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I really believe the Hughes experiment must end. There is no doubt that grades are back already. They know if he is or isn't qualified. I may be mistaken (I was not at the game) but I do not believe he dressed. If he is out of shape...fine...but he needs to be on the bench.


While I know we can't use his scholly this year because of the 5/8 rule, I really don't understand how he can be a member of this team. I feel for the kid because of what happened, but scholarships are renewable. That 11k could be used for recruiting, given to football, track, etc. The only reason I still think he is around is because Brown is such a class act. While Huges has 3 years of eligibility, maybe Brown is thinking that he will release him after next year (we dont have to give him all three) and that will free up a scholly...but let the kid get an education.


With the guys coming in next year (Dyson, Wilson) and Zoellner, there would seem to be less of a need for him if he can't get into the system this year. I really think Brown must like this kid alot from a non-hoop standpoint, since he allows this to drag on.


Bottom line...the staff needs to come clean on this situation...either the kid is done or he is not. They shouldn't keep what little fan interest and hope we have waiting on whether or not this kid will suit up. Closure, either way (i.e. he is never coming back, done for the season and will be here next year, or is back in a week) is necessary! Just my two cents.

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Very good and astute post.


I think we all want what's best for the kid, the program and the school, but what we need is as you say - "Closure, either way (i.e. he is never coming back, done for the season and will be here next year, or is back in a week) is necessary! "


I believe there will be some sort of decision on Hughes shortly, sometimes things are much more complicated than they appear.

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As I posted a while ago Hughes sat out his first year at his JC therefore unless he were to get an exception from the NCAA (which I am led to believe is difficult) this year will count and he will have 2 years left to play as he only played 1 year of JC ball. He came to the Danes with 3 years eligibility, if I remember correctly.

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I don't believe it has ever been stated by the athletic department what the official reason was for Jamals two month absence. That being said then all we have to go on is speculation. Let's hope that all is well with him and that he returns with an added vigor and appreciation for the support and patience the coaching staff and team has shown towards him during his absence.

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I believe it was stated he left for personal reasons around the time of a death in his family. I don't think the school can or should talk about any students personal matters.


Hopefully he can come back get himself squared away academically and contribute to the Danes.


To me it's just great that he got through whatever personal matters he had and has a chance to get his education. I for one didn't expect him to come back after such a long absence.


The TU article states that there has been contact between Hughes and the academic advisors while he was absent.

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It's been quite a while since we've had some good news. This certainly qualifies. As Patch said it's good he has a few weeks to concentrate on his academics without having to worry about traveling with the team, etc. Jan. 21 is the Stony Brook game. It'd be great to have him back by then if he's ready.

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DP, you basically took the words right out of my mouth .... If you go by the dates and issues discussed in the TU article, you can make the following assumptions:


1) Hughes needs to successfully finish and grade well on his tests and papers to play this season.


2) Even if he returns to good academic standing, the earliest he could play is at Stony Brook on the 21st. So basically, we won't have him for atleast four more league contests. With that being said, Brown seems concerned with his conditioning. Is two weeks satisfactory time to accomplish this feat??? My opinion is that Hughes provides another body, something this team desperately needs. If he is the last one up the court, we can deal with it. But will Coach Brown put someone on the floor that plays defense like Todd Martin??? I don't know.


3) Bottom line, none of the fans have seen this kid play so it will be interesting to see what he brings to the table when he finally gets time on the court. If memory serves me right, he was injured during the first exhibition game and then took off for home days before the Siena game.

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Albany Observer


If Hughes is good enough to play interior "D" and get some Defensive Boards he's a plus.


Much like Martin, Wyatt and Knotts his time will be predicated on how he is playing. If he gives us 15 - 20 solid minutes he would be a big plus.


It can't hurt having another body for practice as well as games.


If he better than a 15-20 minute a game player then we will be a real threat on some nights.

Edited by Patch
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If Jamal can help in any way it will be a plus. Flat out the kid is big and can help us under the basket. Last time I checked we were loosing the rebounding war. However I must say, we are doing better than last year. So to my point, if he can play, play him.

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