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  1. I also plan my day around watching the Danes play and have no idea why I even bother. The offense is just plain horrid. The rebounding is an issue without Hank or Lulka playing much who give us bulk inside. The new fellas are more athletic but don't seem to use it to crash the boards, Doles is soft inside. Kelly gets inside nicely but if it's shut off, he needs to hit jumpers but last night he could not. Horton, Taylor, and Champion shows flashes but not often enough. JoJo getting less time, should Amica play some when healthy to see what he has for next year?Hutch and Shaffer give us nothing. I have to say Rizzuto has been solid, #1 in AE in 3pt shooting, hardcore defense, great hustle. Too many threes, causing less trips to the line(of course have to make them, an issue this season). Is Healy the answer? Don't see it unless he is 100% and shoots like two years ago. Have NJIT next weekend at home and they are a decent team so far. Could easily get swept. If we can only count on wins vs Bing and Maine, then how far has this program fallen? Frustrating!
  2. Can't keep a lead late and close it out. Didn't think they played badly but should have won.
  3. I still struggle with who is who on the court cause CB is playing so many new guys, lol. No inside game as usual. No shot blocker inside, as usual.
  4. The pandemic does not affect free throw shooting. Can practice all by yourself with plenty of social distance.
  5. I agree, Hutch and Shafer are heading for the end of the pine at this rate. Are the newbies just quicker and faster and more athletic than them? Obviously. And as for Healy and Lulka, I wish nothing but the best for them to recover quickly but "injured" has become their middle name over the past year. Can't help the team and certainly may losing PT if they do return while others may rise to the top of the rotation.
  6. Well, I will eat crow after that valiant effort, at least till tomorrows game. Nice job taking advantage of some suspect play by UVM.
  7. Wow, some semblance of an offense. Who are these impostors, lol.
  8. Gonna be a long season boys and girls. Don't shoot the messenger, but we have Div 2 talent. Bricks from the line, bricks from three, playing no height inside. Doesn't it seem odd CB is playing mostly the new transfers and grad students. What does that say about the talent he recruited a few years ago. Not good enough to beat out new guys after years in the program? Uggg.
  9. Yes sir. Start out like gang busters then inconsistency. Anderson 3 straight threes, no scoring rest of game. Lulka doesn't play 2nd half, status unknown. Healy out due to hip. Sounds like last seasons health issue. Shaffer and Hutch give a couple of good plays per game, that's it, strictly role players. Doles, Champion, Horton, too soon to tell but I will hazzard a guess at role players, losing PT as bench shortens. I do like Kelly who gave a spark and can get to the hoop, and Taylor has potential to get us 12-15 per game. Rizzuto struggled to score today, defense ok but 2 fouls in 1st 10 min and had to sit. Don't see a great season. Hope I am wrong.
  10. Three veterans, Healy 1 of 9, Anderson 2 of 8, Rizzuto 3 of 10. Need better play from those guys as the newbies get acclimated.
  11. Let this one slip away, can't close it out. By the way, I am old school, I like the clean-cut Healy better than this new look, both appearance and his game. Was brutal shooting today. Need him to get back into form.
  12. Thought I would start the first game thread of the 2020-21 season. Wasn't sure we would get here and if I didn't jinx us, season tipoff 4PM Saturday!
  13. The Ivy League has just cancelled all winter sports. I know the Ivies go to the beat of a different drum than other conferences but it's never a good sign and that others may follow.
  14. Is surprising isn't it. But he had 6 goals, only 1 assist and 10 TO's in regular play. Not Fields numbers especially the lack of assists.
  15. Chaos were winless in regular play but are turning it up in playoffs. Co-insides with the benching of Connor Fields who was ineffective and putting Miles Thompson in.
  16. Oh well, par for the course, live lax cancelled due to lightening in Utah. You just can't win these days.
  17. I assume the AE bball playoffs would now be a 8-9 play-in game once again to get 8 teams for quarterfinal play and the 10 seed is out completely. If they could ever get to 12 teams, then there could top 4 byes. Maybe someday.
  18. Can't explain NJ but gonna throw this out there for PA. I think it's Penn St football. You have one of the biggest programs in the country that every HS kid in PA wants to play for. I'm sure Penn St has plenty of camps every year for HS players and coaches to improve their play. Combine that with HS programs and coaches who want to get their kids to that elite level at the flagship university. This leads to just better players, more involved HS programs, and more knowledgeable coaches. But of course Penn St can't take every good player in the state so that's where we come in. If Syracuse was in the Big 10, won some ships, and had a stadium like Beaver stadium, we might see more talent in NY and then get some of those players a notch below Big 10 talent. Make sense? My theory doesn't quite work for NJ cause Rutgers hasn't had the success or following PSU has.
  19. She avg 20 min per game, 4.5 pts, 3.2 rebounds
  20. And if Undercuffler is throwing it, good chance of a completion! 😝
  21. Looks like Stony Brook will not challenge anyone in AE. Otchere, Lattimer, Onalanyi, Garcia, and Foreman all have left the program, that's 4 starters. SBU board members blame the coach, Ford, but players are saying he was cool.
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