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question for those of you on campus

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Is anything being done to promote the home opener tomorrow against Army? Any publicity in the dorms or on the podium? I did hear them say on Tuesday's radio broadcast that it is CSEA mousepad night and that the first 1000 people will get free Great Dane mousepads. Somehow, I can't see too many people changing their Friday night routine for a free mousepad; but I was not a Marketing major.


I'm just concerned that with the game on TimeWarner (as is tonite's Siena-Marist game), the RACC will look awful without a decent crowd, and I am hoping someone will surprise me and tell me that there is an effective effort to boost attendance underway.

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I heard a rumor that someone in the athletic administration expects a crowd of about atleast 2,000-2,500 range. I think we have some things working in our favor including it being the home opener, the name Army brings people out, Friday night, interest in Jamar and the community starting to adopt the Great Danes as their hometown team. I know a lot of people in the area hate Siena (and their snobby private school image) and want to see UAlbany become a viable entertainment option.


Also heard that the pep band will be making its debut on Jan. 28 against Vermont, so basically they will play at the final six conference games. Atleast they will be present for the Big Purple Growl. If all goes well, I think they plan to play at all home games starting next season.


If this ensemble impresses everyone involved with the program, including fans, I think the UAlbany athletic administration should provide a bus for them to attend the first round of the AE Tourney in Boston!!!!! Let's plan ahead people!!!!!! Don't drop the ball on this one!!!!!!

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Yeah, I am a little perplexed why the pep band isn't starting till the end of January. That timetable basically gives them two months to prepare and practice. What, you figure they meet once a week????


As long as they are loyal, high quality and somewhat professional (basically not embarrassing like the previous attempt) when they start appearing at games. That is all I would care about.


It can't be an issue of waiting for the students to return from break because really it was my understanding that this pep band would be comprised of alums, faculty, staff and members of the community. :blink:

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Below is the link showing outreach for the pepband on the university homepage.


Note reason #1 "Because the students leave for the holidays when there are the most number of home games, therefore, pep needed!"


Last I checked, the only holiday near their proposed starting target date of Jan. 28 is SuperBowl Sunday, not intercession. Obviously, some people weren't on the same page regarding this idea.




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If it makes the event more enjoyable and it creates a college basketball atmosphere it will well be worth the wait.


It's time we start acting and feeling like a DI Basketball Program.


This year is the start of good things. We have some good young players and we already have Jordan and Zoellner working out everyday with the team and we have a solid recruiting class coming in.


Let's iron out the wrinkles this year, let's get some Ws, raise some eyebrows, have some fun and most of all let's be ready to roll into the future.

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Considering I didn't think there would ever be a pep band Jan. 28 doesn't seem like that long to wait. Let's not forget these people are volunteering their time so we really can't get on them for taking a while. Better they take some time and practice to look and sound good at the BPG.

Secondly, I hope alot of students show up but lets not count on them to make all the noise. No need for the rest of us to sit on our hands and act like $iena fans at the basketball games. Go to the game, bring some friends and don't act your age tomorrow night.

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At the risk of sounding too critical it just sounds amateurish that the pep band will not be in attendance until Jan. 28th......they will have spent more time practicing than Jamal Hughes!! It is a Pep Band not a classical orchestra. They don't need a one hundred song repetoire.They are there to create spirit. Most of their time will be spent playing "Dunt,Dunt,Dunt"..."Dunt,Dunt,Dunt"....."Defense" and "Charge" all which could be mastered by even the most novice musician in less than two months of practice I am sure. If we want to be a D1 program then we should act like it. The first informal origizational meeting for the Pep Band was scheduled for Dec. 3.........why so late....it sounds like an after thought. If we want people to come to the games then we should entertain them. Create a fun enviroment. A mini "Growl" at every game. If you want to cater to just the die hard hoops fans than you are missing a very large market and will continue to suffer at the gate and in the stands. Make it a fun and pleasurable experience so they want to come back. Don't wait until next year to start working on a fan base......SO IT NOW!!!!







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There is nothing being done on campus to promote this game. I would say less then 10 percent even have any clue that there is a game tonight. They're are basketball posters in the campus center but you would have to look real close to realize that there is a game today. They need to put up a sign or something like they did for football. YEt it didnt help football attendence much. The school did nothing to build on the fact that we had a lot of students at the Sienna game. That should have been the building block to get attendence up this year. Their is no marketing of this team on campus, as marketing student I could do a better job to be honest.

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I always get yelled at by people on the board for griping, so make some suggestions of ways to market the team that you feel would be effective for the kids on campus.


Personally, I don't think even if you formed a congo line of the hottest girls on campus and went dorm to dorm you could get 1,000 kids to come out. But that's just me. Maybe if you gave out free beers ...


Cue Dane96 with the "D2k is a pessimistic a-hole" comment.

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On campus marketing plan


A) flyers in every single dorm

B) phone calls to every on campus student in their voice mail box

C) tables in the campus center saying TICKETS FOR THIS FRIDAYS game, i know they are free but reason you cant get them early

D) the new myualbany, send each student a message thru there

E) big signs in the RACC, in the campus center, in the lecture center about the game

F) i know this would never happen but maybe combine it with a bar and have like a basketball pregame party but I know they would never do that

G) I dont know if they do this because I dont live on campus anymore but have some commericals on the intercampus network


That being said I missed tonites game because of a River Rats game where I intern.

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Attendance tonight 2,512. Even with both baseline bleachers in use, you'd just need a few hundred more to fill in the gaps in the reserved seat section and reach a critical mass where going to a game is an EVENT - a tipping point where a student would be more likely to be asked why he's NOT going to a game, instead of why he is.


OTOH, maybe a lot just decided not to travel to NYC and LI for the weekend with the storm tomorrow.


Too bad the game wasn't an artistic success, an excrutiating, grinding trial with lots of fouls and turnovers, but a W's better than an L

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