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Siena Fans

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I figured $iena fans would go thru these stages: first, Albany got lucky, second, denial that they've been overtaken, and finally, accusing Albany of cheating, cutting academic corners, running a dirty program, yada, yada, yada... anything to maintain their illusions (or delusions)

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I definitely agree about the student attendence part. It's always tough to get them out to the game. Whenever I tell my friends to come with me to them, I always hear the story they have been fed by other students who have been here in years prior when we weren't that good and/or our program wasn't playing attractive teams.


I've convinced a lot of friends to come based on us playing teams like 'Cuse (most had no idea) and how close the game with 'Nova (again, most were amazed to here that) was.


I have been (and am) Orientation Assistant here on campus for the past two years and give the bus tour of the city of Albany and campus part of the conferences. I routintely point out how well our teams are doing (like having the past 2 Conferene Rookies of the Year for men's bball) and always mention the big game against Siena at the Pepsi. Might as well start the attraction to our teams as soon as they take a step onto our concrete palace.


A lot of my dressing up with the gold wig and such (although I love doing it) is just to get my friends to come and see me make a fool out of myself...because I know they will get hooked like I have been!


I agree with AlbanyObserver....we WILL have 4,500 at the Big Purple Growl when we rip New Hampshire for the 2nd time in the season...first being TONIGHT.

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I don't recall any Siena fan accusing Albany of cheating?!  Not sure where that statement came from.

They generally haven't yet, it's just my prediction if they lose three straight to Albany. I've seen the high regard they have for Iona.


Also expect more complaints about the resources available to public schools.

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Hey Guys,


I'm a Siena grad that was there during the late 80s/early 90s "glory days" of Brown, Robinson, McCoy and later, Bennerman. Those teams were really great and it was fun to watch them sneak up on the big guys and kick their asses often. Unfortunately, while the program was awesome then, it's in shambles now. Rob Lanier is in way over his head and needs to go after this season.


I live in NYC now, but am planning a couple of weekend trips up north to see the Danes and Siena. I love what Will Brown has done with the UA program and was not at all surprised by the ass-kicking that UA heaped on Siena earlier this year. In fact, I warned the arrogant posters on our board to take UA seriously. In any case, I love the revived rivalry - it's great for Albany, which needs all the excitement it can get.


Good luck to you guys the rest of the way and I look forward seeing the Danes live in '05!




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Much like the previous poster I am also a Siena fan and I too expected the beating we got this year (congrats to UA).


Before you guys go off thinking you're headed to a sweet 16 in a few years keep in mind that you're in much the same boat as every other mid-major including Siena.


You will lose your coach! I know what Brown said in the paper. That's similar to what Mike Deane said before he left Siena :-)


All coaches...hell, most people, want to achieve the most they can. Tell me if an ACC, Big East or Big Ten team offered Will Brown a 4 year $500K / year contract he'd say "...naw, I love Malta." Heck, I live in Malta and I love this area but not even being a coach I could retire on that kind of money even if I went O-fer.


I think the rivalry is great between Siena and UA but I don't see either school making the jump to the big time. Keep in mind too that once we get a new coach (I believe it is inevitable - be it this year or next) we'll be back in the mix. All those positives SC fans like to post about - they really are postives and they do provide a recruiting advantage.


Good luck the rest of the year.

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Very good posts, from both of you guys. The one thing we have to remember is this: UA HAS A VERY GOOD FOOTBALL PROGRAM, one that is receiving a nice fat stadium in a few years. IF, as expected, the shakeup of the BE and A-Ten trickles on down, UA is in a prime position to be part of one of the many much speculated conferences (one of which could be a formation of the AE-CAA along football lines). This is the benefit of having an all-around program, something that, if I was a Siena fan, would frustrate me. For as much success as Siena has enjoyed, the athletic program on a whole has not parlayed it into a success story.


You are right, Siena will be back, however outside of academics and hoops, Siena is not an attractive athletic program. The rivalry is great and I guarantee that in 5 years, the Pepsi will be sold-out, with students camping out for their student tickets...NO DOUBT!


As for Brown, he will leave if he is offered a big-time job, no doubt. However, if UA can up its profile, get some money flowing and he enjoys a similar success as Coach Wolfe at BU, he may not jump ship just because of his family and the fact that like Coach Ford, he will become revered. Sure, he can make a quick buck or two at a big school, but those Big Time jobs have big time pressures, something he may or may not want to deal with.


Is it probable he will leave? Yeah, but it will have to be a Big East or ACC school in my opinion.

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You will lose your coach!  I know what Brown said in the paper.  That's similar to what Mike Deane said before he left Siena :-)


All coaches...hell, most people, want to achieve the most they can.  Tell me if an ACC, Big East or Big Ten team offered Will Brown a 4 year $500K / year contract he'd say "...naw, I love Malta."  Heck, I live in Malta and I love this area but not even being a coach I could retire on that kind of money even if I went O-fer.

But Brown was a Division II player, Division II assistant, JC head coach, and now a HC at a mid-level startup program. I don't think the BE or ACC would hire somebody with that kind of resume, he'd probably have to spend some years as an assistant at a BCS school first, then land a head job at a two-bid conference.


Not all coaches move up either - Phelan spent how many years at Mount St. Mary's? and it's possible that the pay at the next (not top) level isn't so much more that he'd want to leave for a bad program (the ones usually hiring) in Olean or Boise.


I suspect he'll need four or five GREAT years at Albany before he gets the kind of attention that leads to a much higher level job. If we get the five years, I'll wish him luck if he leaves.


"Only successful generals become dictators. Bring me victories, and I will risk the dictatorship" - Lincoln

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