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Brent Wilson

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Lillis didn't have surgery, his injury is somewhat similar to Jamar's and they chose rest. The reason he only scored four is that he ran the point and did a fine job.


He's a player with a very high basketball IQ who likes to win. Both he and Brent Wilson played for Martin Bros. AAU which finished second at the AAU Nationals in Florida.


I've seen him listed at 6'4" or 6'5" but I recently heard he is 6'5 1/2" and will get good minutes next season.

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Jordan and the four incoming Frosh would all be potential starters for any of UA's previous/present DI teams but next year I believe other than Jordan, who will start, the four Frosh could all get significant minutes off the bench especially at the start of the season.


As we get deeper into the season we'll have to take a wait and see approach. It all comes down to who Coach Brown wants to start, will he go small or big??


Right now I believe next season the first game starters will be:


Iati - already ROW twice

Jamar - ROY and 2nd Team All Conference 02/03

Jordan - MAAC All Conference 02/03

Levine - All Rookie 02/03 currently leading Danes in scoring and rebounding

Zoellner - "Das Big Man" from the Big East


Who would you choose to sit if you don't like this lineup?

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Can't argue with that starting lineup but the good thing about next years team is that we can bring subs off the bench without a discernable dropoff. Plus we will have the ability to adjust to situations ie. go big, go quick,put in shooters vs. zones etc. We will be able to do things we haven't been able to do in the past because of lack of depth such as press and push the ball upcourt,things that we are presently unable to do because of the minutes the starting five are forced in to playing. Starters minutes will probably go down quite a bit, which is a good thing as we will have the luxury of a fresh Jamar, Iati, etc., and can sit Das Big Man if he gets in foul trouble early and have these guys fresh and on the court in crunch time. Right now the starters tongues are dragging by the end of the game.



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If Iati, Jamar,Jordan, Levi and the Big Guy start we would have coming off the bench:


Dyson 6'9" - B Wilson 6'8" - Lillis 6'5" and Bauman 6'2" as freshman plus


Martin,"Q", Johnson, Wyatt, Knotts , Cheese and Hughes(?). 4 of this group have started games this year.


The coaching staff will finally have the talent and depth to make adjustments game to game as well in game situation to situation.


But first let's get a win or two from Sacred Heart and/or Lehigh.



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I can see your starting line up becoming a reality, but in my simple mind not right away. My thoughts are that Levi will begin next season in the starting lineup as a reward partially due to his veteran status,partially due to the yeomans job I expect he will continue to do this year and partially due to the much publicized fact of his captaincy.....and deservedly so. However, I would love to see him as the sixth man.....he would come in to the game chomping at the bit and foaming at the mouth and bring instant energy. And it would mean that Dyson is the real deal and the physical presence down low that he was billed to be. The past "physical presence's" have turned out to be in one case ("The Enforcer")no presence at all while on the court and the other case (Jamal Hughes) to be no presence at all on the campus.

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Good problem to have with next year's rotation. However, Levi is on his way to an all-conference season. I don't see Levi moving out the starting five. Dyson would be my sixth man (eventhough I have never seen him play). Problem is, we have too many guards. In most good Division I programs, frosh and sophs don't see many minutes right away. I would like to think UAlbany will be beginning to get to a point where the frosh can sit, watch and learn a little bit before they are thrown out into the fire.

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The freshman we have coming in next season will be the first group recruited by Brown that won't be forced to come in and play 35+ minutes (Jamar, Levi and Iati) it could start at more like 10+ and then advance to what they deserve.


Very nice situation and a great way to build a program.

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