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Ladies the Rodney Dangerfield of the AEast

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Ebony Woods scored 21 points off of us in the regular season, while Lindsay Adams dropped 23 on us at the BPG this year.


All conference selections were announced today....with alot of dissapointments/surprises


Womens All Conference Selections


Heres where I get to vent....how in the world did Danielle Hutcheson not win player of the year...apparently leading the league in blocks (1.63 bpg), offensive rebounds (3.81 orpg), overall rebounds (9.9rpg), being 4th in scoring (15.2ppg), and drawing triple teams EVERY game doesnt do it.


Kim Corbitt is a great player, and definatley should have won defensive player of the year, but the stats do not add up for her offensively, shes 23rd in scoring (9.3 ppg), and not even in the top 20 in rebounding.


I feel Hutch got snubbed badly, but this should give her motivation to dominate against UNH. Any thoughts??


BTW, Craig and I will be bringing you coverage of all of Albanys tournament games, starting Thursday 830pm tipoff...#6 UAlbany vs. #3 UNH....tune in to WCDB 90.9FM or live on the web http://wcdb.albany.edu

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There is no way, NO WAY, that Hutcheson is not player of the year over Kim Corbitt of Maine...you cant convince me.


- Hutcheson is 4th in scoring, 15.2 pts per game, to Corbitts 23rd in scoring of 9.2 per game.


- Hutcheson leads the conference in blocked shots...by 11 blocks!!!! The avg is near 29-30...she has 44!!!


- Hutcheson has 103 offensive rebounds, 1st in the conference.

- Hutcheson is first in total rebounds, by 43 rebounds!!!!!


- Hutcheson is 1 steal more then Corbbit with 47.


The only area where she is extremly better then Hutcheson is Assist/Turnover ratio and Assists...thats it!!! There is no way you can tell me that those numbers were the factor in player of the year. No way.




Im extremly upset with this. The biggest garbage i have ever seen.

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Maybe they didn't want to reward the 6th place team but this seems very unfair when you go by stats. I really thought Mookie would find a place on the all-conference team as well.


Corbitt was probably given this award based on her defense but that's what defensive player of the year award is for. Hutch actually had more steals than Corbitt this year. Plus she scored more points, had more blocks, more rebounds....

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Let's remember that these are CONFERENCE awards, so let's begin by looking at conference stats (remember that this is what coaches are seeing during the season and vote accordingly:




Scoring - #19

FG % - #3

FT % - N/R

3 PT % - N/R

Blocks - N/R

Off Reb - N/R

Reb - N/R

Assists - #3

Steals - #4

A/T Ratio - #3

Def Reb - N/R




Scoring - #4

FG % - #11

FT % - N/R

3 PT % - N/R

Blocks - #1

Off Reb - #1

Reb - #1

Assists - N/R

Steals - N/R

A/T Ratio - N/R

Def Reb - #3


Looks like their stats (except scoring) pretty much cancel each other out. Add to that that Corbitt is a 3 year starter and Maine went 16-2 in the conference (vs. Albany's 9-9 record) and I can see why Corbitt squeezed out the POTY over Hutcheson. I would be surprised if it were a unanimous vote.

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Allow me to interject.

Add to that that Corbitt is a 3 year starter


Hutch has started every AEast game she has played in for four years, so that would cancel that out.


2. You focus on FG%. Dani has taken almost two times as many shots as Corbitt this year and has made more FG in conference play than Corbitt has made overall. (In my scoring system that gives Dani a 2-0 advantage)


3. Would Albany really be 9-9 without Dani and would Maine have won the title without Corbitt? I would say yes and no.


On a side note: The fact that Maine's coach won COY again is ridiculous. She was picked to win the title before the season started, so she basically lived up to expectations. This isn't a stab at the AEast but all conferences who have this same crap all the time. If a team is picked to win the league, why is the coach rewarded?

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POY very often comes from #1 or #2 team--although the choice was a surprise to me. If there are 9 guards on the 1st three teams, why isn't the guard who might break the AE record for three's one of the nine. The slight to Schu is almost as bad as the slight to Dani. Schu was really our only consistent 3 point threat and drew tremendous defensive pressure the second half of the season but her quick release still allowed her to score. I think the league just doesn't like neubies.

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Even though I'm happy that Corbitt won, in fairness, I was surprised too. I don't think that you can be pissed that Versyp won COTY though. She went 16-2 in the league, and no one else was close. Boston U faultered due to injuries, Hartford was about where they should have been. If Maine had gone 14-4 or worse in conference, I would bet that the UNH coach would have won the award.

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