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  1. The UM/MSU was a fantastic game won by MSU. And you have to love the announcing by Gus Johnson. He could make the UA offense sound like a juggernaut, lol.
  2. Obviously not an NDSU, but I dont think we can be a JMU either based on location. Could a better coach and even better AD raise the program to a more respectable level? Maybe, but what is respectable? Maine has made the playoffs once since 2013. Would we be happy with that? UNH last in the playoffs in 2017. Not much consistency in either program lately. All I was saying is that running a football program in the Northeast that wins regularly, qualifies for playoffs or a bowl game most years, is not easy. But I agree, one winning season in past 8 is not acceptable. A new regime will take time to improve that record due to recruiting so .500 record may be the norm for a bit and then see where the program goes from there.
  3. Absolutely, the Northeast is not a destination for top recruits at FBS/FCS level. Just look at the FBS/FCS teams north and east of Penn St and their level of success. The Cuse can only brag of a Clemson win a few years back. BC hasn't been relevant since Flutie. UConn and UMASS are the doormats of the FBS. Rutgers has been a train wreck since moving to the Big 10. Maine and UNH have been mid level CAA. SBU has not thrived as the only D1 school on LI after Hofstra dropped football. Buffalo has shown some success lately, I will give them that, but MAC teams are not playing in a major bowl game anytime soon. Army has alot of pomp and circumstance which is great. I did not bother to list the Ivies, NEC, or Patriot. College football in the northeast is just tough sledding. The few tier one recruits are going big-time down south or Midwest. Just look at my closest D1 school to me, an hour away, is Coastal Carolina and what they have done in just 6 years at FBS level. 3/4 of their roster is from SC, NC, and GA. Kids who stay near home and but were a step below Clemson, UGA, SC, UNC talent. I agree Gatuso should go if this is a 3 or 4 win season but I don't think the next guy will find it any easier to win in the northeast on a consistent basis. FCS playoffs are nice but outside of easy matchup like CCSU, we get our butts handed to us otherwise.
  4. Tough schedule and it could get ugly fast. Alot of new pieces to gel together too. I looked back to find a similar tough OOC and 2005-06 comes to mind with Florida, UCLA, San Diego St, and VCU.
  5. Hmmm, win the face-off battle and you win games. What a great idea, lol. Why didn't they think of that sooner. But now we need to break the four game losing streak vs UVM and it starts at the face-off X.
  6. UVM has had a solid Men's basketball team for the past 20 years so I can see why UA has struggled to win regularly versus them. But come on, UVM lax does not have the level of success UA has has the past 20 years in lax and we now have lost 4 straight to them. Not acceptable.
  7. According to a IL pre-draft article, they predicted him going in the 4th round I believe to the Chaos saying in the right offense he would thrive.
  8. They sure did have a JV team in the seventies cause I tried out my sophomore year and they cut me in the 2nd round of cuts 😞. I was trying for the shooting guard position cause I was a good shooter, not so great at ball handling back then but during the tryouts, guys kept passing ball to me to bring up court I think cause they didn't want to make mistakes and show any weaknesses. Guess they proved mine with my mediocre handle 😝 and they cut me.
  9. 42 years for me, 1979, Winston Royal was the star guard. Of course some of our fellow posters were not even born yet 😳😳.
  10. Holy crap, more bad UA sports news. If this came out tomorrow, I would chalk it up to an April Fools Day joke.
  11. Towson from the CAA, another one bid league. I know he did not have the resume of Cremo or Nichols to get a bench role on a Power 5 team, but Towson was 4 and 14 this season, 2nd to last in CAA. He will not sniff a tourney bid next season that's for sure. Odd choice or maybe the only one?
  12. I haven't watched any games, just followed on Gamecast but I get the impression JUC is not as sharp and dominate as last season. Not having a downfield threat like Green doesn't help, shotty protection from the O-line, and probably the biggest issue is all the film defensive coordinators have on him from last year including 2 NCAA playoff games. They have figured how to defend him and make him uncomforable. Up to him and the coaching staff to make adjustments or it's a .500 season at best.
  13. Obviously Bing is not that good. We still won handily with 18 turnovers and only 13 for 29 in face-offs, really? That is still a work in progress.
  14. Hofstra moved Milhalek to special consuel position in the athletic dept. Last year he won the CAA tourney and was going dancing until Covid. Did very well there but I would guess he was burned out and they agreed to help him out to reduce the time and stress of a MBB head coach.
  15. That blistering 14% from three this season has me salivating at what he can bring, lol. Will see if he comes. Only one year older than Amica so you would think they know each other from the Cuse area and may have played each other.
  16. I agree but the most important position is the point guard. If CJ Kelly can come back and Will Amica stays and learns from him and plays 15-20 min a game, then we are set at PG for several years. That will help the new coach immensely.
  17. I wondered that also, credits transferring, different majors and requirements at each school, etc. Previously when you had to sit out a year from D1 to D1, you can catch up academically. Student-athletes these days don't have any loyalty and love to a school and don't care if they attend 3 or 4 schools. For me, once I accepted UA as my school, I was a Great Dane for life, never considering transferring even when I did not get in the business school for accounting. Changed major and stayed. Think it helped that I stayed on campus all 4 years on Dutch Quad to get the full college experience, kids these days move off campus ASAP, distancing themselves from campus vibe. Also I went to the podium every day for class feeling like a college student. These days so many classes are online and no classroom visit. I guess for kids today, when logging into class from your apartment, doesn't really matter what school your at.
  18. Those are shockers even in the Covid year. UMBC and UVM seemed to be a notch above the rest of the league and both are out. League ending up with parity in the top 7 teams but of course our Danes could not take advantage of that and now need a new coach and probably half a new roster. Shows us how mediocre UA has been past few years and falling back to the pack.
  19. Just watched highlights on the CAA site. It's a win but ugly at times. Kicking game was abysmal, even the FG barely squeaked by but was very crucial in the win. And the final play was damn close to a winning TD. JUC picked up in the 2nd half where he left off last year bit did keep it to short passes all game I assume due to weather and he misses Green for the big play downfield. On to another cold one in Maine next week. Could move up to Top 10 rank after UNH win.
  20. Only kept track thru live stats but yeah, a new punter is needed. Gave them too much field position. But a win on the road vs a ranked team is solid.
  21. As for the long term guys, Lulka is working on a grad degree, does he want to continue it elsewhere, may not be easy to do. Healy may want a fresh start elsewhere but this season did not show his former skills. Hank got no PT so he may just graduate and be done. Rizzuto can be a senior leader next year and captain again and his involvement in the fire dept may keep him here. Hutch and Shaffer may not stick around after lousy season performance, may go D2.
  22. They mention several of Brown's staff, Iati, Knotts, Pelletier as replacements but I see zero chance of any of them getting an interview. No head coaching experience at even the D2 or D3 level and to be honest, they are also responsible for the lackluster play and recruiting the past few years. McNamara from Cuse is interesting, young and hungry. Doc Sauers can speak to his buddy Boehimn about him and help the program out. Don't want any Siena candidates just because, they are S@#$%.
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