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janis steps up in loss

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Among all the other things Levi does well I thought he did a great job getting Pipikis the ball down low. Pipikis was a different player yesterday. He generally catches the ball and looks afraid to make a mistake with it. Yesterday he played with purpose and seemed like a much more confident player. His first basket was a jumpshot which I don't think he would have taken last year even though he was open.

The Knotts/Wyatt combo was mediocre yesterday with a combined 9 pts and 8 rebounds. Levi was as good as we've come to expect. Don't know what happened with St. Hillaire-14 minutes, no points and one rebound. Iati didn't have a very good shooting night at all but I thought controlled the tempo well against a team that clearly wanted to run. Courtney Johnson played well again and was on the floor during critical parts of the game. Inexperience down the stretch (again) that hurt us those last couple of minutes.

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So far it's pretty clear to me if we had a healthy Jamar for the first 6 games I think we would have had a solid chance at 4-2 right now. with wins over...





Sacred Heart


The player who would benefit the most from having Jamar around would be Iati.


I think as good/bad as he's been he would be outstanding if he could play just the role he was recruited for.

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Congratulations to Janis!! Although arguably possessing less pure athleticism than some others, he has worked hard and improved and made the most of his minutes when called upon. It is a "feel good" story so far on a team that has been plaqued by problems. Hopefully those on the team that are presently struggling will use his success as a motivating tool.....those who don't recognize what he has done and how he has done it will continue to flounder.


DanePounds observations were the same as I received...........Janis seemed much more assertive....much less hesitant. And it was reported that it appeared that we were actually "going down low" to him by design at times. What a difference a little confindence will make. Go figure!


Anybody seen Jamal "Howard" Hughes. Would anybody even recognize him anymore if they saw him. The Danes staff would have to fingerprint him to verify his identity.


All I want for Christmas is a "W" vs. Lehigh which I think is realistic.

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Even though they are 6-3 we should be able to compete with them.


Iati must shoot the ball, Levi needs his normal game, Pipikis must prove he can be a factor 2 games in a row and someone else must step up.


Johnson must just fit in and do the little things.


Martins in a Freshman funk.


"Q" didn't seem right last game.


Wyatt is LONG overdue and should put weights on his happy feet.


Knotts could be the man if he ever decides to commit himself to rebound and go inside a little.


Cheese just has to be a good reservist and be ready if the call ever comes.


GO DANES BEAT Lehigh!!!!

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Actually when watching Pipikis on Saturday I was wondering if Stephen Stewart was brought in with the purpose of working with the big guys on their footwork, etc. If so, then it's paying dividends.

I have to feel for the coaching staff since this team has been wildly inconsistent so far this year. I think outside of Iati and Levi everyone who's scored in double figures this year has also had a game or two where they've gone scoreless and haven't rebounded. I guess some of that is to be expected with a team this young but I expect if it continues Brown will have gray hair by March.

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Brown will have Gray hair if he has any hair at all.


Being young, bald and having ulcers are some of the benefits of coaching. Most coaches don't get the opportunity to truly experience it until they're in their 40's Brown get the opportunity in his early 30's.


I'm pretty much amazed that he keeps his composure.

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Danepound...wasn't it awesome to see Janis beg for the ball downlow as opposed to his usual game where he sits up top acting as the middle passer between a guard and LEVI. I was ecstatic with his power moves. I really believe, with no real dominating centers in the league (Butt isnt having a big year), that if Janis can mentally deal with the occasional bad game he will have a big year. He is starting to gain confidence (as seen at the end of the game when he was asking for and getting the ball).

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