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  1. Don't blame you guys for wanting this game. I blame our AD (John D'Argenio) for agreeing to it. But that's obviously not your problem. Here's to a good three year series. After that who knows. It will be funny if Siena fans scoop up 2500-3000 tickets and paint SEFCU Green and Gold No way for UAlbany to really prevent that from happening. How are they going to know who is buying the tickets?
  2. Maybe Will Brown should remember LCC in his head during the press conferences after the game. Losers Can't Complain
  3. Good game guys..Hymes carried Siena in the first half, OD in the second. I will admit we were lucky to only be down 8 at halftime. Downey and Hymes both banked shots in and we get some friendly bounces. In the second half- I thought Mitch outcoached Will Brown. I'm no Mitch fan but he had a solid gameplan tonight. Good luck the rest of the way- I'm sure you'll be a top 3 team in the AE.
  4. Good game, you got us. UA was better tonight, better gameplan..well coached.
  5. 2-0 for Danes Tonight :-) Congrats UA was the better team tonight. Hopefully you can say you beat a GOOD Siena team at the end of the year and not what happened in 2004-2005. UA was due to win a close one in this series. Aronhault was an assassin!
  6. You can't just judge Wignot by his numbers. His defense has been superb are got Siena back into the game yesterday. I would agree Black and Aronhalt might very well start on Siena. The question is can UA get someone else to step up against Siena? I've always liked Tim Ambrose but he hasn't been very inconsistent but dangerous. I just don't know how you'll be able to contend Rossiter or Anosike. Just because Rossiter had a bad game against Minnesota doesn't mean he can't play at the high-major level. When I say "one of the best" ... he's one of the best 50 big guys in the country (out of 341 D1 teams or so).
  7. Agree. Don't care who their players are. As long as that teams loses all is good. When they drive drunk and flunk out, I'll read the articles. Otherwise I skip them. The only initials are the ones that should have been used for the title of the tread, LCC. UA is playing very well. Impressed with the weekend you guys had in Detroit. Siena is playing pretty well too the last minute against Princeton notwithstanding. That's a brutal loss and Mitch has to take some heat for mismanaging the last minute. Siena wins that game and they are 3-3..with three road wins also against solid teams. But the fact is we are 2-4 and still up and down. Clarence Jackson is very streaky when he's hot he's a top self two guard in the MAAC. Rossiter is one of the best big man in the country..period. Owen Wignot is playing as well as he's ever played. He's finally play in control on offense and is shooting the ball well. I like Rakeem Brookins a lot he is going to be very good. Siena of course has all the pressure to win this game. UA circles this game every year on their schedule. Mitch has done a decent job I think but we must beat UA or face the wrath of the Siena fan base. I'll say Siena wins by 8 .. Wignot's defense on Logan Aronhalt being a major key. I would expect UA to "pack it in" against Rossiter and OD Anosike because they will have a hard time matching up inside. Siena has to shoot it well from outside. Should be a good game.. I expect a crowd in the 12K range with UA playing well.
  8. You guys are getting a big break if Brown goes. Next year will be another tough year for UA and Brown would get dumped anyway IMO. Might as well get a move on a new era. UAlbany is a MUCH better job than Dartmouth. The only reason Brown will take it is because he knows he's on the hot seat. Good luck with whatever happens with Brown.
  9. UA66 I had a couple of people (MTS to name one) who ocassionally post here and are even dumber than the average LCC fan in mind with that crack. If you believe the maac board, MTS applied there at least a few times and did not get accepted. I believe the admission standards are still exactly as you say. Stay Classy, Boob. Enjoy living in Siena's shadow.
