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Having only four guys on the floor to end the game I guess typifies the way this season has gone. I've been reading that Hartford has alot of guys out but they ended up playing 9 guys to our 7. Iati had some good looks which he hasn't had in a while but couldn't knock most of them down. As Brown said after the game that 10 minute stretch in the first half took away the chance to win. "Q" continues to be impressive-11 pts, 7 boards and 2 blocks. I've said it before but I'd like to see him shoot more if they can get him the ball. I could not belive the Hartford guard (Baker maybe) who went for the layup when Q was back and he swatted it into the first row-what was he thinking?

Sounded like the Hartford fans were booing Iati for some reason, maybe someone who was there can say. If they were to boo anybody I'd think it would be Wyatt who was tangled up with Regan all day and seemed to get under his skin(have to say I enjoyed that). I don't understand Knotts, he was agressive and productive for a few games and now he's invisible. He sits on the bench most of the game, can't he see we need somebody to come in and score off the bench?

One of the few times I've seen an AE game televised (other than Mortman and Wyland) where the announcer seemed to know what they were talking about. They actually seemed to have seen these teams before and knew something about them.

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I know we've heard it before but this team refuses to quit. Down 13 at the half the Danes started to let it slip away and then the next thing you know they are hanging around down 6 with a minute and a half left.


Iati missed some open looks but he did turn his ankle 5 minutes into the game and limped the rest of the game.


When your in a six point game dumb mistakes kill you and we probably had 5 or six really bad TOs and we really didn't rebound well at all. I thinks some of our mistakes are caused by just trying to hard and each guy forces the issue once or twice.


Fatigue is also a factor Iati and Johnso went head to head with Hartford's backcourt which rotated 4 guards. Our legs tire while theirs are fresh.

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One of the few times I've seen an AE game televised (other than Mortman and Wyland) where the announcer seemed to know what they were talking about. They actually seemed to have seen these teams before and knew something about them.

Liked when the announcers said Albany players had to be like the Black Knight in Monte Python and the Holy Grail.


"Your arm's cut off" "Nahh, it's only a flesh wound"

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Johnson made too many mistakes, a lot of bad passes and never looked to shoot. Iati just couldn't buy a basket for most of the game. Did it seem like Johnson was playing a lot at the point today?


Also, was that Hughes on the bench sitting next to Jamar wearing a sweatsuit? I sure hope so - want him to stay close to the team.

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Hughes was not at the game.


Johnson had 5 TOs and at times is an offensive liability but he plays with great intensity and did fight for 8 rebounds. he also has been doing an outstanding job guarding the opponents best guards. Hartford's Ryan Stys shot 2-11 and had 6 points, last game against Stony Brook DJ Munir went 3-12 and had 8 pts.


Most of the time Courtney plays the point so that Iati can get free some shots.


That's the major problem Iati was not brought in to be a primary scorer but due to the situation all sorts of adjustments and modifications have been be made.


I don't believe we have seen what Jon Iati is all about this year. Hopefully with Jamar and Lucious on the court, next season you will get to see Iati transport and distribute the ball and take only open shots which he is very capable of knocking down. You will probably see him playing 25-30 minutes per game not the 39+ he is currently logging.


You won't see many Danes logging 40 minutes in a game next year and you'll probably see 9 or 10 players getting time.

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Tough one for the Danes. I agree that the announcers did seem well informed and the Black Knight reference when they were discussing Iati's ankle injury was good stuff.


Good defense again. We can't afford to get down big at the half like we have done the past two games, it just takes to much energy to scrap and claw to get back.


Has Iati "hit the wall" as most freshmen do nearing the end of their first year? He has shot the ball poorly of late and yesterday had more open looks than he has seen in quite some time and couldn't make them. The 40+ minutes per game probably is taking it's toll. I hope his injury is not too serious, sometimes with an ankle injury the worse time is after the game when you take your sneaker off. I hate to think what we would do if.............


Although I was never a Courtney Johnson fan and am not enamored with his offensive skills or decision making, he has done a yeomens job defensively and to give credit were credit is due he was never brought on board to play the minutes he has been forced to play. He may have won himself a spot on next years squad due to his defensive prowess and maybe as a reward for his efforts this year.


Todd Martin stills seems lost out on the court. He continues to have defensive lapses and his playing time will suffer until he figures it out.


Watching the game on T.V. and seeing us finish up with four players was sad.



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