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  1. Then we have bigger problems than football. Btw, i was up in your neck of the woods the other day. St. Pete is a really cool area, especially on central and the pier is awesome.
  2. I feel like In years past we always had one big one and that was it. We already have two and the Rizzuto revenge games. Would love to see ‘Cuse on here at some point
  3. Wow. So far quite different than when we played six MAAC teams a year....plus, I believe these are money games, no? Or is it not like football in that respect?
  4. Wonder if this affects the Vermont investigation/has anything to do with the investigation. Although it says she's moving to a start up.
  5. Looks great. Assuming the football field UA is now going to be Damien II as well?
  6. Wow. I know we haven’t played a game but so far DK is flawless Next thing you know we’re gonna be taking SEFCU reno
  7. As much as we loved Fruscio, these guys seem like they may actually be able to play at this level.
  8. No skiing but instead of 2 weeks of spring break, we have a week in February we call ski week where people around here jet off to the mountains to get their snow in. Then another week in April.
  9. The thing I’m floored by is he’s not rebuilding. DK is loading up. And all these guys are athletes who can push the ball. This will not be a deliberate offense.
  10. But inland, those mosquitos are so big they might as well have driver's licenses.
  11. I just assume their either going to happy hour, coming from happy hour or hungover from happy hour. People drink here. A lot.
  12. I think we talked about this a little bit here, but this is becoming a bigger and bigger story up in Vermont
  13. Some interesting new 2022s here https://www.verbalcommits.com/schools/albany including a 7 foot 195 lb center. Get that boy some carbs!
  14. Awesome. I live on a course in the center of Naples, by the zoo. It's pretty fantastic having access to event just a range any time I want!
  15. Fernandez the bull catered my rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding. Best hot sauce ever! Corkscrew is crazy cool Did yiu golf down here?
  16. I meant for Eli! Ooff..that just sounds hot. We're about a mile, mile and a half from the gulf. Those breezes are helpful! 100%. See. we can agree on stuff You can have a street legal one. Here you can go on any road thats 30MPH or lower as long as you have a license plate, insurance, turn signals and mirrors. Yup..those jerks are dangerous. My wife is from here and we moved here recently for her to take over the family real estate biz. And yes, Hannity is here as well as Bret Baier and a few other people of that ilk. Stop reading now if you don't want any editorializing. The orange fuhrer was here last week at a 30k a plate dinner and I know a few of the people who were there and apparently all he did was drop f-bombs, bitch about McConnell and complain the election was rigged for 90 minutes. Even my diehard republican friends told hey were a little bored at that point and wanted more substance. And yes, he's running, so i'm thinking of cutting my cable in 2024. As far as the toads and the tide, Rick Scott lives here and ironically both of those issues are because of government de-regulation of Big Sugar during his time and lead to a lot of the red tide, which affects his house greatly since he has a mansion on the gulf! And as far as those toads, they were brought in to eat the bugs off the sugar cane...but they can't jump high enough to get at them!!!
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