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Yesterday, 08:56 AM

Now up to 863. On pace for January 18th vs. Lowell.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #12: 12/12/17 - 9:00pm - @ Memphis

11 December 2017 - 03:16 PM

I believe Tubby was also in the arena when UAlbany played UConn in our first NCAA game. We were the 1/16..and Tubby's Kentucky and UAB were the 8/9.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

11 December 2017 - 06:42 AM



One of their posters said SEFCU will always be a “gym” no matter how it’s improved. LCC plays in a conference where all of the on campus facilities are smaller than ours...many are considerably smaller.


was gonna say, I watched the Monmouth game...SEFCU isn't close to that.



Really just because the Monmouth arena is newer, also the big donor was the founder of Hess and his son is still the CEO of the company. The rest of the MAAC arenas aren't anything special.



And it's still smaller than SEFCU. Capacity listed at 4100.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #9: 12/2/17 - 7:00pm - vs Columbia

05 December 2017 - 09:35 AM

Us not blocking shots is nothing new. Just not a part of a Coach Brown defense. Since his first full season as HC in 02-03..we've never even been in the top 200 nationally in blocked shot rate. Over the past four seasons..this year included.. we've been 347, 326, 345 and 332. My guess is that's both personnel and strategy..which are then related to themselves. More shot block attempts tend to lead to more offensive rebounds for the opponent. Given that..we've been top 50 nationally in defensive rebound rate each year since 2012-13..this year included.


All that being said..perimeter defense..especially stopping penetration..has certainly been an issue this year.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #7: 11/27/17 - 7pm - @ Monmouth

28 November 2017 - 12:15 PM

Colgate is no pushover this year. Already have wins over UMBC, Cornell and Columbia. Yes..they still chuck up a ton of threes..but they're knocking them down at 40%. And it's multiple guys..6 have at least 14 attempts through just 5 games. We'll have to play well to win. 


BTW..the MAAC is ranked 23rd by kenpom. AEast is ranked 24th.