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Hey everyone. I hope you don't mind a post or two from the "opposition". It's great to see Albany and Bing playing a meaningful game for a change. This should be one of the best rivalries in the AE now and for years to come.


As for the game, it definitely sounds like Bing got off to a great start, though by no means do I think the game is out of reach for Albany. I'm guessing Albany came out a bit stiff, given the importance of the game -- this may be the biggest game of the year for the Danes. Also, it sounds like a great (and really loud) crowd at the Events Center -- obviously not the best environment for a visiting team.


Should be interesting to see how the Danes look after the break. I'm betting they'll be much looser in the second half. Also, Bing needs to be concened about foul trouble for their big men. I don't like our odds if it comes down to our guards versus yours in the final five minutes. Your guys can shoot the lights out when they get hot


We'll see . . . . 34-16 Bing at the half.

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Not a good game at all.....10 Turnovers at the half...and they were shooting 2-13 at one point....picked it up in the second half which was positive to see.....but a game we shouldve won.


Lets hope they can bounce back on Saturday vs. Maine (Both men and women will be on WCDB....so listen up!)

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This game can be summed up with two key stats:


1) Jamar -- 1 assist, 8 turnovers. He needs to stop being erratic with the ball at times. First-team all-conference players don't put up these kind of numbers.


2) K-Zo and Lou shoot a combined 2 for 16.


For a team that knows how to score points, we sure know how to turn off the switch as well. I don't understand how we can be so inconsistent.


Was this a game we weren't excited to play????? I guess playing in front of 3,000 on the road doesn't inspire us. We use to be a solid road team, but now have lost four in a row away from the RACC.


I hate to say it, but this performance makes Saturday become a must-win.

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Adding to the "I hate to say this" list, this team possesses athleticism and basketball skills but has yet to develop mental toughness. The question becomes "How can they develop that mental toughness to win consistently?"

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The third time this year they've taken a two game winning streak and then thrown in a clunker. Disappointing and this is what seperates teams at the top from teams in the middle of the pack. Taking nothing away from Bing who is playing really well. I guess those calls to fire Walker are going to stop.

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You just can't shoot 11% for the first half and 28% for the game on the road and be competitive.


Especially when opposing role players Jackson and Fithian combine to shoot 9 for 11 including 4 of 5 from three.


Let's remember other than last night and Vermont at Vermont we have been in every AE contest. Though at times we have struggled I'm willing to say last night besides being a nightmare game was an abberation.


We have to get Lucious out of his offensive funk.

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It just looks like we don't have the hunger to be an upper echelon team in the league. We had a chance to separate ourselves from the middle of the pack and didn't.


The worst thing that could have happened last night, happened. We got blown out and at the place where we will be playing the conference tourney. We have to return there in another month as well probably to play Binghamton in front of twice as many people this time -- a sellout crowd of 5,500. I just don't think our kids realized how important last night was. And now they will have to return to their house of horrors in early March.

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It just looks like we don't have the hunger to be an upper echelon team in the league. We had a chance to separate ourselves from the middle of the pack and didn't. - AlbanyObserver


I don't think we realize what the loss of "Rookie of the Year" Jon Iati has meant to this team offensively. He gives us another offensive dimension, pressures & stretches the defense and improves our depth and rotation.


I do agree that for some reason this group seems to lack the mental toughness needed to be an upper echelon team.


I expect more but maybe it's tougher than we think to make the jump from the basement directly to the Penthouse.

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