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UAlbany appoints two new basketball coaches

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From the Great Dane Athletic webpage, comes today's announcement.




I wonder how effective Filian from Vermont will be. I expect VT will be a main contender again for the league championship.


Hopefully, both appointees will integrate well with our current staff and offer new perspectives. This year should be very important in the development of UAlbany's men's team.

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Amazingly, the website has already been updated to show that Filien will be the top assistant, Chad O'Donnell stays as #2, and Eaton will be #3. I recall that around the time that Mike Lonergan was named as the Vermont head coach, the Times Union did a story on Filien because he had Capital Region connections as a St. Rose guy, and he was unsure whether he'd be asked to stay at Vermont, or whether Lonergan would seek a totally new staff. The tenor of the article was that Filien was very employable and would have no trouble getting a job if Lonergan decided to clean house.


Therefore, I view this hire as very favorable. We got a very employable guy who probably had his choice of jobs, someone who is familiar with the league and it talent and coaching strategies, someone with a background in player skill development (which I think we needed badly) , and perhaps most importantly, the fact that we hired someone with a St Rose connection, I think, shows that Coach Brown was able to hire who he wanted and did not get someone stuffed down his throat by Dr. McElroy; hopefully a sign that their relationship has gotten past the Gallagher Driscoll matter.


IMO, a positive development.

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The initial reaction to the hiring of Filien from VT is quite positive. A nice get for us. Let's hope it translates to a few more W's in the record this year.


One poster said Filien's major coaching responsibility was with VT's tall players. Perhaps this development will enhance Zoellner's contributions in 05-06.

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Filien and Eaton are super additions to the UA Coaching Staff.


someone with a background in player skill development (which I think we needed badly) - statefan


Statefan I really think you're off base.


I see nothing wrong with the development of UA's talent.


Jamar was coming off a medical redshirt season and was 2nd Team All Conference.


Lucious Jordan was a 2nd Team All Conference selection who wore down as the year went on.


Brent Wilson improved and developed into an All Rookie selection.


Levi has continued to develop into a topflight solid all around player.


Brian Lillis came on strong after suffering a wrist injury.


Iati reinjured his shoulder and was out for the season.


Zoellner was just a disappointment and should have a turn around season in 05/06. If our inside play lived up to expectations we would have won about 4 more games


What do you expect a coach can develop All Americans?


wasn't Filen originally one of the top in house, if not #1 or #2 to fill Brennans spot after this year? - GreatDanes84


Pat was never in consideration for the Head job at UVM!!!


Enough said, I'm gone.


I just hope Coach Driscoll gets a good job and has a great future in whatever he does.

Edited by Patch
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You guys missed an even bigger point (though now that i live in N. England I probably saw this because of my local school knowledge): Eaton and Filian have coached at very good academic institutions. UVM and Holy Cross are very strong with athlete/academic balancing. Assumption is a VERY GOOD academic program as well.


Seems as though this addressed any academic recruiting issues from the past that some speculate had an effect on the McElroy-Brown relationship. These guys have proven that they can recruit guys who are talented in both the classroom and the court. President Hall must be pleased.

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I hope the next thing we see is that Brown has signed a contract extension, although I'm sure it will only be 1 year. I was thinking this year that our 100+ improvement in national ranking, improvement in AE standings and the level of recruits Brown brought in so far would warrant something longer. Maybe after we finish paying Beeten off.

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