  10. MTS If you want to know when the game is, just ask, but please keep the BS lines on the boards that they belong on. Yes, many Albany fans like this game, but I doubt many consider Siena a legitimate top 25 team. Sure they have a good team, top 60 perhaps. This guy you posted on the maac board said it the best I have seen so far. You might want to read it slowly and I put the link and the relevant part below for you. That being said, it looks like the game would be the day posted by others. That could be the same day as an UA post season football game should they win the NEC for the 3 straight year and the game that would have my priority even if I have to travel. Post season UA games always have priority to me over regular season UA games. Also, don't forget this is the only game Siena fans get to experience a college astrosphere without having to travel and being that you don't have any other teams at Siena you don't have to worry about potential conflicts. http://basketballpredictions.blogspot.com/...rs-part-ii.html "One thing to be careful about with Siena is that they played a bunch of great teams last season, but they didn't beat any of them (other than the Tournament game against Ohio State, of course). The RPI rewards you for losing to elite teams, but better computer rankings don't. So they had an RPI of 18th at the end of the MAAC tournament, but even the win over Ohio State and the close battle with Louisville only got their Sagarin PREDICTOR up to 60th in the nation. Pomeroy had them 59th. In other words, they maybe weren't as good as most analysts thought they were. Even though they should be better next year, that doesn't mean that they'll be more successful or that we should throw them into the Top 25, as some analysts are already doing." http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/columns/stor...&id=4105841 http://insider.espn.go.com/ncb/insider/new...%3fid%3d4106855 http://collegebasketball.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=933183 http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/story/11612659 http://msn.foxsports.com/cbk/story/9524532...reseason-Top-25 Hmmm CBS, FOX, ESPN (Katz and Gottlieb) and Rivals all have Siena in their top 25.. and a couple have them in their top 20. As we know these aren't biased Siena fans. Just the facts, folks.
  11. Can anybody confirm the date for the Siena-UA game in 2009? I have heard December 5th a Saturday at 7pm. That would make sense since the series usually is played lately on the first Saturday in December. Should be a fun game and special for UAlbany fans to be able to see their team play a potential top 25 team in their own back yard.
  12. Nice story. Congrats to Coach Brown and the UAlb program for stepping up when the community needed it. I echo Quack's thoughts; great job out of coach Brown. He is a good guy.
  13. Not to be picky but Siena's actually been to the NCAAs twice (2002 and 2008) since the rivalry was resumed!
  14. No player on the current Siena roster has ever lost to UAlbany. I think that streak continues to stay intact for at least the next two years. Anything I can but I really like Siena's chances. A lot.
  15. Slight topic change. MTS, are you going to the MAAC Lacrosse Championships this year? Siena is hosting, and their team was picked to finish first in their league. Guys, nobody cares about sports other than football and men's basketball. I'll give you football - congrats. Most small Catholic schools don't have big time football (unless you're BC or ND). And I would say this even if Siena had great teams in those sports. I believe Siena's women's volleyball team is really good. Of course, it's not a big deal. Quick, tell me who won the Men's golf championship in 2007? Or you would the men's tennis NCAA national championship? Now tell me who won the BCS championship game and the NCAA tournament championship game? The average college fan (and most die hards too) only cares about men's hoops and football. I'm not saying it's right but it is TRUE.
  16. Gonzaga, Marquette, Providence, George Mason, Xavier, and St. Joe's. What do they have in common? None of them field a football team even at the lowest level. I'm not comparing Siena to them as they all play in higher rated conferences but having a football program isn't the be all, end all. Those programs all seem to be doing pretty well. And I NEVER EVER predicted Siena would win the Old Spice tournament. I said it wasn't impossible. I'm realistic - it is a longshot with all of those good teams. I'd be happy with just one win and thrilled with two. Has UAlbany ever even particpate in a preseason tournament?
  17. Patch, still bitter about Albany being Siena's bitch?
  18. This recent success in men's basketball is about all that Siena's athletic program has to be excited about. Now please take that last bastion of hope and bring it back to your message boards. UA still has a lacrosse tournament to prepare for... We've been hearing for years how Albany is going to surpass Siena. Let's see it happen. Fact is, Albany hasn't won jack without Jamar Wilson. Let's see Albany win a title without the great player. Has Albany ever beaten a BCS school or even a high level mid-major for that matter (high level Atlantic-10, CAA, etc). Albany has a lot to do to surpass Siena. Because you won two American East titles with a great player doesn't make you a great program. And can Albany ever beat Siena? Hasn't happened in the last three years and I wouldn't hold my breath for the next two games either (assuming they happen).
