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  1. Cuomo seems very involved with this virus so wouldn't surprise me if he shut down SUNY entirely at some point.
  2. This is getting ridiculous. So that also means the Yale basketball team who were named Ivy champs without a tourney will not go to NCAA's? This virus does not affect the young folks that badly if they do get it. If worried about crowds, eliminate those and folks and families can watch on TV. If concerned kids could bring it home to grandparents, keep them in team dorms till after season. The seniors are getting screwed. Ed. Individual schools can decide to play to finish out winter sports so Yale BB can go to tourney if desired.
  3. Not surprised. He sees two more years of bottom dwelling, not surrounded by much and Dempsey as coach. Problem is he has to sit out a year if going D1 unless that rule gets changed over summer like some have heard is in the works.
  4. As a personal guess, I would think Healy will use the grad transfer route after next season to play one year at a big time program a la Cremo. A sharp shooter like him would be coveted by a Power 5 team.
  5. 11 games out of 29 he played in he had 4 pts or less.
  6. Sums up the season boys. Was a pleasure chatting. Big off season decisions and recruiting to do.
  7. Two possessions not run for Healy, hottest guy on the planet, sigh.
  8. Please CB, next season show Amica some of this game film of Clark and tell him " don't do that!"
  9. Does the barely 6' Clark think he was getting that ball over the 6'9" guy. Really?
  10. The kid Latimer kills us. As soon as it leaves his hand, I am saying "good."
  11. Ok, who are these imposters who put on UA uniforms during halftime. Good move CB! Lol
  12. Got them right where we want them, lol. The daily drought of course prevented a lead at the half. Offense flowed well the 1st 10 min, was back to the usual slop the last 10. Recent history suggests a struggle to score in 2nd half, missed shots galore, turnovers, missed fouls shots, and no one to step up. Prove me wrong boys.
  13. Lose by one. Great effort but they could have won easily if even 40% at the X. 7 out of 30. Obviously the face off guy they need is not on the current roster.
  14. Only following by stat tracker. Maryland won 14 of 17 face-offs. That won't cut it. Only 3 TOs, that's good. Nate with 10 saves makes it sound like he has kept us in game or it could be worse. Appears that Hogg is a gem and has a nice career in front of him at UA.
  15. AE awards came out today. Clark made 2nd team All-AE. Hutchinson made All-Rookie team. Lulka made All-Academic, 4.0 GPA in Psyc. Didn't expect much more, maybe de Sousa for defensive team. Healys injury and shooting wowes kept him off 3rd team I guess.
  16. Great try by the ladies vs 26-3 SBU in AE quarters. Lost in OT, 54-49. UA led 20-5 in 1st half, Brook tied it at end of 4th. Took their 1st lead of game in the OT. UA missed 9 FTs. SBU was 1 of 17 from three and still won.
  17. I agree a healthy Healy dropping 16-17 a game would have helped the team win a couple more AE games. My problem is the old mantra, next man up. Opportunity for someone or two to say, " our guy is hurting, get us the ball coach and we will help us to victory" and then executing and producing. Need I mention the individuals who did not execute and produce since the injury? I am not including Clark, who has done all he can and I will give some props to Hansen who has come on late. That's what worries many here for next season. If you didn't step up when needed this season, who says you will next season. No job should be safe.
  18. I guess everyone is 0-0 now so who knows what can happen in the AE playoffs. Except for UVM, every team has had bizarre losses and then surprising wins. Unfortunately, UA went from a 3 seed to a 7 seed with no surprising wins and no bizarre losses cause they are a bottom third team. SBU can be beat if not shooting well but let's be realistic, UA will not hit enough shots to win. Healy will not be right till next season, Clark will try to do everything he can but I don't see anyone else to compliment him. Rizzuto hit a few last night but he could go 0 for 8 in the next game. Can Hansen give us 20 and 10? Maybe they shock the AE Saturday but my money would be on the start of an important off-season at about 9pm Saturday.
  19. 28% from the field and 12 turnovers. I think the Potsdam team we played could give UVM a better game.
  20. The difference between the UVM program and the UA program right now is as big as the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. They will drop off a bit without Lamb next year but I don't see UA gaining much on them.
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