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question for those of you on campus

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PA system was better because speakers were added from an outside source, it wasn't coming through the main sound system. They were on the upper balcony, chained there and pointing down. The old speaker system could be heard crackling at the end of the game. I talked with someone who said it's not a full-time thing, only for the big games and on rental.


If you thought there was really 2,512 there, you're smoking and pass it my way.


But I give credit where it is due - there were about 1,800 people actually there, give or take (probably take).


Baseline bleachers - imagine if they took our idea about folding up the far end bleachers and putting concessions and merchandise there as well as the season-ticket entrance?


That would have taken all the kids sitting in the far end section and moved them around, making the arena seem more full.


Atmosphere was good, but fans still wine and cheese - sitting on hands most of the game. Only got loud a few times, no discernable chants for the most part. Still needs a lot of work.


I will be convinced when the students aren't there from Res Life trying to win the dorm quad competitions...

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I find you amusing - you bitch about everything and then when someone gets more people to the game and improve the atmosphere you try to POO POO it.


Hey someone did something better than it has ever been done before during the DI era, sure it could be better but it is a giant step in the right direction.


Instead of sitting back and complaining and doing nothing it is evident someone tried very hard to improve the situation at UA. Atleast give whoever credit for doing a good job and hopefully things will continue to improve.


I don't care if they were giving people money to attend the game - atleast there were some warm bodies in the RACC.

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We are definitely heading in the right direction, even in the fan recruitment department.


I have been going to Great Dane games for over 35 years, and the team NEVER attracted over 2,500 fans with a losing record.


It will be great to see what happens as the team record improves. In the meantime, it looks like the seed has already been planted for drawing more fans this year.


The situation already looks better this year. I cannot wait until 2004-05.


Thanks for keeping a distant, old-timer up-to-date on what is developing. This website is great!

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I didn't realize this was Iraq and that the Minister of Information was going to screen everything I said to make sure it was all positive about UAlbany ...


The bottom line is that what I wrote was correct in that:


a.) there were not actually 2,500 people there;


b.) having both bleachers out made it look more empty (whereas closing one and filling the endzone with concessions would cram more people into half the space and make it look more full in the seats, if not overall);


c.) all the fans sat on their hands for a majority of the game;


d.) Approximately 300-500 students were there for the Quad battle results/competition;


d-2.) Removing those students from my warm body count estimation of 1,800 would bring it down to 1,500 or even 1,300 actual fans;


e.) As I wrote, I really will be convinced if it happens when there is not a battle of the Quads.

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You are welcome to your opinion as you know but why should we believe your numbers and not the schools.


Either way it was a nice opening crowd for whatever reason.


Usually when trying to get fan support you turn to promotions and that what UA did.


And the extras thrown in ( extra speakers etc.) just showed that someone was trying to make things better.


So your feelings aren't hurt I will say that everything you wrote is Gospel and you should be running the show!!!


With that said if you were in charge I feel we would do away with athletics because no one at UA is interested and they will never be successful.

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2512 maybe high but 1800 is low; but, to say all the students who attended are not fans is unfair. The crowd would have filled the old gym and that is a start. The atmosphere was good and if the students had fun they will be back. The price is definitely right for families and it was obvious the RACC has a family friendly atmosphere with the mascots attracting more attention than the game for lttle Danes fans. The team needs a lot of help. Levine is the only member with real playing time. Everyone else is new or coming off limited playing time last year.

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You are welcome to your opinion as you know but why should we believe your numbers and not the schools.


"2512 maybe high but 1800 is low" - Oldtimer


Look, I gave credit where it was due - 1,875 people out to the season opener with Jamar is a great accomplishment. Kudos to everyone who helped put on the show. I felt the fans could have been more vocal, but them being there is a step in the right direction.


And look, I like to play devil's advocate and spark debate. That makes for more posts. But you also have to mix in some realism with the optimism. 1,800 fans was a good estimate, and here's why:


1.) Capacity at the RACC is 5,000 (give or take). The place was NOT half full. You could clearly see it just by looking around. Numerous rows were totally empty on the ends of each of the sides, and that neglects the empty seats even in the sections where people were sitting.


2.) I disagree with oldtimer that 1,800 is a low estimate. If the place was only a quarter full, then that would be 1,250 (using 5,000 as the true capacity). If half full is 2,500 ... I split the difference between the two ... and you have 1,875.


So I will revise my statement and say that there were about 1,875 warm bodies in the seats. The place was between one-quarter and one-half full judging by looking around.


3.) If you really want to get "technical", figure that the end sections are about 1/3 the size of the side sections. So you have about eight "sections" (two ends, then six side sections, three on each side). So 5,000 divided by 8 is about 625 seats per section. So you have 625 on each end; 1,875 on each side. Think about this.


4.) If you had asked everyone to get together to take one big crowd photo (just imagine, for illustrative purposes) ... you would have filled approximately one whole side of the RACC. I really believe that. And that is about 1,875 seats.


If you believe 2,500 were there, you're essentially saying that if everyone sat side-by-side, no empty seats, that you would fill an entire side section plus an entire end section. I don't think anyone who was at the game could reasonably agree with that statement.


5.) As to the comment, "why should we believe your numbers and not the schools?" ... uh, have you been to the games where they announce 1,000 and you know that there were really about 400-500 people there?


I've been to games where I can look around and count the number of people without my eyes getting blurry and without having to worry about double counting. I get like 200, then 800 is announced. We've all been there before. Never trust the numbers. Don't call it pessimistic, call it realistic.

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D2k has his numbers right on (as for the size of the sides). The sides are 1800 (on the money) each and the backs are 700. Now you guys can debate how many seats were filled based on that...but his numbers are right. There are also 600 chairbacks on each side I beleive.

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Personally the actual #s don't mean anything to me.


It was a good home opener crowd better than any DI season starter of the past.


It appeared that more effort was put forth to get people there and the event seemed to be planned better and was run better than in past years.


All in all it was one of the best efforts to run a game - other than the Big Purple Growl - and I as a fan appreciated it.


It seemed to me that the administration is upgrading their efforts which were weak in the past.


Hopefully, if we improve the quality of the product as most of us expect in the next couple of years - the quality of the event will keep pace and we can build a fan base even if it takes some bribery to get people involved at first.


Maybe we can even get the 1000+ or so warm bodies to acted excited and later become excited.


I know it asking alot.


I had expected about 400-600 people for our home opener.

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That problem exists on all campuses, however most schools have a higher season ticket base. Have to really work the elementary schools and middle schools hard, as kids generally will cheer.


However, I wanted to smack about 20 kids who were continually running around the upper level at the home opener, so watch what you ask for I guess.

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