  19. I'm obviously not comparing Siena's success to the Yankees’ success (or UAlbany to the Mets for that matter). It's more of an analogy of historical placement. There have been (and will be) years where the Mets will be in the team in New York, ditto for Albany here. However, by far, the Yankees are THE team in New York and Siena is THE team in Albany (and I know Albany is actually in Albany but Siena plays there). Siena is the top dog and will continue to be. That doesn't mean UAlbany won't have their moments when they're the top team (like the Mets were in the 80's). Stanford drawing 6200 wasn't terrible but it wasn't great. But they are a west coast team. If Siena brings in a good Villanova, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Boston College, etc.. you would have saw at least 8-9K. Now back to the game this year – is it on Dec. 6 do you know?
  20. Thanks for the pick-up. I'll post that on the Siena board. Any word if the Siena-UA game is officially on for next year? It looks like the series will continue. I heard something about a Dec. 6 date - anyone hear that over at Albany? Thanks I heard nothing about the LCC game, but then again that game wasn't important enough to ask anything about. Wow. Remember Albany needs that game more than Siena does. Siena = Yankees UAlbany = Mets MTS, We've been through this already....go find someone/anyone who can bring 12K people into your cave and then I'll believe you. And if you want to know why people love to hate Siena fans....it's because of arrogant statements like that....Siena=Yankees. Sure it does....in 30 years you made the NCAA's 4 times, winning two games. Sure, winning two games is commendable and 2 more wins then UA has but stop with the stupid Yankee comparisons. There's a few BCS schools that certainly could (yeah I know Stanford didn't). They are probably on the east coast. The problem of being an excellent mid-major program is that no BCS teams will have the guts to play us for the foreseeable future at the TUC.
  21. Thanks for the pick-up. I'll post that on the Siena board. Any word if the Siena-UA game is officially on for next year? It looks like the series will continue. I heard something about a Dec. 6 date - anyone hear that over at Albany? Thanks I heard nothing about the LCC game, but then again that game wasn't important enough to ask anything about. Wow. Remember Albany needs that game A LOT more than the premiere sports team in the Capital Region (Siena) does. Siena = Yankees UAlbany = Mets
  22. Thanks for the pick-up. I'll post that on the Siena board. Any word if the Siena-UA game is officially on for next year? It looks like the series will continue. I heard something about a Dec. 6 date - anyone hear that over at Albany? Thanks
  23. Fran makes around $350,000 total salary. So UMass would have to pay Fran $700,000 approx to double his salary. Plus, Fran has a $700,000 buyout clause. Fran isn't going to UMass. It's BCS or bust. I really don't have any idea if he is wanted by UMass or if he would go, but the salary increase at UMass would be a larger increase that Fran got when he left either of his first 2 jobs and the jump in schools also would be larger than either of his first 2 jumps. Up until a month ago, UMass had been to the Final 4 a lot more recently than Siena had been to the second round. Umass cheated to get to that final four. It's no longer in the record books according to the NCAA. I believe Fran went to Siena to eventually land a BCS job, not an A10 job. Again, do you think UMass will pay a buyout that high? I doubt it.
  24. Fran makes around $350,000 total salary. So UMass would have to pay Fran $700,000 approx to double his salary. Plus, Fran has a $700,000 buyout clause. Fran isn't going to UMass. It's BCS or bust.
  25. Brown would probably take the UMass job. Fran wouldn't consider it. And UMass would not be paying his buyout either. Why won't Fran consider it? Too much of a step up for him? After all it took him 3 jobs just to get to Siena :rolleyes: Fran has BCS aspirations, that’s why. Siena has sent coaches straight to the ACC and Big East. Albany hasn't. UMass doesn't pay much more than Siena and Fran has a huge buyout. If I've said it once I've said it a million times, it’s BCS or bust for Fran. Put yourself in Fran’s shoes, why run off a middling A10 job when you hit the jackpot in a year from now with a Big East or ACC job? Fran will be Siena’ coach in 2008-2009, print it!
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