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  1. Looks like Jose Lopez hasn’t signed yet - or he’s going somewhere else.
  2. Max Plank is still in HS. I think Roy Alexander and Jackson Parker were in Post Grad programs so they can transfer mid term.
  3. I think Jackson Parker was a mid year admit. I also think #25 is Jose Lopez - a RB from PA. In terms of numbers, I think the recruits usually wear their HS numbers.
  4. The JC CB signed. Now let’s see who might be available in the transfer portal.
  5. My guess is that they want to wait and see what offers may come between now and the February signing date - but who knows. I’d rather have them not sign than to sign and not show up. Also, the other variable is scholarship offer. We know that they were offered but don’t know of it was a partial scholarship or full scholarship. I can see them going elsewhere for a better offer or waiting to February for a better offer.
  6. I think you’re reading it correctly. We’ve been undersized and Coach has talked about getting bigger and longer and it looks like we’re making progress. Someone stated this earlier but we’ve had some big linemen who haven’t worked out so now we have a couple of more. We still need more size everywhere but definitely need the length in the secondary and at wide receiver.
  7. Eli - thanks for the chart. Not related to the topic but we give up too many sacks (and we throw too many interceptions). Just points out that we need to improve the offensive line.
  8. Signing day is next week. Let’s add another offensive lineman and a couple of defensive lineman and get some commitments.
  9. I know that Coach Gattuso talked about Micah Royster moving back to center. He started at Center as a redshirt freshman before Nico Cuban transferred in. I agree Kobe Thomas had a bad game but I think he had a really good year overall and he’s only a freshman so I think he’ll be fine going forward. On defense, I just think we need to get bigger.
  10. I didn’t mention special teams. We struggled there all year. Not just place kicking but kickoff coverage as well. If we can’t kick it into the end zone, we need to be able to tackle better. Not sure if that’s a player issue or a scheme issue.
  11. IMO, the Montana State game brought the focus to areas of need that we’ve had all year Big athletic cornerbacks - Coach Gattuso has talked about this for years. He recruited Dee Fields and Elijah Fields (both around 6’1”/ 6’2”) last year but i don’t think either one played any games - maybe they can step in. We could have used that size against teams like Rhode Island, Maine and Montana State - we give up too many 50/50 passes. More size at linebacker. Metheny is a good middle linebacker but I’d like to see him on the strong side and Damico on the other side with a bigger middle linebacker Bigger offensive linemen. We struggle against good defensive lines. One of the challenges we had against Montana State was that they were getting pressure with three or four linemen. It’s hard to make passes with 7 or 8 defenders dropping into coverage. Bigger receivers. I’d like to see one big receiver that’s physical. Defensive End. I’d guess that we’d go back to a traditional defensive line now that Eli Mencer is gone. Lachmann started a few games but I don’t think he played in the last few games. Rushawn Lawrence was really good in HS so maybe he can step in. Not sure that Isaiah Watson is the best fit so maybe he goes back to outside linebacker. The good news is I think we entered the year with needs in these areas but we had great skill players and made a run. Let’s see who we can get to step up.
  12. Bad game but still proud of what the team has done. We have a lot of work to do to compete on a national level but this was certainly a year of progress and the future does look bright.
  13. In my opinion, it’s a bit of both - Undercuffler has been great (Gattuso has always talked about the importance of a QB) but I don’t want to overlook Joe Davis either. Also, moving Mencer to DE was a great move.
  14. Was in NY for business so I stayed over and went to the game: They obviously had a great start to the game and I thought it was going to get ugly early... I don’t understand that second reverse pass- it wasn’t necessary. I question why Coach would call it but also why Reeves would throw it when the receiver was double covered. That really got the Stony Brook fans going and took away all our momentum. The missed field goal hurt. I forget the distance but it wasn’t much longer than an extra point. Just can’t miss those. Juwan Green has to get back to catching the ball consistently. The dropped touchdown wasn’t the best throw but it’s one he would have caught earlier this year, he missed two or three others as well - all catchable. He had a couple drops last week too - maybe cold weather? Undercuffler forced a few passes where the receiver had very little chance to make the catch. Stony Brook also started blitzing and that really changed his game - he didn’t seem to have time to make the reads. Mofor is such a patient running back - patient, waits for hole to open. Also such a physical running back. I think we need to get him more involved earlier in the game. Just seems like we pass a lot early and then Mofor gets a lot of carries late in the game. Also, my first time to Stony Brook’s stadium. It’s a great set up - nothing fancy but a nice connected lower bowl (you could walk around the entire bowl), second decks above the home side and above one of the end zones, concessions and bathrooms were good. Also, large Marching Band. Overall a very good experience.
  15. My guess would be UAlbany vs Holy Cross and Monmouth vs Central Connecticut. There was some movement with possible seeds today so I’m thinking Villanova ends up with one of the seeds.
  16. Agreed, I’m fed up with the polls and pretty much everyone on AGS. Let’s get the win this week and control our own destiny.
  17. The other challen That said, some of the usual one bid leagues might end up with multiple bids. In the NEC, if CCSU loses to Robert Morris or Duquesne, they might get an at large. Also, if Kennesaw wins the rest of their games, they’ll end up second in the Big South behind Monmouth and they’d get an auto bid.
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