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  1. I’m terms of recruiting, you look at the defensive line and wonder who the tackles will be next year. White and Dillon both graduate, Mazon Walker is a bit undersized to get the majority of snaps, Ibn Foster has been injured or just not getting reps... not sure who else there is. Also, Dolce graduates but maybe Halasy can step in but who knows...
  2. In defense of Fiacchi, each coach is assigned a territory for recruiting. The recruiting coordinator is usually responsible for tracking available scholarships, coordinating visits, expense reports, admissions requirements, working with compliance...
  3. If they're low on safeties, i believe Eli Mencer was a strong safety in HS. Aren't strong safeties similar to linebackers ? They usually play on the line of scrimmage over the TE. Mencer might not be the best choice if you had everyone healthy but i believe he was pretty good at the position in HS.
  4. Not sure how many remember this but when McElroy was the AD (before we moved to the CAA), he thought WIlliam and Mary was a role model for athletics for us. I don't know much about them but his they were much better in football and had a good athletic program overall as well as good academics. Anyway, hopeful that some of the injured players can return and that the defensive begins to show some improvement.
  5. Last year, I remember Coach Clark saying that he didn't do anything complicated on defense, he had athletes and he wanted them to be athletic and make plays. I also read an article a week or two ago with Coach Dudzinski saying they wanted to simplify the defense, that he knew there were things that they could do but they weren't there yet. Purely speculation but it sounds like the defense became more complex. No way to know if that's the issue but there is a stark contrast in the comments from the coaches.
  6. Thanks - didn't know that. Hopefully he can recover in the bye week. I wonder what happened to Ibn Foster - 300 pounds DL, he had FCS offers, was an All State player at St. Joseph in NJ.
  7. Who's injured on the DL? They've obviously struggled but didn't know that there were injuries
  8. I absolutely agree that 6 or 7 wins is possible - we have a remarkably light schedule. I think the defense does need to improve - we’ve struggled at CB for years, not sure we have the athletes to cover athletic receivers. We also need improvement on the DL - not sure why they seem to be struggling. Good news in Josh Wynn is back soon so that’ll help.
  9. IMO, it’s not marketing or forcing student to attend- it’s the northeast. I can’t think of any college football team in the northeast that has good attendance - BC, UMass, Temple, Maryland, Buffalo, Syracuse. Rutgers is improving but still not good compared to the rest of the country. Penn State is good but they’re a bit west... even if you just look at the CAA, none of the northern schools have good attendance. I can t think of any reason to think that Albany would be an exception. Yes, attendance can improve but it’s not reasonable to expect attendance to fund the football program,.
  10. I don’t disagree with the attendance but this shouldn’t be news to any administrator doing an analysis. IMO, there was never a valid reason to assume a significant increase in attendance. The reality is the stadium is a sunk cost and a shift back to the NEC would probably reduce scholarship costs but that would be offset by an increase in other financial aid. Not sure if there’s much of a benefit there.
  11. Chris Johnson - started a few games a couple of years ago was an All American at UNA (D2 -now D1)last year. https://roarlions.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=1331 Julian Cox - California do PA. https://calvulcans.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4830&path=
  12. Davis was the OC at UNI when they lost to NDSU in the quarterfinals a few years ago. IMO, he knows what he’s doing. That said, there are issues on the offensive line - same issues as last year. Just saw that Dane96 posted this already.
  13. When they played 2 years ago, I think St. Francis outplayed us for most of the game. They had a really good running back that got hurt and left the game around halftime. I think we were down most of the game and made a fourth quarter comeback to get the win. So we don’t want to underestimate them.
  14. Well, it was an ugly game but I’ll take the win. There were some change so the coaches are trying to mix things up a bit. New starters - Dean Grogg - for Nick Griffin. Anthony Lang also seemed to play a lot. Danny Damico (I think he started, he got most of the reps) for Neven Sussman Isaiah Watson - for an injured Eli Mencer Jack Dudzinski - for Micah Royster I wonder what’s up with Hunter Verdi and Benson Israel? The offensive line continues to struggle and I don’t think either has played this season. Also, I thought Kobe Thomas was a highly
  15. Don’t know the context of the quote about not having a center but that’s the scout team offense against the first defense. Maybe he meant he didn’t have any natural scout team centers?
  16. CAA weekly call https://static.caasports.com/custompages/2018 CAAFB Press Box/Teleconference/09_10/TC_Gattuso_09_10.mp3
  17. i'm not sure i believe this. There's not much revenue with football. Yes there are ticket sales and donations but i doubt that comes close to servicing the debt for the stadium. The guarantee games probably cover some of the remaining operating expenses but 63 scholarships is expensive. I'd guess that basketball provides more revenue with their guarantee games, NCAA tournament shares...
  18. I don’t know what rankings you’re looking at but: Pitt scored touchdowns on their first 5 possessions including every possession in the first half. Rhode Island scored on their first 7 possessions - 6 touchdowns and 1 field goal including every possession in the first half.
  19. IMO, this is a coaching issue. I don’t usually like to criticize anyone but I saw this tweet and wanted to comment that this play is a breakdown everywhere. I’m no football expert but I look at this and wonder how so many things can go wrong - it’s not like one player did something wrong, several did. This isn’t complicated stuff. It’s stuff that teams practice at every level. 1. Eli Mercer should be trying to force the running back inside or at least slow his momentum. To do that, coaches used to teach linebackers to aggressively attack the blockers outside shoulder - not sure if t
  20. He’s also the special teams coordinator and they’ve been really bad.
  21. Dane96 - Hunter Verdi isn’t with the team at all or wasn’t with the team in Pittsburgh? He was a good re rust - hope he’s still with the team.
  22. No team in the CAA has anywhere near the size, speed and athleticism as Pitt. We have a very light schedule - we don’t play any of the top ranked CAA teams - no JMU, Villanova or Elon. Our out of conference is also light - Morgan State won 1 game last year, St. Francis was under .500 in the NEC last year... This should be a very good season.
  23. They’ll do fine in conference. The tackling is a big concern but Pitt is bigger and faster than CAA teams.
  24. Offense looks very good. Defense is outmatched and is struggling with tackling. I think Pitt scored on every possession.
  25. Looked at the game notes and was surprised that the offensive line starters are the same as last year. They strugggled last year so hopefully they improved a lot in the off season. Also, didnt see Juwan Green on the two deep at WR. I thought he’d be a big time contributor from Lackawanna. We also don’t seem to have much depth at WR.
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