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#106898 [MBB] AE Tourney Game #1: 3/3/18 - 7:00pm - vs TBD

Posted by Clickclack on Today, 08:56 AM


..except 2015-16 for reasons that shall not be spoken of.

I still enjoy pancakes from time to time.



I've sworn off pancakes..for LIFE!

#106849 [MBB] Game #30: 2/24/18 - 7:00pm - vs Maine

Posted by Clickclack on 20 February 2018 - 12:03 PM


Not to mention I'm not sure when we've gotten "smoked" in the tourney (other than Virginia). We've had some crap matchups and they've played out just how our games would play out against any top 25 team. I'm down with being pissed off about losing to bad teams in the league. Thinking we should be winning tourney games or making tourney run's is Vermont fan level delusional. Only way you're winning one out of this league is by stealing a game from a damn good team. There's a reason people remember when low/mid's do it.


We always do 'well'.........for the first 25-30 minutes. Then we got our doors blown off when the other guys go on a 15-2 run or something because our athletes are gassed compared to theirs when they have 13 guys who'd start on our team and we only have maybe 1 or 2 that would start on theirs or even get serious minutes (that's just how the cookie crumbles for our tier of D1 hoops). The final score might not be us getting beat by 50, but we sure as hell can't compete for 40 minutes with those teams. That's just how it is.


I'm tired of just doing 'well'. Either we need to focus on having a FULL SEASON of dominance and stop just waiting for the 'new season in March'...or we need to get the hell out of the AE. We have 5 titles and we're still bumbling along the high end of the low majors with Vermont who has had their own share of continued success.


That's why getting a seed in the low teens is vital. Facing #1's and #2's every time we make the dance is doing nothing for us. Just adding L's. Playing a #5 is a much better proposition for anyone at our level. There is a reason why there pretty much a yearly upset of a #5 by a #12 for example. When's the last time a #1 or #2 lost in the first round? #1 never, #2 only 8 times in the history of the dance:




The list gets WAY longer the closer you get to #12, #13, etc. although it's still not a given you'll win that game.



I'm going to disagree with the general sentiment that getting NCAA trips and losing is useless...You try to win the conference, then the tournament then try to get a game or two in the NCAA tourney. Repeatedly making the tournament even if not winning shows that it's a winning program and can go dancing which entices kids like Rizzuto, DeSousa etc. 


Newflash, the AE is a garbage league...there is no money to move to a better league nor facilities etc. So you make do with the best you got until you are in position to enhance your position. Dancing enhances your profile even if you get beat is very valuable to a low major league like the AE as it pays dividends on the recruiting trail. It's very difficult to win a game in the NCAA for a crappy league like the AE, always ranked in the bottom 10 as a conference. Vermont went perfect last year, won 29 games on the year and promptly got beat by double digits by Perdue as a 13 seed. 

#106809 [MBB] Game #29: 2/18/18 - 1:00pm - @ UMBC

Posted by Clickclack on 19 February 2018 - 09:46 AM

Devonte last year vs this year...it's BAD folks...really bad!



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#106801 [MBB] Game #30: 2/24/18 - 7:00pm - vs Maine

Posted by Clickclack on 19 February 2018 - 08:12 AM

A week off, two very weak opponents to close it out. Let's get these, try to get our head on right and make a run at this thing. I still think this team can beat anyone including Vermont but the problem is they can lose to anyone as well. 


Honestly I'm a little fatigued as a fan with this group...very frustrating season. But let's keep going until we can't go no more and then evaluate in totality. There is nice (on paper) talent coming in or already here...I find myself looking and thinking about next year as this AE season has been a complete dud relative to expectations. 

#106793 [MBB] Game #29: 2/18/18 - 1:00pm - @ UMBC

Posted by Clickclack on 18 February 2018 - 10:16 PM

Coach on post game said Joe was sick (did not elaborate) @ 1/2 time and entire second 1/2. Said we missed a lot of wide open shots, sign of tired legs. Said umbc had a week off before this game while UA has played 3 straight on the road. 

It sounds like an excuse but that was apparent down the stretch. UMBC was fresh and we faded. It didn't help that against Lowell we didn't put the hammer down and rest our starters but had to battle until the end.
Coming into this year with the number of guys we were bringing back it looked like we "only" had to replace the production of Dallas and Mike Rowely. 29 games in it's apparent we haven't done that. Other than shot blocking with Foster, we're more or less the same team we were last year and are going to end up with more or less the same regular season result.

This bench is about as terrible as any I can remember... None of them can do anything. Really shallow team leaving almost no room for error for the starters.

If one of them doesn't play well... Very difficult to win as there is no one to slot in behind them.

#106762 [MBB] Game #29: 2/18/18 - 1:00pm - @ UMBC

Posted by Clickclack on 18 February 2018 - 02:59 PM

Bad loss... It's unlikely we catch Hartford now...disappointing season... No depth... I thought they turned the corner,i guess not.

