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The danes get to play against an even more powerful front line than Siena let's see what transpires.


Will Wyatt, "Q", Knotts and Pipikis put forth a good EFFORT???????


Will Levine and Iati be able to play with the Big Boys?


Will Martin be able to get involved offensively?


Will Courtney Johnson get more than 7 minutes?


I wonder if there is a chance Jamar will be available at Colgate?


After this game we have 5 games where we can be competitive, especially if we have Jamar.

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What is the prevailing thoughts on a game like this when one team seems far superior to the other? I have mixed thoughts on this scenario. Do the plusses outweigh the minuses? Do your freshmen/new players gain valuable experience by playing against superior competion............or does their confidence get crushed if they happen to get manhandled? Money aspect aside, I would like to hear fellow posters thoughts on this.

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1. It's about the money.

2. It's a recruiting tool - players want a chance to play against the best.

3. As an individual if you can do something against these guys you know you can hang in the AE.

4. If the staff knew how shorthanded they were going to be they wouldn't consider this game.

5. With Jamar and Hughes it would be a big defeat but we could handle it. I think to a man the players enjoyed Syracuse and Notre Dame last year.

6. From where I sit it seems Levine, Iati, Martin and even Johnson are the type of kids that look forward to this challenge - while a few of the others want no part of it and will fold their tents early like they did against Siena.

7. With a full compliment of players next year 2 money games are fine - with this years circumstances "OUCH".

8. It's about the money.

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To be honest I expect Levi to play well and I expect some solid play from Martin and Iati.


I am interested in Johnson's attitude after only playing 7 minutes. I hear he's a real nice kid but he has that inner city toughness inside him though he doesn't flaunt it on the exterior.


Though terribly overmatched I'm hoping Wyatt competes better, same with "Q" and I think Knotts will finally hit some shots.


We'll get smacked for sure but if some of these wishes/hopes come true I'll know we're moving in the right direction.

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Johnson should be happy to get any minutes. As a walk on at most schools, you're a practice player. He won't get any minutes next year when Jordan is available along with the freshment.


St. Hillaire is getting minutes as a walk on and appeared to have played well vs. Siena and over the summer - he may get minutes next year, but not as many as he'll get this year especially with the uncertainty surrounding when Hughes will return.


Regarding Pittsburgh, UA needs to avoid injuries, the remaining games are games that they have a legitimate shot at winning. Let's not ruin that chance by having a nother injury. Take the guarantee and get back to ALbany.

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You are absolutely correct


My comment on Johnson is that with such a short bench right now I don't want Iati and Levine to log big minutes and get fatigued and maybe injured.


Johnson seems to be fairly composed as a walk on and he has played a Very Competitive High Level of HS Hoop. He won't be intimidated having played in NYC CHSAA at Bishop Loughlin as a 2 year starter.


We can't survive playing six players.

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If it's any consolation Pitt plays tonight. Maybe we'll get lucky and Pitt will be a little tired and eat too much turkey. I would imagine this would be signee David Bauman's first chance to see the Danes. You think maybe the team makes the trip out there tomorrow and has Thanksgiving dinner at the Baumans?

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