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  1. awesome JUC mention here https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/30924510/fcs-spring-college-football-preview-games-teams-storylines-watch
  2. https://goblackbears.com/sports/2021/1/12/umaine-athletics-facilities-master-plan.aspx
  3. They just announced the 2021 fall schedule. NDSU and Cuse. That's a pretty great schedule. Also, when you guys repost instagram..anyone else having issues with the formatting on here?
  4. Also, isn't the guy who had a great FR year back at WR after a year off? Dev Holmes?
  5. Not to be mistaken, but aren't all the Basketball games on ESPN? Last year FloSports had quite a bit of CAA football as well.
  6. Whoa...that email was amazing. Time travel! It took me back to email circa 1996 with Earthlink!
  7. I’ll say this, they have the horses and are pushing the tempo. A welcome change. And Rizzutto always had the hustle but I’m impressed at his shot and off the ball improvement
  8. Jeez..if Naples is better than Jacksonville as far as Covid protocols that sounds scary! There's a nutso local farm mogul who discourages his staff and clients from wearing them at all!
  9. Nice. We moved to Naples from Los Angeles in October. My wife is one of the few that was born and raised here.
  10. Anyone know where I can get a hat with the new Damian on it? I can't find it anywhere..and its new hat time here in this house. Apparently you need multiple hats once you move to Florida. I think its the humidity or something.
  11. With the greatest of restraint, I'll say this: The people who were most at odds with the kneeling seem to the ones who claim censorship most at this juncture. My biggest frustration about all of this is that regardless of what side you are on, politics used to be "The Art of the Compromise" but now its "agree with me or I'll take my ball and go home." A lot of this has to do with the blurred lines between church and state, and social ideology intermingling with political action (history lesson available upon request). All I see right now is a country completely brought to its knees by polarization, lack of true willingness to debate and the politicalization of EVERY little fricking thing. I miss the halcyon days of Coke Vs. Pepsi, not Mask vs. No Mask or Vaccine vs. No Vaccine Enough already. Common sense needs to trump (no pun intended) individual liberty and we ALL need to get our collective heads out of our collective asses. That being said, did Healy's 3pt streak come to an end last night?
  12. NJIT just beat Vermont at Vermont in 2OT with a ridiculously ugly last second play. UMBC lost to Binghamton at home. If those two teams are actually decent...with the direction of our program, could be rough times ahead for us without any evolution of the program... One thing I noticed was the amount of off the ball movement, that we don't see nearly as much in our gym.
  13. Exactly. Its five years of futility. And as far as recruiting and things being the nature of D1. Vermont doesn't seem to have these issues...Add that to his weird fixation on ONLY caring about the conference games, which is not the way to get asses in the seats, get the community excited and build a constant winner...and it's time for a change.
  14. What has he done lately to warrant this? He hasn't done anything in five years... Go look at what the coach at Bryant has done in just a few years from a team that went 3-28... He hasn't evolved his coaching at ALL. He's coasting on reputation, deserved or otherwise.
  15. But it’s the same story the last five years. Losing all the close games and blowing good sized leads.
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