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It was very nice the way the schedule worked out yesterday. 3 different sports had games against Stony Brook.

Volleyball-Albany 3-1 over the Brook

Soccer-Albany 3-0 over the Brook

Football- Albany 27-22 over the Brook.


Bazan with 230 yards rushing is insane. Still in the conference hunt with Central Conn and Monmouth playing next week.

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Who are we rooting for in the Monmouth - CCSU game? My thought is to hope for a CCSU victory, so that if (a really big if) we run the table, we will wind up tied with CCSU but having won head-to-head.


By the way, last night was the first time this season I've listened to a radio broadcast of one of our games. Are they the regular broadcasters? The one who tries to sound like Stephen A. Smith is a little hard to take. Will he be doing basketball games, too?

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Who are we rooting for in the Monmouth - CCSU game? My thought is to hope for a CCSU victory, so that if (a really big if) we run the table, we will wind up tied with CCSU but having won head-to-head.  -statefan

you've got it ... we'll see what happens next weekend ... sets the table for 11/13 @UA

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I have to agree with you Statefan. Horrid announcers. I was never a fan of Rodger Wyland until now. Those two guys last night made him sound like Chris Berman. Would have been nice to have that game on TV. Showed people a glimpse of the future at UA by looking at SBU's stadium.


Great game anyway. Bazan is like another running back in there. If he could just throw he'd be an all-american.


Lets start recruiting fans for next weeks game now. Tailgating in the RACC parking lot starting at 11:00am. We need a big crowd to turn out. Spread the word ourselves, because you know the marketing department won't.

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I was in attendance at SBU as were several Alumni, some I did not recognize. I was extremely impressed with the facility but there was only 3500 people there, that was disappointing. They were loud I must admit. CAN"T WAIT FOR ALBANY"S!!!


I spent some time speaking with a couple of parents that were watching the game. Jon Volpe's dad came up from Virginia. I noticed this kid got a ton of playing time spelling Jermaine Lee and Andre Coleman. He looks bigger then the roster states. Anyways his father said he was considering William & Mary as well as James Madison, but neither school wanted to give a full ride, only partial. He and his dad were very impressed by Albany's coaching staff. GOOD FOR ALBANY, he is gonna be outstanding. He flushed their QB from the pocket several times.


Spoke with Colin Disch's dad. Also a super nice guy. He said his kid was looked at by Colgate, Brown, and Stony Brook. He could not qualify academically for Colgate or Brown and was not imprressed with SBU, even with the stadium. Again, good for Albany. This kid as you know plays a fantastic game!


Finally. Gary Jones....was in the Buffalo Bills camp and was cut and I am told WILL BE playing NFL Europe this spring. Thats all I know.

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1. Gary Jones was interviewed at half time of the St. Peter's game - mentioned that he played in NFL Italy.

2. I am not clear on how kids like Volpe and Disch end up at UA - they pay out of state tuition. My only thought is that they become independent (from a financial aid perspective) after a year and then get scholarship dollars to cover the difference between instate and out of state.

3. UA needs a facility for recruiting - if nothing else. At some points kids are going to want to see more than just a refurbished lockerroom. Not sure they need 10 to 15k seats.

4. Hard to believe that CCSU is this good all of a sudden. I know there was some turmoil last year and they have a new coach. I think it's a fluke, wouldn't be surprised if they lost to Albany, Monmouth and Stony Brook. Just my opinion

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