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Tuesday Trivia-9/7

Dane Pound

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Name the two former Albany football players who've physically disarmed would-be gunman in hostage situations. These were both separate incidents and occured in the captial district.


I realize this is a weird question.

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You guys are all wrong. It was Dakari (known to his friends as DAK)....one of our best lineman ever. I was in the LC hall two doors down taking my sports med final. Dakari tackled the gunman while SWAT and other armed forces were in the corridor behind the LC (where the podium in the front of the room is). One other football player and one other friend of ours was involved. The shooter believed the govt place a microchip in his leg or something. He was a former part time student.


One student was shot, my fraternity brother was one of the first paramedics on the scene. The kid had a bullet hole in his groin which exited his torso. I believe Mary Lou WHitney paid a years tuition for him and then the kid sued the school and SUNY.

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I was not referring to SAWACHUCK....that is correct....it was the others.


BUT I AM SO GLAD YOU, AS USUAL, having nothing else to offer but ripping others and splitting hairs.


I really am starting to believe you might be a tool.....but then again...maybe I AM ALL WRONG!

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Ok...considering many STILL dont know what happened in that room, let me explain quickly what happened via Dakari, Tommy A, my little brother (frat little bro who is Tom's best friend and was in the room) and about 10 other friends, paramedics and two ALBANY P.O's, both of who were Albany grads (one a former gridder)...ALL WHO WERE PRESENT.


McEnany freaked....tried to run out and it caught the gunman's eye. The gunman fired a shot and this let DAKARI tackle the gunman....FIRST. ALexander came in after the tackle to help Dakari....and was slightly slashed. The P.O's and SWAT rushed through the tunnel door entrance....and that was all she wrote.


There has been so much half-assed reporting on the incident that 90% of what you read is bull$iena....including stuff from the University.

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Dak's last name was Simpson, Dak Simpson. It was really no surprise to find him breaking up the Tortorrici thing since he did stuff like that all the time. I saw him break up many fights during my time at Albany. He was kind of the Dutch Quad bouncer during his time there. He was also my suitemate one year.


I was starting to think no one would get this one. I can't belive Alum92 knew the lacrosse player too.

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Ok.....DP....i am starting to think we have to know each other. IF Dak was your suitemate.....we probably met before. Were you acquaintances with our other Brooklyn boys, Joe Dima and Randy Mack? Dak's


BTW, I took Daks name out because there was no need....until I was called out the real story.


What I wrote...was the REAL STORY. The school reported other stuff to save there own asses (and if I remember correct it worked...they only had to pay out a small $$ settlement to McEnenany).

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96, once again you make an idiotic post then resort to lame name-calling.


You said, and I quote: "You guys are all wrong."


Yet, prior to your post, there was 1 correct answer and 1 incorrect answer.


So unless Alumni 92 (the incorrect poster) is somehow a double-headed mutant, then "you guys" shouldn't be used unless you are a greasy mobster from Brooklyn, in which case it's "yous" with an "s".


I see that you conveniently went back and edited your post, however, so that you could erase the part where you said Alexander was not involved, even though someone later pointed out that the University believes he was.

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