#106715 Syracuse

Posted by Clickclack on 17 February 2018 - 06:27 PM

This was a fun read...


#106614 [MBB] Game #28: 2/15/18 - 7PM - @ UMass-Lowell

Posted by Clickclack on 15 February 2018 - 04:06 PM


I have another conflict today so I'll be watching late


Not sure what you have planned but you really need to recalibrate your priorities.




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#106589 Contract Extension

Posted by Clickclack on 13 February 2018 - 09:23 AM

I feel bad with all the negativity in this thread for our outstanding student athletes that may be reading this.

I have been critical of the results, GG, and the team in general, but I want to reiterate some of the comments on the OL. The line is critical to the success of a QB. I am of the school that there is nothing more important to the success of a team. See the Mark Rypen led Redskins. He was a terrible NFL QB, but won a Superbowl and an MVP when he had the best line in the game.

Our OL kids could be the best individual players on the planet. I'm not putting any of them down, but the best lines aren't always the best individuals, they play the best as a team. LeBron couldn't win a championship without a unit behind him. I put this 100% on a coaching staff that hasn't gotten them to play the line as a unit instead of individuals. A coaching staff that made the most predictable plays. My wife knows nothing about football, but she was making comments like "look that other QB just went in. Here comes a QB run."

This is at the feet of the staff, this is why I would have liked to see another season before a renewal myself, but I still trust Benson and the rest of the staff.

To your point....every single time Sussman came in it was a yard and a cloud of dust...just about every single time...straight up the middle for a yard or two. It got to the point that the entire section that we sit in would call it out the minute he ran onto the field and then laugh when it went as predicted. So if we can figure it out...who do they think they are fooling? This is the kind of mind-numbing offense that Bernard ran...and GG didn't fire him! This is just a microcosm of what was terrible and stale play-calling. My sense is there was very little over the middle or any form of slants, they worked the sidelines, dumped it off or chucked it deep and pray. 


At bare minimum GG needed to make a drastic and distinct change at the OC position to show that he understands the results on that side of the ball were not acceptable...he didn't...so expect more of the same. These QB's need all the help they can get...instead they get Bernards play-call. 


I see a number of references to how close they were or a point here and a point there would have made drastic differences in the W-L record...but if you look slightly deeper, that was only the case because that defense had to stand on it's head most games to even have a chance. If you look at the numbers...


- Scoring offense was ranked 11th in the CAA at 15ppg

- Rushing offense was ranked dead last at 12th, 67ypg

- Pass offense was ranked 9th, 191ypg

- Total offense was ranked 11th, 258ypg

- 1st down ranked 11th

- Red zone offense ranked 12th (dead last)


There were A LOT of problems last year on offense...a lot!!!! My hope for this year is that they make some progress on that oline and play-calling and execution by a RJr QB improves...Not expecting miracles...any sign of life would be great. 

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#106588 2017-18 Season

Posted by Clickclack on 13 February 2018 - 08:13 AM




That Iona win doesn't look so great anymore after tonight... Talk about an RPI killer

It would be true if it didn't float Siena's RPI...it's a net wash...
It takes away any chance Iona will finish in the top 100. It moves LCC out of last. Neither of those are good
Aints also now have more MAAC wins than we do



#106582 Contract Extension

Posted by Clickclack on 12 February 2018 - 11:13 PM


Hof,  You should have added your two additional paragraphs because once again your own quote:

{"I had a couple of paragraphs about your comment ending in "nonsense" but deleted them.  Personal attacks are what people move to when they have nothing else to use to prove their point.  Nuff said!"}   proves MY point.


It is most definitely NONSENSE to say you know more than others because you played. You claim I am making a personal attack, but I repeatedly expressed how I respect your opinion and others. Yet you make a personal attack on me claiming that I have "nothing else to use."  You think you are right and know it all because you played and those who did not play have "nothing to use." I have been following UA athletics since you were in diapers, and I may or may not know much, but most definitely have a lot more than "nothing" to offer. You do not know me, yet you make a personal attack claiming I know "nothing." My (so called by you) personal attack only claims it is nonsense to say you know more than others because you played.


I have NEVER on this blog made a personal attack on another member. I have always been extremely careful to annotate "my opinion" and always ask for and welcome other opinions. If I inadvertently offend someone, I always apologies. 



That was aimed for him - once he started making personal attacks there is no longer a reason to talk to him.


