't see UA canning football. Not with our basically still new stadium (note: not an old stadium which already has ROI achieved and just had some improvements done). We have YEARS to go before we get the ROI back on Casey I'm guessing.
  10. We need to keep: Track & Field Football LAX BB Soccer All other sports can go. This is the way. /mandalorian ============== That being said, it's absolutely ridiculous. Perhaps if Benson stopped paying that 3rd party security company who knows how much money to make people leave immediately at the conclusion of a game, we'd be better off. Oh, I forgot, we are an army of chairback wielding, knock ya over the head, too-big-a-bag totin folk who need a 30 person security force.
  11. Did you mean to post this twice as well as a separate thread?
  12. You're grasping, sir... Brown is in charge of recruiting players and coaches who make nothing or very little (what's an assistant coach make at UA? 50k?). Benson is in charge of hiring and firing people making hundreds of thousands (Brown, Gattuso, etc.). One guys 1 foot in-1 foot out status means very little while anothers 1 foot in-1 foot out could have a decades long impact on the overall program at a large university because his lack of care for the program since 'it won't be his problem soon' could cost the university hundreds of thousands. They are not 1:1.
  13. One is responsible for one program while the other is responsible (and could purposely or inadvertently sabotage) a dozen programs...nope, not the same. One can ruin a university and the other not so much.
  14. Actually, also the increased marketing in Crossgates. That's about it. And were either of those actually him?
  15. It didn't go back to anywhere because people stopped paying it...LOL
  16. IMO, the only good thing to come out of the Benson administration so far was some of the halftime shows in 19-20...they were actually decent. The unicycle Panda lady? That was pretty great. The aerobatic dunkers? I can dig it. That stuff NEVER happened with McElroy. But...at the same time...that's really sad that that's the best we can come up with as a 'win' for Benson.
  17. DP, we need to raise the number of likes we can give in one day...I'm clean out! How do I tell people I support their posts!? hahaha.
  18. This. $15 for parking was a joke. Should have been like $1 or $2 or free...instead $15 parking + 4 tickets + vending for 4 people = too expensive of a family night out so people found other places to spend their cash.
  19. Man...some EYE OPENING revelations here. I have some very slight sources of sources type information that I occasionally hear but nothing to this magnitude. Did not realize it was this bad. Some of it is downright shameful. MSGDG and Dane96 are my heroes.
  20. Calling it now. Stire will be HC after all is said and done. I jest. I expect most of those guys to follow Brown.
  21. It will take 2-3 years for us to even be .500 again and it's not the fault of the incoming coach by any means. I have a feeling we're going to be pretty bad next year. Thanks God I'm moving south and won't have to watch it live lol. Man, I will miss Brown and my center court seat. I'll keep paying for them as a donation (same for FB) but it will be weird not being in SEFCU and seeing Will Brown on the sidelines stomping his right leg/foot.
  22. Trying to digest all of these posts...but I'll copy what I put on FB: Great guy who ran a clean program but after 5 years of not winning, it may be for the best for both parties. Brown's hands are tied behind his back with a completely inept Athletic Administration (UA is getting left in the dust with facilities, etc. - lots to be said there but I'll bite my tongue) but he also hasn't recruited as great as he once did. It was time. Wish him the best and I will have fond memories of the 2000's and 2010's with Brown at the helm. If you're reading this Brown, go get yourself a better A
  23. To be fair, she called it a low mid major. Which is what we are. If we are low major, we are high low major lol.
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