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Siena vs. UAlbany

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Maybe it's me, but I think the Siena game is the biggest marketing event for the UA athletics department. A lot of the marketing is free with the papers and local news stations and you can show your product in front of a lot of fans.


Will their new coach be enough to sustain interest in the series? They lost their two top recruits and may lose another player - how bad will that be for the Albany game?

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I don't see it as a problem. Scheduling seems like more of a factor to me in terms of the size of the crowd.


I think most Siena fans will be optimistic because of the new coach and will go out to the game especially early in the season. Now that they've lost one of these games I'd expect a little more passion out of their side and no more quotes like "it's just another game of the schedule." No matter what happens at Siena in terms of transfers I expect this game to be tough.

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Dane Pound,


I agree completely with your analysis. In addition, now that UAlbany has proved that it is a real contender in the game, interest on both sides should be higher. I think that if the game has a good time in the schedule, there may even be a little panic psychology that could develop. Not only would it be the place to be in the Capital District, but some people might even fear losing a seat in a sellout.


This game has great potential, not only for Capital District basketball fans, but it could even attract regional interest. It depends most on when the game is scheduled.


We live in exciting times.


(Yes, I've read the rumors when the game is supposed to be played.)

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That board is a complete mockery. They act like five year olds. Then, if you disagree adamently with someone you are threatened with banishment. It is almost as if they live in fantasy land....the whole lot of them.


I want to thank you Dane Pound. Though some of us, myself included, get a little rowdy at times you see the value in open discussion and allow us to go with it before scolding us every once in awhile. All in all, I think most people respect each other on this board and have some sense of sanity, though at times we like to snip at each other's toes. Over on the Siena board...they act like old ladies...catty ones. You do an excellent job at moderating.

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Thanks for kind words Dane96. You're probably giving me too much credit though. I think Albany athletics just attracts a higher caliber of fan...


In fact, we're like the Gonzaga of the...nevermind, no we aren't.

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oh how the mighty have fallen! ... can't help but find myself over on the siena board every now and then, funny to hear calls there for the siena athletic dept. to back out of the 05-06 matchup with UA ...

I admit we would lose the game next year.  So lets admit it, cancel it and not play them.  What rationale exists for playing it? - SaintlySaint

wonder if they'll buy another block of radio/television spots featuring the pitch, "it's not just basketball, it's siena basketball"

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Yes, we put up with so much abuse from them (and others) about how inferior our program was for all those years.


While we were struggling to build up our D I program, we here on this Board were supportive all along of the team, the coach, the players, the school, and each other.


In contrast, there's a feeding frenzy over there. Many of their posters chew each other up unmercifully. I think their new mascot should be the piranha.


I also think a small part of the English language should change. We can now acclaim those who "have the patience of a Great Dane."

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The Dane and St. Bernard encountered each other a few times in the neighborhood while the Dane was young, hesitant, and learning. Like most bully/victim arrangements the victim was beaten and degraded.


As with all bullies, once confronted and whipped they dissolve into meek remnants of what they were.


Now that the Danes have confronted the neighborhood bully, and frankly are looking forward to mounting them annually for the forseeable future, its interesting to see the former bully licking its wounds and crying foul.

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sorry, i couldn't resist reprinting this post of Guy F on the sMaac board:


"The Siena board is by far the best board in the MAAC right now. I am absolutely mesmerized by the exchanges there the past couple of days. It is absolutely amazing to watch, with a tremendous mix of comedy and drama, concocted by just the right blend of hatred, bitterness and delusion.


Tony, your craftmanship in molding this paradise for the demented is beyond comparison. I commend you for your flawless effort"

Edited by statefan
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