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Siena Fans

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You know, earlier in the year we questioned what would happen if UA beat Siena and Siena had a crappo season. We all figured there would be some turmoil.


If you guys want some sheer comedy read that site. It is quite comical, all the way to the top. I thank the lord I am 30 and believe fighting is stupid. IF not, I probably would have won that Pepsi Pugilist award after this week.


In any event, if there are any psychologists on this board, ummm....there are some fans over there with some delusional visions. They need to talk out there issues.

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Are you nuts, those on the Siena site are experts.


They have the Pepsi and the fan base!


They have the TU!


They can attract talent that UA could only dream about!


They are the "Jewel of the MAAC" they desire to be the Gonzaga of the East!


They are the rationale ones!


They have an RPI of 276 and a Pomeroy of 288!!!!


The MAAC they are the Jewel of is ranked 27/32!


We should pay atention and pay homage to any program that successful!


We are still putting our program together, this is Coach Brown's first full team and we're 236 RPI and 215 Pomeroy. The AE is ranked 16/32

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Siena does have a great tradition. The men's team has been at the Division 1 level for nearly 30 years, participated in three NCAA tournaments (winning two games), plays in a premier facility, and has an average fan base of ~6-7K. Throughout the years the program has beaten teams from the Big East, ACC, PAC-10, Big 10, Big-12, and A-10 conferences.

Furthermore, the program has had fantastic coaches that have had very successful college basketball careers- Mike Deane, Paul Hewitt, and Louis Orr!!


I think Siena fans do have a reason to brag about their program.

UAlbany is putting together a fantastic program, but will soon realize how difficult it is to do well year in and year out at this level. Siena is in a slump right now, but has a bright future with some really exciting freshman players.

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Saints 73 - welcome to our board. I have a question for you. Prior to this season's Albany - Siena game, some of us who followed Albany and Siena in the early 70s were discussing the 1972 game at University Gym, which ended with the brawl, precluding the final minute plus from being played. In all these years, I have never heard the Siena version of it and I was hoping that if you were there, you might care to share your memories. If you feel you are being set up for an ambush and choose not to respond, I will certainly understand; but I can assure you, as far as I'm concerned I'm just curious and until this very moment, never thought about seeking a Siena fan's perspective.

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Saint 73


Welcome, I for one am aware of the Saints tradition and respect all they've done in the past.


I'm just tired of hearing Siena posters rave about their greatness, the Pepsi Arena and their 6-7000 fan base. That's all great, but after almost 30 years of DI play the last 4 years they are a .500 club.


I am tired of hearing how they are the Jewel of the MAAC.


I am tired of hearing that UA can't recruit players of the same talent that the Saints because Siena has all the above mentioned advantages. Hell the Saints recruited 5 "Great Guards" and they still don't have a true PG.


It's all BS.


This is the first time UA has had a full team of potential DI players and we have already taken it to you by 21 on your homecourt in front of your fans in the "Glorious" Pepsi Arena, how about a visit to the RACC where you can have second choice of seating.


Haddix was going to destroy us and he had a nice game with 18 and 10 meanwhile no one else was in double figures. The Danes had 2 guys with 20 and all 5 starters in double figures. How about a little "RESPECT".


Next year is another year and we will see what happens. But there should be a true rivalry not only for that 1 game but for the bragging rights of Capitol Region supremacy.


UA is still in its infancy stages but we have matured enough to look the almost 30 year old DI Saints square in the eyes and not be intimidated! Also remeber the Saints are a one sport athletic program where the Danes are very well rounded.


I hope the Saints turn it around this year but I truly wish your fans could open their eyes and take an honest look at what's going on. There is more than Siena Basketball going on at the DI level in the Capitol Region.

Edited by Patch
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I was at the game in the Albany gym that ended in a brawl. My memory is somewhat clouded by time and pharmacueticals. I believe, however, there were Siena fans sitting in the bleachers directly across from APA and Potter Club State fans. With about 2+ minutes remaining, and Albany ahead, a couple of Siena fans came down onto the court and either held up a sign or yelled something exceptionally profane. A group of Albany fans, which included Rudy Vito, a notable on Albany's new football 'club', confronted the Siena fans. Fistacuffs ensued on the court, in front of the Siena bench. The refs ended the game at that point with Albany ahead.


The sweetest win though was in 1977 at Siena. The final meeting. D1 Siena vs D3 Albany. Doc vs Kirsch.


Patch. Old Dog, -- were either of you at Albany's first NCAA post-season appearance in Syracuse? We lost in the opening round to Wagner, and beat LeMoyne 71-70 in the consilation game. I believe the year was 1970.

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I was there at the NCAA, it was the end of the 1968-69 season. After getting beaten by Wagner by 45 (still our worst defeat ever), then down by 20 and hearing a LeMoyne fan yell to a quiet crowd "what are these guys doing in a tournament?", coming back for the last-second win. A fitting cap to Margison's career.

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I guess I go back a little further. Some of my favorite players were Don Cohen, sienafan Crossett, and Dan Zeh. I never saw Gary Holway play while he was at Albany, but I did play some pick up games with and against him while we were working one summer at the Whiteface Mountain Atmospheric Sciences Research Center of SUNYAlbany, as it was known in those days. Even in pickup games, Holway was one tough SOB. I can still feel the bruises, even the ones I got from him while playing on his side. No wonder he held Albany scoring records for so many years. He was a tremendous competitor. I heard stories that he would shoot pool against himself, i.e. right hand against the left hand, and would be tee-off at whatever hand lost the game.

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No, I was not at the Siena -Albany game in the early 1970's that ended in a brawl -to answer one of the posted questions.


I want to address a couple comments since my last post.

First, I would not minimize Siena's win in the Play-in game of the NCAA tournament a few years ago. Beating any NCAA team is a difficult challenge. Furthermore, Siena only lost to eventual champ Maryland by 15 pts. and was within 10 pts. in the second half (not bad against a team with 4 future NBA players).


Second, Siena has had a very good season within the last four years. If you remeber, two years ago Siena made it to the second round of the NIT. That season we beat Providence and Villanova, and only lost to 15th ranked Xavier by ~6 pts.


Finally, yes Albany is playing much better this year. But those of you at the Siena-Albany game, remember it was tied with about 6 minutes left and the final score does not accurately reflect the competitiveness of the game.


Again, I think Albany is having a solid year thus far and deserves alot of credit which will come with time.

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Finally, yes Albany is playing much better this year. But those of you at the Siena-Albany game, remember it was tied with about 6 minutes left and the final score does not accurately reflect the competitiveness of the game. - S73


That's why the game is 40 minutes. One of the posters on the Siena site posted that except for short segments just about all Siena's losses could have been wins. If the Saints had hung around and were forced to foul at the end and lost by 10 or so that's one thing but when you are taken behind the woodshed and pound by 21 that's another story, especially at your Home Court, "the infamous Pepsi Arena" with your multitudes of rabid fans and season ticket holders.


Remember from posters on the Siena site you guys have higher quality and more talented recruits, more depth and of course Haddix. You should never lose to a DI program that is coming off a 5 win season and fielding its first true DI full team of athletes.


No doubt Siena has some great highlights in its past but since the start of the 2001/2002 season the Saints are 55-55, mediocre. But if you listen to the Saints Fans and posters they are the "Jewel of the MAAC" and the soon to be the "Gonzaga of the East".


I for one would not minimize a NCAA play in game, I hope the Danes get the opportunity.


I just feel for all the hoopla you guys spout you should be very good every year. You do have a great fan base, a great great facility and no other sports to drain funds and attention from basketball.

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