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I would place money on it being close to 4+ or very similar to the Vermont Game last year.



Why do you believe this potential turnout? Is the game being talked up much on campus?


I certainly hope you are correct. I think UAlbany should win tonight's game handily, and maybe a success tonight will encourage a high turnout throughout the season.


Have many students gone home already for Thanksgiving?

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I'd really be shocked if we hit 4K for the game. I think 3K is a reasonable goal. Most students are still here, as we have classes both today and tomorrow before we break, but I'd assume there are definitely some that jumped the ship early. While I think there has generally been more awareness about the team, and subsequenly their home opener tonight, I really don't feel that the anticipation is anywhere near that of the BPG or Vermont game last year where we hit and then flirted with 4 thousand. I hope I'm seriously proved wrong though...GO DANES!!!

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Are the rowdies prepared?  I didn't see many at the exhibition?  Wasn't that the rowdies' preseason scrimmage?



I know I was in the section with my shirt on at the game, but I do hope that we all show up in big numbers. I've been keeping them informed, and hopefully excited, about the game and I also will be bringing 40 new Rowdies shirts so that if we don't get the turn-out expected for our section, then we can throw the new shirts on new attendees and it'll be just as good with even more now being in the know about who we are.

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Perhaps 4k is a little to high but I wouldn't be shocked, I am expecting to see a similar crowd that was at the Vermont Game last year. I base that on the fact that ticket sales have been high, the weather isn't horrible, there has been alot of anticipation to see how good this team is among students, media and general public.


I'm unable to know how many students left already from seeing the parking lot this morning it dosn't appear to be to bad. Granted all I've seen is the Colonial Parking lot, most people I know are not leaving till Tuesday anyways so there is a chance of seeing around 4k. But I woulc be shocked if it was lower then 3k, if that is the case clearly everything I've heard is wrong and people who do advertising should either be fired or demoted.

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Wyland was pushing the game pretty hard on the last segment of radio show today. I'm not sure how many people listen but it should help. He was basically stating that this is the best D1 program in the area by far. It should be exciting basketball and expectations are high for a reason.


As far as the crowd, I would love to see 3K on a holiday week. more and more students will be exiting as the day goes by.


A big win in front of a good crowd will help bring more people in.


Besides winning a lot of games, this team should put points on the board. And lets face it people like that.

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Hopefully start by outdrawing the Patroons home opener (2850) tonight and go from there for the rest of the season. More people should mean more noise and more fun. Especially this year when there are enough players to press and run and get the crowd into it.

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