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Saturday versus Hartford

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I am excited to see how our team performs against Hartford on Saturday. Although we have a better record than them right now (3-3 compared to 2-3), their last game was a solid defeat over Long Island by 15 points, just 3 days after we lost to them at St. Rose.


The team, and certainly most of us, felt that UAlbany should have been ranked higher in the pre-season AE poll. Hartford was picked 6th with 34 points to our 28. If we really see ourselves as one of the better teams in the AE this season, then this is a game that is very important for us to win.


I am also interested in seeing if Q ends up starting at the sacrafice of Iati. The Games Notes for Saturday on the Athletics website has the "probable starters" being the regular Wilson, Iati, Jordan, Levine, and Zoellner line-up, with Q listed first in the "top reserves" section. Interesting to see if Coach Brown sticks with that rotation after 2 great games from Q in the starting role.

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Iati had shoulder surgery last year after it was a problem throughout his senior year and the pre-season. Let's hope it's not the same shoulder problem.


That said, Q should be the starter with iati backing up the guards. Q is bigger and very sound fundamentally, Iati would be a great lift off the bench by draining some 3's.

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Maybe our scoop reporter Mark Singelais could shed some light for us???


I am amazed with the amount of publicity the Saints are still getting with a 2-7 record. It seems like they have a story in the paper every day as compared to UAlbany's limited game-day only articles.


I don't want to read about the second-best Division I team in the area!!!!! Give me a Iati update!!!

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It's starting to get scary!!!!


We are suppose to be much improved this year????


And the "ROY" sophmore jinx has hit again, last year it was Jamar now it's Iati. If it's the same shoulder he had operated he could be in trouble, 3 games could wind up being a redshirt season just like Jamar.


Put that on top of Lillis's broken wrist, which could also wind up being a redshirt season. (Four weeks in a cast and then rehab, he could be questionable for this season.)


For the New Year I'm wishing for health for the Hoopers.


This time of the year I hate to be pessimistic but to me this scenarion is scary.

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As someone who has been around numerous labrum tears, I wouldnt think IATI is going to be anywhere but redshirted if it is torn, even partially. One hit to a partial tear could mean the end of the season. Labrum surgery is MAJOR surgery and a good 6 month rehab.


I hope the diagnosis is not final.

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Iati is at the game limit right now but if he chooses to play and is injured they can appeal to the NCAA.


Hopefully, it all works out the best for John!!!!!!!


Other than Lucious, Jamar and Levi everyone in the top "8" has had a pretty serious injury this season (one which keeps them out of practice a week or more) and Jamar and Levi have both sat out games.


Not a great way to start a turn around season, hopefully they'll get it together and play well at Hartford, I will listen intensely, this would be a great "W" to lift the Teams spirits.

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