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  1. Wow, that is terrible news for the kid. Always wonder how a injury like that occurred. Hope all goes well for him. This season is a lost cause so far but if Amica could have played significant minutes to gain experience, it could set up the team for 2022-23 for a big improvement with new recruits coming in, DJ and staff with a full year under their belt, and the others returning with time to gel. He will basically be a rookie next season. I guess we ride Horton at PG for now.
  2. This could be the worst shooting team in D1 era. 25% from the floor and 11% from three.
  3. Jeez. UA with go ahead 3 with 7 sec and then Cornell with at 3 at buzzer to win.
  4. Wow, didnt see that coming at the end, big shot by Neely. Thought itcwas a loss after EIU hit the 3. Congrats to DK for 1st career win but he has work to do.
  5. Ridiculous. Will he make changes on the staff like Judge started on Giants to cover his butt? Will Undercuffler go back to 2019 JUC? Who on earth replaces Mofor? Would love to have been a fly on the wall on his meeting with Benson to hear the song and dance he gave him on how next season will be hughly successful with him at the helm.
  6. Jason Garrett was just fired as OC. Gettleman should be next IMHO.
  7. 41% from line is BS. I do like the 17 TO by UK. I was expecting at least 20 by UA. Got killed the boards 51 to 28.
  8. Horton can't shoot nor hit from the line. Perry has been active and Hutch a solid game.
  9. We have missed four open 10 ft baseline jumpers. Have to hit those!
  10. Thought I would start a new thread for any GG news whether it's a firing or extension LOL.
  11. Crickets on the board here I see due to lack of interest. Danes back to their usual selves so far, 3 plays punt, 4 plays punt, 3 plays punt, rinse, repeat. Is it GG last game, that is the question.
  12. That was ugly, ladies lose by 13 to Merrimack, a team transitioning from D2 to D1 after the dominant win vs Hofstra.
  13. Found Brent Hank is playing semi-pro basketball in western Australia in their NBL1 league.
  14. Just for ships and giggles. So far Cam Healy has played 7 min and 11 min for C Michigan and totaled 3 pts. Kellon Taylor starts for McNeese St but only played 18 min in each game, total is 9 pts, and CJ Kelly played in only one of two games for UMASS for 15 min and 8 pts.
  15. At least one UA basketball team can be competitive with a CAA team. Ladies up 25 with 4 min left vs Hofstra.
  16. Thanks for Amica update. Was worried if healthy, no playing time when most got in. Give the kid props for returning after little PT last year and coaching change.
  17. Ended up 3 of 20. At least FTs were good, 11/12. Only Amica and Shaffer didn't play I believe. Not sure if injured. If not, sounds like bench warmers all season. And if not injured, I will say the team is the healthiest in years at start of season. Always seemed like tough pre-season practices by CB had guys on the shelf early in season.
  18. What a difference from the 1st 15 min of game. This got ugly in a hurry vs a bottom CAA team. Hate to see Kentucky result coming up. 3 of 17 from three.
  19. Struggling on offense, hope it's just new guys getting used to each other. Every season opener I always hope for the 2nd coming of Jamar Wilson from one of the new guys. Can't say I've seen that tonight.
  20. Sloppy turnovers the last 2 min killed us. Great from the line though.
  21. Psyched for a new season and a new coach who may bring new ideas and style of play. Wonder if the starting lineup is pretty much set for awhile or is fluid game by game due to do many new faces. Hope Amica gets a chance to run the offense in meaningful minutes to see if he is the PG for next three years.
  22. Was just going to post that. JMU to move all 19 sports to Sunbelt effective June 2022. Usually growing pains in football moving up but they are always competitive in FBS games so they might fit in right away. Only issue is the CAA told them no CAA championships after they announce the move. That will affect most sports this winter and Spring but since football has no conference playoffs, I assume they can get an at-large bid.
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