I agree - fed up with the negativity .   I have tried to infuse some intelligence about FB.   There are reasons for why things happen BEYOND, the Coaches suck, the QB sucks etc.  There is NO QB out there who always hit even wide open receivers in the hands all the time.  NAME ONE!   I mentioned twice - the O line was young and inexperienced, I even posted a list of years atc.  - AND I mentioned the best example I can think of Eli Manning this year - substitute OL who did a terrible job - Eli looked terrible.  He is no better or worse than he has ever been - NUFF SAID!  People have got to actually think about things intelligently and not just go off half cocked because they are pissed at the season.  I will not waste time on this anymore.  


I am sorry Dyslank but having played for years AND coached for 20 years DOES give me a little more knowledge of the workings of a football team than someone who has never played!!!  Like it or not - think I am busting balls - think I am a jerk, an a-hole - doesn't matter.  Just the way it is!!!!  And that is NOT an attack on you, it is just truth!  Have a good night! 



You can say what you want, this is a message board and we debate differences of opinion here all the time...but as a matter of record, I just scanned through the thread and there was NEVER a direct personal attack on you...unless you are GG or I'm missing something... so you can tilt at that windmill all you want...You still haven't answered why rush an extension when there are TWO years left...other posters have asked the same question. Apparently your expertise doesn't extend that far.


And there was NEVER a demand that the QB hit every open receiver, every time..but, and if you are being honest, there was VERY little evidence of progression on reads, check off receivers, accuracy on basic short or intermediate throws on the run...go scan through the game threads how many comments were made when balls just hit the ground not even close. Bad throws happen to QB's...but sometimes bad QBs are JUST BAD QBs. 


Again, I've asked you 10 times who's fault in year 4 is it that the OLine is as shallow and inexperienced as it is...also crickets, but you have no problem pinning all the blame there, on these kids and not on the man making 300k who's in charge of putting the roster together...no...you'd rather rush out and reward him for a job well done when he had not 1 but 2 years left on the contract. God forbid anyone questions an 11-21 coach...


Again, there was no personal attacks unless you are GG or any differences of opinion with the so called expert (you) are considered personal attacks, if that's the case...GUILTY AS CHARGED



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#106581 [MBB] Game #28: 2/15/18 - 7PM - @ UMass-Lowell

Posted by Clickclack on 12 February 2018 - 11:05 PM

I agree about his body language. He brings so much to the table when he has it going, offense and defense, but his body language often tells the story if you tuned in late as to how his night is going. It must be tough to go through a stretch where you are not performing up to par and have little help to back you up in the form of a reserve though.


I have been a reader of this blog for a long time and just recently started posting.I follow the team very closely, attend a lot of games and have been a Danes fan since the beginning of the D1 era. I know guys on here are frustrated with the productivity of the bench and a capable back up PG would have been great when David was off. Hopefully Costa can continue to play well and give quality minutes. It was a nice boost in the Hartford game. Foster seems to maybe be finding some consistency.

Welcome to one of the best mid-major boards in the country...!!!

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#106543 [MBB] Game #27: 2/11/18 - 2PM - @ Hartford

Posted by Clickclack on 11 February 2018 - 03:49 PM

Excellent win... Excellent

#106505 New Board Headline

Posted by Clickclack on 11 February 2018 - 11:37 AM

I like the design but size could be a bit smaller... Especially height top to bottom.

#106451 Contract Extension

Posted by Clickclack on 09 February 2018 - 01:14 PM


As for doing some research...here's some research for you. Not looking to far out but looking at other CAA affiliate members and peer institutions in the AE. Maine and UNH joined the CAA in 2007. Throwing away each teams inaugural season (Fords first year)...year 2-5 records. 



Maine 5-3

UNH 6-2



Maine 4-4

UNH 6-2



Maine 3-5

UNH 5-3



Maine 6-2

UNH 6-2


4 year in conference winning %

Maine 56%

UNH 72%


By contrast, a coach that has 4 full years under his belt has a winning % of 34% and a record of 11-21 and we are being told but it's so hard...other programs struggle making this move. <- this isn't even true...


Again, I'm not asking for him to be fired, I just don't understand why there was a rush to extend a coach and commit another 900k or more to him when he had multiple years left on his contract. 


Not an excuse but the jump from A10 to CAA is not as big as the jump from NEC to CAA.  


I also question the timing of this contract extension.  I like to give coaches time to build their program and GG has had time to build it with mediocre to bad results.  I think a contract extension takes the pressure off him a little and that can be a good or bad thing.  I personally think it's better to have a little pressure of a "contract year" to light a bit of a fire and make the proper changes.


Either way I'm gonna support the program and root hard for victories!


Click, don't take this the wrong way but I think a bit of your bitterness comes from GG blocking you on twitter.  haha! Which I totally understand by the way. He shouldn't be blocking season ticket holders. 



I don't care about that...my bitterness comes with him not being able to find a QB worth a crap...and continued support for an OC who sucks! Don't care about Twitter...


I hope he (GG) and UA kill it this year...that is my only goal and if he's winning and here for the next 20 years, GREAT!!!!!