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UA at UNH Predictions

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Don't get me wrong. I'll take 65-64 as long as Albany is on top. But I think they should be able to handle this team. Guard play should be the big difference. Not sure how good there freshman are, but they did not have anyone that could handle Jamar two years ago, I doubt they have anyone that can handle Jamar, Jordan, and Lillis now.

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I am very interested in how Kirsten plays(a double double would be nice) and how our freshman duo of Lillis and Wilson play.


It appears to me that B. Wilson may finally be settling in and is comfortable shooting the ball. It's amazing how he appears to be very composed on the court for a Frosh.


Lillis is still adjusting having been out so long, but he sure isn't afraid to mix it up. Against BU I was impressed when late in the game he took an Offensive Board and almost put it back with a 2 hand dunk but there were too many bodies in front of him so he had to drop it in from about 2'.


We should be able to score but we must start defending better. 2-1 in the AE would be nice, especially with the 2 wins - "road wins".

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I had one of my brothers with me who has never seen Albany play. He hated to see Lillis leave the game. -McFan


I think many of us are feeling the same way. I can't wait until he he starts scoring a little to keep teams honest. Right now I believe he still isn't (wind wise) in playing shape. He sure is a no nonsense, high energy, in your face guy on the court.


Lillis and Brent Wilson are going to be very good players for the Danes for four years.


We have hit some bumps in the road early on but we have so much promise that the future looks great. We should be a formidable opponent come tourney time. For the second year in a row the Danes will do it without the previous seasons "AE ROY".


The Coaching staff has done a phenominal job when you think of Levi & Jamar, Iati & Q, Lucious & Kirsten and now B. Wilson & Lillis - to name just a few solid contributors.

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I'm very wary of NH this year. They are not the same team as last year. As much as we can say our freshmen and transfers have transformed our team, I think NH can say at least their new guys have improved their team at least half to the same extent.


That said, I think UA will come out on top. I think we have a score to settle from the end of last year. As someone else posted, a 1-pt win will be sufficient.

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"We’re just scratching the surface," Brown said. "If everyone was healthy there’s no way we’d be 5-6 right now. Not even close. I think we’re good enough to beat any team in our league, home or away."


A quote from Brown in the New Hampshire paper. Interesting - I don't think that there were injuries at Wagner or Lehigh. Levi was suspended for LIU. Those are the three games that they sould have won. I think Lillis was injured for LIU.

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