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Todays TU: Ross to Guard Trimboli

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this could be the weekend when they really "Free Carl Ross"...lets see if the WAC experience shuts down Trimboli...which I think it will


Two questions:


1.) Does anybody remember the crowd chanting "Ross is Boss" in Boston? (As per the article)

2.) If Carl is indeed freed, do I have to find a new cause to live for?

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We actually chant "Ross is the Boss." There were maybe a couple dozen of us doing it after his dunks/break-aways/steals in Boston.


I couldn't decipher any chants from my section, but that is definitely a memorable one. Let's hope your vocal chords get a work-out in Burlington.

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I wanna hear the "UA-UA-UA UA UA" one tomorrow. :) That one gets me so pumped.


Anyway, Carl is awesome. I really hope he does what he can with Trimboli tomorrow. Trimboli is one of those guys who's still going to get 10-20 points, and hit a few threes, but containing him to under 20 points would be huge...

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It's true that guarding Stromboli is a priority but there are other guards to keep an eye on and I'd also like to see a modified "hack-a-shaq" on Holm. Start with JC and then keep sending bodies against him and hope that a combination of frustration, fouls and fatigue take a toll on him. There are so many reasons to root against Vermont:

-same colors as Siena,

-Brennan's insults from last year still resonate,

-a center who uses his butt as a weapon,

-not really a state but more like a bolshevik republic,

-Ethan Allen was a thug and still has an outstanding arrest warrant in Albany County,


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