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Friday Poll

Dane Pound

How have the men's team done so far this year?  

21 members have voted

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I thought they would be above .500 in conference play - they may end right at .500.


I think that the good start inflated some expectations. When I look at the conference games, the only one that I can say was not a good loss was UMBC. Binghamton and Stony Brook are going to be tough on the road.


They are doing good, would be great to win a tournament game.

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I was thinking about this question before the poll was posted. Before the season began, I had contemplated starting a string similar to one I had seen on other boards, which is a complete this sentence type question; "I would consider the season successful if _____."


For myself, my responses would have been , if :


(A) we beat Siena, OR

(B) we finish with a .500 record, OR

© we finish .500 in the conference, OR

(D) we win a game in the AE tournament


While, looking at the season today, I think we could have accomplished a little more, to be honest, if someone told me on November 15 that we'd beat Siena, my answer would have been that I'd be satisfied with the season.

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I wish we had a preseason poll because hind sight is so much better than forsight.


I found the number of close losses very, very disappointing.


Woulda, coulda, shoulda!!!!!


But being we went the entire conference schedule without Jon Iati I am surprised we got to 9-9 ( actually it could have easily been 11-7).


In the two seasons previous to this one we won a total of 12 games overall and 6 in AE play. That's in 2 seasons.


Winning 13 Games in one season and 9 in AE play in one season I guess is very good, especially when for the 2nd season in a row we play without the previous season's "Rookie of the Year".


What I don't understand is how does the Coaching staff continually get talented players to come to a losing program which has no DI tradition..


Levi - 1000pts - 1 year remaining


Jamar - ROY - 2 years remaining


Iati - ROY - 3 years remaining


Lillis and Wilson - "The Iowa Connection" both will wind up being very good AE players - both 3 years remaining


"Q" came actually as a walk on - sorry to see him go


Transfers LU and ZO - 1 year remaining


That's 8 contributing players over the last three seasons and 7 return next year.


Lets hope this continues as we are set to reach for the stars next season if everyone stays healthy and a new player or 2 make solid contributions.

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Patch and Statefan,


Great points, guys! I agree with every word you posted.


Next year should be real fun. I am looking forward to the first RAAC sellout ever! And it will be different from other large crowds in the past in that people will be attending to see us play, rather more to see the opponent.

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