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Couple of Quick Campus things...


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Well, back on campus for the first time in a year. Studying in the science library...all I can say is wow...place is great.


Ok, got some scoop. First, got a "special tour" of the RACC. Obviously it was closed because of the JINTS, but I got some scoop from a very highly placed source.


The football stadium is going to happen. Right now, as alluded too earlier, it will be on the RACC lot. After walking it w/ my source, it is a much bigger area than I first thought. The indication is the school wants it to be 15k....but it may be b/w that and 10. There is still talk of the Harriman area. EIther way, I was told UA will be utilizing the Harriman complex and expanding the campus. I guess the thought is that while tax $$$ might be lost as for revenue land tax purposes, the larger the University, the more students, the more research, the more incidental revenue to the Capital District (already a $1billion effect).


Second, tommorrow is media day. Met a couple of the new guys. These guys are huge and just look like athletes. They really think they can get a win versus Brown and stick w/ both Hofstra and Fordham (though they said it all depends on how they respond to the new coach). Tix go on sale in the Great Dane store in the RACC. That happens tommorrow. Didnt take more than a quick peak at the store, but I could have sworn the unis looked different. Either way, they looked awesome (ie. we never sold jersey's before).


Third, I have been assured, like we already did not know this, that there is no illegality in our Arena set up.


Fourth, walking the baseball stadium area, I was amazed at how great the scoreboard looks (and the field in general). The pics do not do it justice. Now when I was walking w/ my "source" we discussed the seating arrangement. Whether or not UA has the money or desire to build a decent sized stand set up, we agreed it would be easy to fit 2000 seats. I was reminded that the stadium, gym side, sits 3500-4000 people. That is a mere 12 rows over 100 yards. We walked the hugely adequate space b/w the dugouts and behind the plate. Over 40 yards were walked off. Now translated, if we put in 12-15 rows, that would easily be near 2000-2500 seats. Just a point, not what they are going to do. The right field line is also adequate. I was pleasantly suprised by the floral arrangement of a baseball behind rightfield. Awesome red and white arrangement to look like a huge ball. COOL AS HELL!!


I don't think these frosh realize how lucky they are. W/ all the new buildings and facilties, this campus looks large and in charge. Much different than when I came! It has a real good feel to it!


One last thing. Just curious, Daneman....when do you think those banners in the RACC were put up that you ripped into me about. According to two athletic department sources and a higher up in UPD, they were recently put up. SO, I guess I was right that they were not there on my last trip a year ago. Talk about twisting facts.


The banners look great though!


I am off until Thursday.....hopefully I come out of this sane.

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Yup...the area is much wider and longer than I thought. I just hope to god it is a football only (ie. no track). I have no clue what it will look like, but I bet it would go up right to the RACC (remember, these are the same people that built the CONTE FORUM...Alumni Stadium and Conte are interconnected....awesome when you want to hit an extra food stand or take a piss indoors! IF that is the case....I am curious as to where they are going to build parking? my thought......the present lax field and some practice field area. There is so much space out by the baseball field that they could build the new lax field there. Plus, the Jints would then have three legit fields (plus leftover practice space) to practice on. Track would get its own stadium obviously (soccer would get a home too on that site?)


I am telling you, the school DOES have a DI feel; whatever D2k and Daneman say.

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BTW people pounded me when I said a stadium and full scholly ball was coming. Glad I stuck to my guns....now lets see all the hoop supporters run their mouths. - ruler


Ruler you are very divisive, if I remeber correctly alot of Hoop people most of who are Dane Fans (meaning overall sports fans) have done nothing but support Football and hope that they would progress to all scholarship and the same people hoped for facility improvements.


The way you talk you want to see a divisiveness!!


You have to realize there are always some people who will not agree with you but in this case most on this board hoped what you wanted would come to pass.


I feel I am primarily a Hoop Fan but that doesn't stop me from going out and watching and supporting as many of our teams as I can. I've seen everything the school has to offer (I think) except for golf and Tennis.

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My guess would be a football-only stadium, a lax/field hockey turf stadium, and a soccer/track grass field.


I think you're overestimating the football seating; unless you're counting standing room it's more like 2,500 on the home side. A closer gauge would be the visitor's side; 30 yards wide, 15 rows seats about 850, so your 40 yards would give you about 1,100 for baseball behind the plate, but you could almost triple that going from first to third.


Now concentrate on the bar exam for the next two days!

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When did I comment on banners? I know exactly when they were put up as I walked through the RACC that day.


What did your source say about the baseball pressbox?


Of course the unis will be different, as will the helmets. You think they unveiled a new logo a few months for nothing? My "source" told me that they are trying to uniform the uniforms, so that everyone has the same style lettering, colors, etc.


Was this a truce, Hussein style?

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A closer gauge would be the visitor's side; 30 yards wide, 15 rows seats about 850, so your 40 yards would give you about 1,100 for baseball behind the plate, but you could almost triple that going from first to third.

Exactly my point shown in the quote above.


And my point was that you also had to build a press box, which requires removing seats or going higher. And my point was that going down the third base line there is the hill, which makes it difficult or impossible. And going down the right field line would require the relocation of the shed, or building less seats.


And ultimately the point was that it won't fit 2,000 plus a press box behind home plate.


I go back once again to the stands on soccer-lacrosse, which holds 500 by all accounts plus a press box. If you measure this setup, fitting even two of them behind home plate (for 1,000 seats) seems like it would barely fit or would be a big stretch. I continue to think there is not enough room behind home plate for two of those 500-seat setups.

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