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Stony Brook - Men

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I think this is going to be a tough contest, despite the fact we are well-rested. We can't overlook them. Because this is basically a rivalry game, you can throw out the records. I was impressed with SBU the last time we played because they never gave up when we should have put the hammer down on them and won the game by 20 points. I wish this game was on television.


I am sure our NYC guys (Jamar, Levi and Q) will be excited to play down there.


Also, we need to keep the momentum going. I think our program had a goal to win 15 games this year and winning this game brings us closer to that mark. The Northeastern game on Sunday will probably have an AE Tourney feel to it. The reason I say that is because that is my prediction for the AE Tourney championship game -- UAlbany at Northeastern ;)

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Very tough game for the Danes.


Macarachuk has the refs in his pocket downstate. At home SBU can be very, very tough.


I wouldn't be surprised to see K pick up 2 quick ones and I wouldn't be surprised if Jamar had a hard time getting to the free throw line.


Let's hope we play well and come away with a "W".


We need good games from LU and Levi and a solid shooting performance from Brent.

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I agree, despite SBU's record, this will be a very tough game. I still think Santiago won't do as well (HOPEFULLY!!..lol) against us this game as it seemed like he had a hot hand. But still, very tough on the road with the rivalry and all. Even Pomeroy just predicts us with a 54% chance and a win by 2..VERY CLOSE. Hopefully we pull this one out.

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Just shows you that all road conference games are tough ones. Very disappointed in our first half at Stony Brook. However, playing Senior Night games is not an easy task. Don't underestimate the Seawolves. They have the talent to knock off the #2 seed in the tourney. They beat BU last year.


You know this league has come a long way when UMBC with a seven-game losing streak almost knocks off Vermont at home.


We have nothing to lose on Sunday at Northeastern so hopefully the guys will come out and play loose. The Huskies are hot!!!

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Somebody help me out if I'm missing something.


Bing and Maine are both 7-10 and Stony Brook is 6-11. If Bing and Maine both lose and the Brook wins (against UNH) that's three teams at 7-11. Bing swept Maine and split with the Brook, Maine swept the Brook so I have no idea how they figure that out. My guess is whover beat the higher seed. Maine's best win is against Northeastern, SB's best win is over Albany and Bing's best win is over Albany.

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Actually the AE site has the scenerios this morning. I'm not sure why Stony Brook can't get above the 7 seed but here it is:


Albany (9-8, 13-13) is the No. 4 seed.


Binghamton (7-10, 10-16) and Maine (7-10, 12-14) are battling for the No. 5 and 6 seeds. A Beatcat win or a Black Bear loss and Binghamton is the No. 5 seed.


Maine (7-9, 12-13) will be either the No. 5 or No. 6 seed.


Stony Brook (6-11, 11-15) is the No. 7 seed.

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