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In Topic: [MBB] Game #22: 1/21/18 - 2:00pm - vs UMBC

Yesterday, 04:51 PM

Nice win. Team played very well. Defense was great. Offense flowed well.

Everyone played well. It was a took game to see. Hopefully a starting point with Vermont coming up.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #21: 1/18/18 - 7:00pm - vs UMass-Lowell (5th Annual Coaches Cure CF)

Yesterday, 06:41 AM

I know I was one of the guys hyping this teams depth before the season and how this team could be one of the best ever, which on paper did not look that far off.

However, again on paper the last two recruiting classes, counting this year, look very strong. We will hopefully have all 3 redshirt players back next year and it would be a travesty if each of them did not get stronger and better with a full year in our system.

The 2 incoming freshman have been playing extremely well and both have been touted as outstanding gets for our program.

I do think we are improving, however attendance is not, and the overall picture of the basketball program has only improved a little.

Is that because we are in the AE? Is that because the Sefcu is not state of the art? Is that because our basketball budget is on the small side, (smaller than Siena's).

I honestly don't know. But we are a constantly winning program with a chance to win a lot of games year in an year out, which is a hell of a lot better then our friends down the street.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #22: 1/21/18 - 2:00pm - vs UMBC

Yesterday, 06:07 AM

I never said Albany was a better team then UMBC right now. I stated UMBC is not that great on D. But if you believe they are the best team in the country on defense (or anywhere close) then I can say nothing to change your mind.

I could have done a better job conveying my point which is if you pick a small sample size, a person can twist stats anyway they want to. Ex) I'm not a political person but read an article yesterday that stated Obama did more for the Stock market then Trump between months 6 through 9 of each of their first terms . Lol.

Now I'm the words on Click, (quoted correctly I think). LETS NOT SUCK TODAY!!!!!

In Topic: [MBB] Game #22: 1/21/18 - 2:00pm - vs UMBC

20 January 2018 - 09:59 PM

Depends on what Albany team shows up and if nichols can give us anything positive. Bad Albany shows up the one that can't score nor defend and umbc will win by double digits. I don't have a lot of faith right now... Hope for the best but not expecting it.

As for umbc not defending... Through 5 games umbc is ranked #1 in defensive efficiency.

Lol...love how u make crazy statements...ex) saying we were all wrong after a half of the Maine game.

I understand they are #1 through 5 conference games . 3 of those against basic Div 2 Maine ... Div 2 UML...and Hartford shot 6/25 from three and missed SEVERAL wide open 3's. Believe me they are not very good defensively.

For the first couple of weeks of the season Vermont's RPI was in the top 10. Do you think Vermont was a top 10 team? Of course not.

We might get beaten tomorrow but it won't be because of the lock down defense of UMBC.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #22: 1/21/18 - 2:00pm - vs UMBC

20 January 2018 - 07:35 PM

Yeah, I'm callin this a loss before it even starts. We are notoriously horrendous guarding the 3 or at least it feels like it.

I try to be level headed and always call it the way it is. I think we win this game tomorrow. UMBC does not defend and I believe Nichols plays better.

I think at home we have a real shot. Don't be surprised when we win this game tomorrow. With that being said , don't believe for one second it means we are fixed.