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Luke Bonner...any chance he dons the Purple n Gold

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Luke isnt great, however he is no worse than Zoellner. Any shot that Brown gives him the last scholly. It would seem ideal from my eyes. He can sit a year while Zoellner finishes up, which he could develop from banging Zo in practice. Then, when he graduates, Bonner could step right on in to play along a front line that I project will probably feature Connelly at 6'8 (at the 4) and B. Wilson at 6'8. That would be a big front line. Covington would see some serious time backing up the 4 and 5...probably equate to as much time as Connelly and whomever plays center.


On top of all that, Brown could still recruit a 5 with either Jordan's or Levi's ride that will expire, telling the kid, hey we will redshirt you to develop or you can get some time (like 5 m a game in your frosh year, spelling the 4/5 and their back up. The following year the kid would see more time and then by his junior would be potentially starting at Center.


This is almost better than the Zo situation where we needed a center desperately. Basically, we could take a crack at Luke. If he is good....great. If not...well, we dont lose anything because Brown has to recruit a 5 this season anyway.


Food for thought.

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if he can get Bonner, that would be great. Im just wondering how close to home Bonner is looking for. I cant see him going to New Hampshire. But your thinking was mine when i heard about it

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Unless Brown knew about this a few weeks ago, he has probably already offered the last scholarship. That said, there have been no announcements so maybe he is still searching.


I think there is a good story to tell Bonner, not only about the tournament but also how much time Brown has spent trying to develop Zoellner, how the team is used to playing with a 7 footer and has showed commitment to feeding him the ball.


Albany does need a good post player. Brent Wilson is 6'7 / 6'8" but is a perimeter player, not sure about Connelly or Covington.


Also, Albany is only about 150 miles from New Hampshire.


The good news this year, is that all the talented post players in the conference have graduated, will be interested in seeing how Zoellner plays when he is 5 to 6 inches bigger than his defender and more experienced.

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A lot of the posters on the AE board think Bonner is going to BU. I don't know if they are just guesses or they know something.


To add more to the transfer list is Steve Hailey from BC has announced he'll transfer. I don't know if the staff still has a conncection with the Eagles but Hailey was a top 150 recruit in high school.


Since we're wishing Konimba Diarra has announced he's transferring from South Florida. He played on Jamar's high school team and is 6'10. Diarra link.

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I hate to act really stupid, but I've posted before, and if everybody does not know it by now.


My question:


What do the numbers mean when referring to players on the court, such as "He can play the 3, but he really is a 4."?


It is obvious that I never seriously played the game.


Thanks for your usual tolerance and patience.

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1 is a pg, 2 a sg, 3 is either a small forward or hybrid slasher type (as in our three guard offense Lucious technically would be a three, though with him and IATI it really is having two 2's out there (sorry for the confusion. A four is the power forward...the 5 is the pivot or as the Knicks used to say when they were worth watching...."AND THE MAN, IN THE MIDDLE, PAAAAATRICK EWWWING."

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I will be putting up a website with all the info. I like it all.....but I didnt like Prague as much as I thought I would. Bruge is a magical city. Paris, the most beautiful. Switzerland the most beautiful country, though i am pissed (or $ienaty if you are an Aussie) that I didnt get to skydive. Berlin, the most interesting city. London....overall amazing. Amsterdam....could live there forever, and no it is not a place just for sex and drugs.


I did meet the woman of my dreams, though she broke my heart. She was an Aussie track star. So goes it in the land of ladies. Spent about 2 and a half weeks with her. I am beginning to think the man upstairs is punishing me for my old "Alfie" ways.

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