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  1. So do they have 162mm to spend tbd?or has it already been spent?
  2. I just wasn’t sure who you were saying were the names being thrown around.
  3. "The style of play until late in the season this year is at times unwatchable. Look at the lack of interest in game threads on this board and attendance figures. If you're winning you deal w/ that style but when you aren't (and I mean really winning) that style is awful to watch. " This has been my 100% complaint about Will Brown all these years. You have the population, and a potential fan base, but the style and disinterest in things like OOC was never going to get those "Asses In The Seats" and without consistent winning...
  4. They also poured out French wine...that they already bought, which was incredibly amusing to me. And there are 1000s of these as well. The company I work for was faced with a boycott in 2019 because we dared show two women kissing at their wedding ceremony. Love is Love people.
  5. Before you light your torches just yet just because they enter the portal doesn’t mean they are gone.
  6. You realize that all of those corporate brands were internal decisions. And Dr Suess had abandoned and regretted those books years ago. Probably not because it doesn’t fit the victimization narrative that the the “silent majority” likes to push Btw, the right invented cancel culture. Go look up the antics of Phyllis Schlafly or what country radio did to the Dixie Chicks. Many many years before AOC.
  7. Please stop with the whole “hate our country” nonsense that spews from certain corners of our media You can love America and still want to fix the errors of its past. That is how you grow a better society for the future.
  8. I'm all for forgiveness, but maybe let's take a pass on that. With Browns' stellar record in the community, might be best to not give anyone any excuses..
  9. What was the trouble? I thought we wanted an upstanding citizen?
  10. Looks like Luscious Jordan is interested in the gig.. I'd be ok with that.
  11. So what stopped him. I’ll give Benson one thing. He’s not complacent
  12. As one of the admitted leaders of the time to move on bandwagon, I am pleased to see that they decided to shift gears, however, it is not without sadness and a bit of "i hope this is the right move" as it's never easy to see a pillar of the community replaced who did take us from nothing to something. Kudos to what Will has accomplished on and off the court. Ideally this ends up as an Andy Reid/Eagles situation where they both ended up with Super Bowls after their split (although the Eagles are currently in far worse shape)
  13. Is this four of the last five not making it past the quarters? I know it’s at least 3 of 4... It’s time for a change. I actually really like a few players on this team so it will be interesting to see who stays...if the writing is indeed on the wall
  14. Will Brown’s Offense: Here’s the ball. You do something. That doesn’t work. Pass. Ok. Now you try to do something. That doesn’t work. Pass. Next guy. You do something. Missed shot/turnover. Rinse. Repeat.
  15. My biggest criticism of Brown had always been his failure to adjust the offense as the game evolves. the middle has been clogged all game yet he’s trying the same thing. Either he’s being ignored or...
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